underwater drone reviews

It has many important features. Number one helps you to swim in the water smoothly number two equipped with a gopro sports number, three equipped with a 360 watts high power motor number four built in 4400mah. Battery number five allows you to set the parent mode, remote control of speed. Thank you for viewing […]

Drone terbaru murah JJ 106 Pro 3 Axis Gimbal Dual Camera || unboxing & review pertama di 2021 gokil

Satu paket ini, hanya, terdiri dari, Drone baterai propeller cadangan bak, sama, atas, yang sudah, disertakan dengan, harga kurang, lebih 2 jutaan sudah, GPS, Indonesia, bisa induk, bisa, atur, lu, nanti, kita, coba, untuk, jangkauan, jaraknya, menurut, menemukan, transmisi, FTV, kurang, lebih 800 meter, sedangkan jarak tempuh di catatan, Kurang lebih 1 kilometer dari Hai […]


I have here the shift red drone which i’ll be reviewing i’ll. Let you know what kind of features it has if it’s easy to fly, how it compares to other drones on the market and, ultimately, if it’s worth buying i’ll, also be giving away this review unit, which you’ll see throughout the video. […]

DJI FPV DRONE, The Sad Truth! (FPV pilot honest opinion)

So this is what i’m going to do today. Tell you my opinion about the dji fpv drone. I will tell you right from the start that i personally don’t like this drone and i don’t like it for one reason not because it’s a fragile drone, not because it’s heavy, not because i don’t […]

👉 Top 10 Spy Drone With Cameras 2021 (Review Guide)

The list starts from palm black pepper spray, pocket clip model, maximum strength, self defense, awk it’s popular our propriety formula measuring of 1.40 major capsaicinoids is designed as the strongest and safest legal formula to provide you and your loved ones, peace of mind, it’s palm bands. We design palm differently for you emphasizing […]

iFlight Bumblebee V3 HD Drone – There's a new Cinewhoop kid in town – Review

This is the version three it’s new on the market. So what makes this so great? What is the upgrade that makes this great first off the biggest upgrade would be the flight controller. It goes from an f4 flight controller to an f7 flight controller with 45 amp bscs. So an f7 flight controller […]

Why I'm Returning My DJI FPV Drone

This drone is really beautifully designed it’s a super cool drone. The fly it’s really impressive. It turns heads it’s, you know alien like which is really really cool, just because it’s just a cool thing. I would love to just have the money to be able to have this on my mantel and just […]


A analizarlo continuamente y vamos, a mirar los pros y los contras de este drone para comprobar, si realmente es un drone que merece la pena o solamente nos estn, intentando, vender humo. He visto que ltimamente ha parecido mucho. Influencers que no ha volado nunca en fpv o lleva muy poco tiempo volando con […]

Review of HUBSAN H501SS X4 Drone GPS 4 Channel Altitude Mode 5 8GHz…

I love this drone. I like how it holds its position. Rth is very accurate and i love headless mode. I like how quiet it is with its brushless motors. My one complaint is follow me mode only works rarely bought one and returned it because it would not calibrate there were lines across the […]

Is the DJI FPV drone the best thing that happened to the hobby? Special Guest and Giveaway

As you can see, we’ve got bill. The drone reviewer he’s uh he’s joining us uh. We got some fun stuff to talk about today and we’ll be back in two minutes to get rolling Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, all right. So we are back and, as you can see, we have uh. […]


Acostumbrado y hay que tiene. Lo que es este el control. Con que t pones s. All lo tienes el smart controller que t pues, tienes tu propia pantalla, ah sino que esta vez todo. Lo que estaba utilizando es los goles de dj que es la que. No me acuerdo bien el nombre de […]

Review of Cheerwing Syma X20 Mini Drone for Kids and Beginners RC…

My first pocket drone took six weeks. Delivery and fits inside the controller, the compact design was cool, but battery life was five minutes and flight control was next to non existent. This pocket drone is amazing from the first flight. The auto hover works perfectly. The distance from self the flight time and durability […]