The leaked photos for months now and now it’s here, i’m so excited. This is my very first fpv drone, so i’m really excited to to come at this from the filmmaking side of things, as opposed to the racing side, which i kind of think is what dji was going for their main target […]

Snaptain A10 Drone Review

Four axis drone um you’re, probably here, to see the drone before you buy it, or you want to hear my thoughts on it because i may have a valuable opinion to you. I suspect not, but you may be here to hear about it, so it has a few nifty features on it. Um. […]

DarwinFPV Darwin79 3-inch Micro Drone Review 🚩

So this is a new company um. They don’t really sell any of their stuff on any stores. I know of like um, banggood or racy quads. I have seen some of their flight controllers on pyrodrone, but i haven’t seen this drone or the other drones that they sell. I may be getting a […]

SG108 Drone Outdoor Flight Test Review Camera

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BetaFPV X-Knight 360 Drone and the Insta360 ONE R | Full Review and Spectacular 360 Flight Footage

That includes cases for the gopro light, cine whoops, designed specifically to use their cameras, and now they seem to have collaborated on the smo 4k super lightweight camera that’s pretty much replaced the gopro light. Now this x9360, weird looking thing, is designed to hold one of my favorite cameras, the insta 360 1r […]

DJI FPV Drone – FULL UNBOXING & Beginner Review

Welcome to the channel. We got a sweet unboxing today stick around, because this is the newest and best thing from dji. You already know what it is because it’s in the title before we get into the unboxing. I just wanted to start this video by saying. I’Ve never touched my hands on an […]

Tuning Tips for DJI FPV Drone

We are going to tune the dji fpv drone, so let’s dive right into it. In my previous review, i changed these settings from the default setting to these settings. You see here, on the left hand, side under center sensitivity. You’Ll have roll pitch and yaw by default. This is 140. initially i had […]

LEGO Creator: Cyber Drone Build & Review (2021)

99. I will be building all three models in this video, but anyway, let’s get started with the build Music, so Music, uh Music here is the minifigure, which is the cyber drone robot, and i feel, like i rarely see. Many figures in like small creator sets so i don’t know how true that […]

I Got a New Drone – DJI FPV!

I bought right into it and i got one of my own and unfortunately i was not sponsored. So this thing cost me 1300 and i didn’t get one of those silly motion, controller things. This drone is obviously gon na, be super different from my regular drone, which is this one. This is the […]

¿CUÁL VUELA MEJOR? Comparativa DJI FPV vs Drone de carreras FPV

Con el de jota y fpv t alex alex de nuevo la bienvenida; no bienvenidos bienvenidos si no s: bueno chicos bienvenidos, a un nuevo vdeo de drones, estoy aqu con lex de. We talk to be a veces pues, ya ha salido volvemos a estar con su de jota y fpv y en este […]

Dji Mavic Air 2 Drone Unboxing & Review | My First Drone | Babar Khan

Today, i’ve got my package of drone camera it’s, a dji mavic 2. i’ve did a little bit of research before i place an order. I find the reasonable features in this uh drone camera before we do unboxing. If you are new to channel, please subscribe to the channel and hit the bell icon […]


During this we are going to test out the camera, all right, guys so here’s a look at the camera. We are going to go ahead and take off again. I already knew this. Camera is nice, i’ve watched other people’s reviews. The camera is super, duper crisp, but unfortunately see the little left or […]