Mavic Mini Drone: Unboxing and review ||Tagalog version|| Vlog # 19

So you need to have unfold the the top arms, yes from onyx aircraft. Of course all we need to turn it on remote drone, so i’m, going guys press once yeah and hold the button, so you guys are not in the game, so indicated show guys guys. So all you have to do […]

DJI FPV Drone Review – The Perfect Beginner FPV Drone?

I feel a very cool montage coming any second now, but today the dji fpv drone. Is it the perfect beginner fpv drone the pros and cons and my take on it coming up right after this Music, oh Music, so Music? Hey hey guys, felix here with quadcopter guide and on this channel. I […]

Comparatif DJI FPV vs un VRAI drone FPV ! 💥 (le choix est vite fait)

Vraiment fait beaucoup de spots, avec les potes on est all dans plusieurs endroits on est all un peu petit peu au dessus et l on va s’attaquer la cte, Musique m Musique, Musique Musique Musique Musique journal de bord volet feu et sur, la cte, je suis rentr Sain et sauf avec le dj […]

HDRC Mini Drone full review

360 degree tumbling stars fully display its time. Music. Small and easy to carry it can adapt to indoor outdoors and other different flight environments.

Holy Stone HS720E Brushless GPS Drone with EIS Unboxing & Overview

This is the hs720e it’s a brushless gps drone with eis image. Stabilization we’ll take a little closer look at that right after this Music, all right guys, let’s go ahead and open up the box and see what all comes inside here for the hs, 720e, pretty sure there’s a carrying case inside of […]


This is the baby hawk 2 hd that has just been released today from emacs usa, i’m justin davis and with over 10 years of fpv flying experience. I am no stranger to emacs usa. They have been around since almost the beginning of the fpv hobby and the craze and today i’m, a little […]

Testing dan review SG700 Drone murah murah

com, begini, gerimis, gerimis daun, The Series kemeja Oke lokasi letak deltacrete, guys nge lag Wow, sedang, patah, hati, memang, jeruk, ilove, terakhir, kali, bukan, Cukup, Sudah, berapa, bahan, beda, ini, Oke, ngomong, telepon, telepon, betul, betul, betul, betul, Yo yo Hai demo terbang macam IPS pakai terbang, guys B, hiburannya Woi gerakan gerakan kita […]

They Completely Destroyed My POND… (Underwater Drone Rescue Mission)

Oh my god, i see her. I see her. Oh my god that’s her right there on the outside skirts, he’s zooming. This is cool man. I wonder what it looks like on the drums. You can definitely see it. You got the lights on what’s up guys, brandon j. Today i have a little […]

DJI FPV Drone Unboxing and Review – My Experience

Well, trust me guys when i say this, it was well worth the wait. My name is edward figura if you’re new to the channel make sure to click on the subscribe button, as well as the notification bell, if you’re not new to the channel. Welcome back and thank you for tuning in in […]

HUBSAN ZINO VS CFLY FAITH 2 , Drones battle !! faites votre choix !

Sanwi nos premires gnrations on va voir, un petit peu ce que, a donne est vite fait surtout pour vous faire voir un petit peu partant peu prs clair voil; il ya; mieux; franchement; bon il ya quand, mme des nuages, on peut le voir, bon un petit peu Ce que a donne entre ces […]

Babyhawk 2 HD – EMAX First Digital FPV Drone – Full Review

So if you’re new to this channel – and you like fpv stuff i’ve, been doing a lot more of it, i hope you’ll hit subscribe and find out more about this and other great fpv quads. So about i don’t know two or three months ago. I got a call from emacs and they […]

DJI FPV Drone Unboxing & First Thoughts | DJI FPV Combo 2021

Basically, a standard dji box like just white super super clean. So in the box comes the drone, the goggles, the remote controller, the power cable, one battery one goggle headband control sticks power, cable for the goggles four propellers, meaning you have two sets so eight propellers in total goggle batteries, an ac power, […]