DJI FPV Drone – Launch Stream & Review!

Let me know in the chat where you guys are tuning in from let’s see if they can get countries all over the world represented lots of stuff to cover. Today, of course, we are expecting dji to launch hello from ireland, mr peter mcgarry hi, how you doing man andrew cummins is here he’s […]

First Flight with the DJI Motion Controller

com now in this video i’m, going to be testing out the new motion controller, which is a one handed joystick used to control your dji fpv drone. Now this will actually be the very first time i’m going to be testing it out. I’Ve only looked through the tutorial through the goggles, but actually […]

Mana Lebih Hebat?? Review Drone Black Eagle Indonesia Vs MQ 9 Reaper Amerika

000, hingga 30.000 kaki untuk jangka, waktu, penerbangan, berkisar, 24, hingga 48jam, penggunaan, pesawat, nirawak, ini, diharapkan, dapat, menekan, angka, Kecelakaan yang menimbulkan korban jiwa ketika melakukan tindak pengawasan, hai, hai, Hai, bronte, Genjer, memiliki, ukuran, panjang, 86, puluh lima, meter, dengan, lebar, 1600 mm dan tinggi 26 meter dengan, ukuran yang dimilikinya, Drone ini, […]

Forsen reacts to Skydio 2: BEST DRONE! My In-Depth Review (4K)

This feels like dmca to me, Music. It flies on its own wait. Is it following you like, because you have a certain because you have a phone on you or because it recognizes you and i’ve never had a drone impress me so much like this one seriously. Dji’S tracking and obstacle avoidance is […]

☄️ Professional Wedding Proposal Delivery Device Dispenser Thrower Drone Air Dropping Review

Please read carefully the product details and specifications link if you want to buy the product.

Contixo F24 Pro 4K UHD Foldable RC Quadcopter GPS Drone for Adults – FPV Camera Compatible with…

This thing was easy to set up and sync with my iphone the contact so app took a little getting used to, but other than that the setup was seamless flying this thing is awesome, take off and landing. The drone is extremely easy. The camera is pretty neat too, with the 180 degree lens […]

DJI FPV – Review e Primeiras Impressões

Drone aqui para mim saber onde, tem, mais, ou, menos um, ms que eu venho testando esse Drone e eu t muito feliz com, ele, porque primeiro que eu j tava querendo entrar, no mundo. Fpv s que eu vi. L que tem que montar que comprar um controle especfico eu tenho que comprar vrias […]

DJI FPV Drone Unboxing | WHAT A BEAST!!

Fpv stands for first person, view, which means you fly the drone by looking through goggles, and this is probably the best beginner fpv drone on the market with everything you need – and here is the first thing you’ll see when opening up the box now, because this is An fpv drone, it comes […]

ARRIS CHAMELEON 220 FPV Racing Drone Review – 180km/h INSANE RACING DRONE!

This quad is fast and we mean fast. It can reach a top speed of 180 kilometers per hour. The chameleon 220 is an ultra lightweight ultra agile performance racing quad. With a true 71 gram, 3k carbon fiber, 5 millimeter x frame the x frame offers custom programmable super bright, colored led lights on […]

Forsen Reacts to Skydio 2: BEST DRONE! My In-Depth Review (4K)

Like oh look at this sunrise or look at this forest, and then it comes back to you. Like a cat. Look at the ma mouse. I brought back Music uh yeah flashy cake leave in three years: the junior bashment diamond omni god with the three years as well, lusan ushimara and rob nizzle […]

Vivitar Aeroview drone drone unboxing and review by Colorado's Digital Distraction

What i want to talk to y’all about real quick is drones. What we have in stock right now was a couple of these vivitar aeroview drones, and one thing i want to point out to y’all real quick about drones is you’ll, see a lot of smaller drones that you might see in stores […]

DJI FPV Drone // Who is this PERFECT for??? 😎

Then this product here is, i think, going to be right up your alley because um it has all the typical dgi safety features um that you’re used to in terms of like obstacle, avoidance and return to home, etc, and in the out of the box normal mode. It will pretty much fly like […]