iJustine! Quarantine Drone Review DJI Mavic Air 2 Unboxing!

This is the new mavic air 2, and i do plan on doing a follow up video when we’re allowed to leave the house again. Let’S, unbox, Music smell of fresh technology is something that i love Music that’s it. This drone kind of fell somewhere in between the mavic air and the mavic pro […]

Beginner Fpv Racing Drone – NVISION Junior Racer 75 – REVIEW & FLIGHTS

Welcome back to the channel we have some fun to have today. This is a junior racer, 75, 75 millimeter, 2s or 3s little tiny, fpv whoop racing drone. It is something that you can take outside. You can fly indoors or outside. You can start out with a 2s battery if you’re brand new […]

JJRC X17 6K Drone GPS 2 axis gimbal kamera terbaik

Ke 45 Fort sambil, direkam juga, India, oke itu dia, untuk, hasil, kameranya, Ini, kelihatan, ih, ini, agak, cembung, ya, Kameranya, ya, ini, untuk, jaraknya, sendiri di udah, 260 Harusnya sih ini di jarak, 400 masih aman have no idea. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=631xRo53lvU

Review Brushless Gps Drone 6k With Hd Camera 1km Long Distance 5g Wifi Fpv Professional Quadcopter

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Quadcopter Drone, hottest Christmas gift! Potensic A30W full review

The drone this drone is really easy to fly. It holds its position in the air really well, and it’s got its own built in camera on the front. Definitely the coolest feature Music, so Music, so all right to go up and go down into turn left and turn right that just rotates it. […]

Review Hgiyi 8811 Pro Drone 6k Hd Wide-Angle Camera 2-Axis Gimbal 5g Wifi Gps Drones Flight 23 Min

If there’s any questions about the item, please contact us within 24 hours. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJby9jivQdQ

Propel Maximum X09 Drone (Review)

But let me tell you something: it works extremely well, today, i’m going to be giving you my thoughts and a little flight test for you guys watching today make sure to subscribe below, because i will be doing an unboxing and review of the propel maximum. So with that said out of the way […]

Propel Maximum X11 + WiFi HD Quadcopter – Flight Review

I got this drawn here for christmas from my mom shout out to moms love. You mom thank you for sending this over or thank you for getting this for me for christmas. This is a propel maximum x11 plus wi fi, all right so wi fi drone it’s a wi fi quadcopter has a […]

Gannet Pro Drone unboxing

Finally, arrived it’s been about 12 months. I think, but you know, if that’s, for obvious reasons this year, we’ve had that situation, but anyways let’s have a look in the box, all right so unzip. It Music semi, rigid box. I already had a look in there, so everything in there is what you […]

Drone catches Santa Claus FLYING in his sleigh on Christmas Eve (almost hits drone)

I want to meet santa wait. Do you think he’s close right now? I don’t know but i’m hearing his bells. Like guys here. Let me open the door, so you guys can hear this for yourselves. Oh my god are you hearing that yeah that’s literally santa? I would have seen him. Where is […]

NEON DRONE , One TWO Fun , Auchan , Revue , test , petit drone très sympathique

Qui sont cons, une coque transparente donc on voit bien on voit l’intrieur voit la carte on voit tout c’est pas mal alors tout de suite ce qui, m’a interloqu sur la bote en fait c’est bah quand, je regarde comme, a on voit qu’ils, ont appos, une petite Tiquette et cette petite tiquette a […]

Review LYZRC L109 PRO: Drone bom e barato com GPS e Gimbal (cupom na descrição)

Do modernismo tambm sempre que vocs forem comprar alguma coisinha Bangu de tenta utilizar um dos links, vinhos que ficam sempre na descrio dos vdeos e, no precisa nem ser o link certo do produto que fica comprado ele fica comprar uma gravata do teu pai ou ento eletrodomsticos. L para sua esposa pode clicar […]