Winner of the TRIPLTEK PRO Drone Tablet Giveaway

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GoGo Bird – Way More Fun Than Expected! (Full Review)

This is oddly fun. I i’m not lying i’m i’m, actually really enjoying this all right, i’m gon na land and let chris try it because he’s been begging me all day. When can i slide the bird? Let me see Applause all right. So chris is about to launch i’m going to launch the […]

SOLAR Panel MOD Maiden Flight Test – Parrot Disco 4GLte Drone – How Much Longer Will it Fly?

Finally, it’s the parrot disco 4g modded plane with i. Finally, got solar panels on it. I’Ll have all the videos up in the series go ahead and check the link that’ll pop up here and also down in the description you’ll. You can see all the videos, as well as the products, the solar […]

Most POPULAR DRONE Request EVER! – MJX Bugs 20 EIS 4K Camera – TheRcSaylors

The reason you fly a drone like this is look shots like that. Oh my gosh, that was pretty nice little sun glare, shot nice and smooth panning. Yes, it is so now, when i switch from left to right right to left, i at least on my phone feed don’t notice, any rocking at […]

Review: Drones with 1080P HD Camera for Adults, JJRC Foldable Drone with 2 Batteries, Optical F…

It is really easy to use for a beginner. Like me, the 1080p camera has good quality and images are directly shown in smartphone. It is safe to play indoor using a slow speed and doesn’t need to worry about destroying it. It is smart to hold its position and easy to let it go […]

Review: DJI Mavic Mini Combo – Drone FlyCam Quadcopter UAV with 2.7K Camera 3-Axis Gimbal GPS 3…

Pro’S lightweight this drone weighs 249 grams, which is extremely lightweight when it comes to drones. This number is also significant in the drone world, because any doctor, even the higher up drones from dji can’t, achieve that great camera. The gimbal on this drone is fantastic. It allows you to move the camera up […]

Syma X20 Pocket Mini Drone Review And Everything You Need To Know About Operating This RC Toy

There is no downloadable app with this drone. So what you get is the drone and a remote control it’s a line of sight drone and it handles poorly. In 10 to 15 mile an hour winds, which is what we consistently get in our backyard so i’m, going to have to pick a day […]

HOMFPV UNICORN 2" HD Whoop – FIRST LOOK, Indoor & Outdoor Flights 🦄 🏆

Today i have the hom unicorn here. This is a super cool little two inch quad that can run 3 and 4s beginners. You guys can start out on 3s, if you’re looking for something that’s going to be fun for your dji goggles to fly around indoors and outdoors. This one has really good […]

Holy Stone Spare Battery for HS700D GPS Quadcopter Drone No Charging Cable Included, Black

This drone is for you. Their service is also excellent, no gimbal video to shaky flying time shorter than stated Music. I have holy stones hs700d drone and it is a blast to fly now that i have two extra batteries. I can have even more fun more flying time equals more fun, Music it’s […]

Drone review – DJI Mini 2

This mini 2 is my first semi professional drone, which goes for about 500. The quality is leaps and bounds over the cheaper drones, i’ve purchased. In the past, the drone comes well packaged in a storage box. You could actually use this box for storing it when you’re not using it. The drone appears […]

SG906 MAX Beast 3 Drone Full Flight Review

Some people call it the beast three. In any case, this is the successor to the uh sg906. Pro 2 and what does this bring to the table? Well, if you look at the top of this drone here in this picture, you will see that it’s got an obstacle avoidance sensor on the top […]

DJI Mini 2 4K Beginner Drone | Unboxing and Hands-on Review in Fort Lauderdale…Worth It?

Hello, my peeps uh. Thank you again for joining on today’s video for a very special unboxing that i’ve been urging open, but i haven’t done so in order for me to bring you this unboxing. This particular video is giving thanks to a very special friend um. So, thank you, marcos from new york. […]