Dwi Dowellin D6 LED Drone – Crash Proof LED Drone(Unboxing & Flight Review)

Drones thought it’d, be a cool indoor flyer also be a nice like night flyer might turn the lights off in and in here do a night flight or simulate a night flight with it anyways but um the weather’s been terrible here lately guys, especially all week all Week, we’re going to have terrible […]

SKYDIO 2 Tracking Review For (Not) PRO 😂 eFoil Watersports – Will It Sink?!

Seeing nick nick is the owner of aloha e foils here on maui. So if you guys are trying to take a vacation here to maui or your local, whatever give him a call, i’ll have the his website linked in the description. If you’re looking at trying to do some, some e foiling actually […]


No me conhece meu nome Cleiton do vdeo hoje vou fazer um, boxe, desse, dormir aqui, para s; quem conhece, em, esse, aqui, o f11; 4K, pro Jefferson, andramente, muita, gente, t amando de paixo, t s; tem, elogios com, esse, Drone, aqui, ento, uma, resolvi, trazer, para, o Canal para: poder, estar, fazendo, um, […]

Why did I buy DJI Mavic Air 2 Aerial Filming Drone

That is amazing. It has a backward sensor as well. The ai is working really really smart and almost crashed in that tree. Assalamu alaikum and greetings alishan maher, and welcome to outdoors my favorite spot when it comes to aerial, filming drones and when people want to buy aerial, filming drones. The first thing […]

Jumper T-Lite // What the other reviews DIDN'T tell you! 🤷🏻‍♂️

Light seems like everyone in the world is now jumping on the small radio bandwagon seems not too long ago. Everyone was uh, you know all into the big radios like the qx7, the really giant ones that weigh like 10 pounds that i absolutely hate i’ve, always loved these smaller radios. I mean you […]

HOMFPV Unicorn 2 DJI Whoop Indoor Racer 🏁

So this is another whoop style, two inch micro, drone uh. I think it’s, like 85 grams i’ll, show you the way here in a second uh, looks very similar to like say, like the 85 x from bnfpv there’s, a lot of them that have this sort of two inch with the prop guards, […]

Drone Captura lo que se Suponía que Nadie Podía ver

Lo que facilita enormemente la captura de imgenes, desde ngulos aparentemente imposibles pero, a veces los drones, captan escenas extraas e inesperadas que muchas personas preferiran ocultar en este top te mostrar 9 fotos tomadas por drones que nadie deba ver feliz semana dorada, con 1.300 millones de personas. China es el pas, ms poblado […]

if you see this BOSS clown with Light Sabers… ARREST him immediately! (Clown Bounty Hunters)

Clam domes goes by the name of sergeant sabrix black clothes, two red, lightsabers and red hair is considered armed and dangerous. Okay, 10 4 copy that okay squad right now guys, as you just heard on the radio, we are currently being dispatched to a location by the clown bounty hunting association to a […]

FPV vs. NORMAL DRONES | Which One Is More Cinematic?

How are you doing um today, we’re going to take a closer look at the difference between normal drones and fpv drones? Today i actually have a special guest with me here. This is my tears. He also has his own youtube channel, where he does. What do you do? Yeah some tutorials about video, […]

LEARN TO FLY an FPV Racing Drone! – The Super Easy Radiolink F121 RTF Fpv Drone 🏆

This is a great video, so stick around if you’re interested to learn how to fly an fpv racing, drone, um or if you’re looking to buy like this, would be my like your very first drone or a drone as a gift for somebody who’s interested to learn How to fly drones um? This […]

Full Critical Review & Information of Xiaomi Fimi x8 & a3 Drone Flight record by 100% to 0% Battery

I am showing my flight record from fimi fimidrone’s mobile software. It records complete information of every flight. The drone maker are saying that drone will fly for 33 minutes. It can be true. I agree with this, but 33 minutes flight will cost you one hundred dollars because less than fifteen percent battery level […]


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