Tutorial Singkat Drone KY601S Unboxing dan Review serta Cara Konek Camera Drone ke HP

Masih bisa sepertinya jikalau mau Halo, tes berarti, harus, dilepas ini, ya, kalau, dilepas, dari, sini ini, harus, dilepas, aku, memasukkan, kalau, mau pasang, yang tinggal, dicolokin ke, sini, tutup, terus, sihir, kunci deh, my god yang ini, remotenya kirimannya, like Terangkan saya, isi, baterai kilo, Oh udah, ada, Itu baterainya kemudian ini, dapat, itu […]

Sharp Image Drone D-4 Review

What y’all see i couldn’t wait? I ain’t gon na lie. I already broke into it. So what we got here, here’s the box let’s get the box off so here’s the box right here. We have the sharp, sharp image d4 virtual ship virtual flying so um we’re gon na get some footage going […]

Can a Drone Fly with AA Batteries?

This is not a prank. These are not secretly lithium batteries. We’Re gon na really try to do this. So i came across this youtube channel. They had this beater car and they were trying to see like what could they put in the gas tank and get the car to run. So i was […]

Top 5 Best Drone 2021 On Aliexpress | JJRC X6 Tccicadas GPS LAUMOX Faith 2 GD91 MAX ZLL SG906 MAX

All the links of the drones are in the description below the video subscribe on my channel and click on the bell to stay up to date with the latest technology reviews, so let’s enjoy this video Music in at number. Five, the dronas zl sg 906 max camera drone. Recently, this camera drone price […]

Hobby Lobby RC Drones Trucks and more Hazleton Pennsylvania Review

We have a aircraft quad x, less. I think that’s, what it says: um very reminiscent of the x5 but i’m going to tell you it is definitely considerably smaller than a sema x5. The price on it for retail is not bad at all uh. We have a little flying ball here for 9.99, […]

#review drone mini super kebal ( 4drc v2 )

com ini, telah, Semoga, Aja dia ada kameranya cash, ada, kameranya, bisa, FTV, Ado, apa, Inilah, terus, bisa, pakai, aplikasi, yang di YouTube, Itu di aplikasinya di HP, itu di Android, download di playstore, bisa kameranya, bisa, langsung, lewat, HP, itu bisa, terus, ada, rth, atau, author itun, itu sama, dengan, kayak, kita, Terbangin pesawat […]

✅ Top 10 Cool Drones From Ali Express | Amazing Drone Review

You will find a lot of amazing product before we go to video make sure you are subscribed to the channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPW_rwgWAA0

We Bought a Drone! | DJI Mavic Mini 2 Unboxing + Best Beginner Drone

Today we are going to be talking about an upgrade for our channel. If you watched last week’s episode where i went out to help my buddy ryan install his wabasto heater, he had a drone and it’s something that me and katie have talked about wanting for quite a while uh. We really love […]

DJi Mini 2 Drone Demonstration and Review | 4K

I love the form factor, but i really did want 4k, and so i can match the footage quality to the rest of what i do on my channel and so when the mini 2 came out sporting, the ability to have 4k recording. I knew that it was something that i was seriously interested […]

Review: Holy Stone HS720E 4K EIS Drone with UHD Camera for Adults, Easy GPS Quadcopter for Begi…

I flew it smoothly and roughly twitchy on purpose for comparison, video looks rough, but nowhere near as rough as i was flying. Details remained very good. Heaviness and software keeps it stable in wind too. My only complaint is that it consistently lands about one meter off when using return home function. I would […]

Review drone seharga sepeda motor bersama mas Hasyim || motovlog Indonesia

55 masih lama, banget nih, lampu, merah, wis, ada, ibu, ibu, gendong, anak, gitu, lama, banget Sih yo yo yo temen saya, sekarang, lagi, bawah, Drone cuy jadi saya pengen nyoba Lah, pengen, belajar, Gimana, caranya, mengendalikan, trolley yang bisa, terbang mudah, mudahan, Hai, saya, bisa, bisa, lihat, telah, tiba, soalnya, harga, Drone, itu mahal, […]

HGLRC Sector150 HD // Budget DJI FPV System Cinewhoop Review

Mine has the cadx cadxvista digital system with the crossfire receiver, and i have the 6s battery version it’s a pretty interesting. Looking quad, i, like the minimalistic, prop guard design. The battery i used for flying is the 6s statue airline with 1050 milliampere hours and, as you can see, there is not a […]