TIPS & TRICKS as we review your #mavicair2 #drone footage LIVE

Lowering all of this hoo ha and bringing up this hoo ha in the meantime, and to be able to tell you all that, yes, my cuadro synoptico is almost done should be no. I think i am yeah now we will restore our chat, restore it into here and perhaps bring this over here […]

Holy Stone HS450 Mini Drone (Indoor/Outdoor) Flight Test – Obstacle Avoidance

So this thing has circle mode: altitude hold three rates: emergency turn off button obstacle avoidance, um, auto land, auto takeoff. This thing is sick guys. This is one of my favorite for sure i did uh top 10 micro drones back in the day, and this would have been definitely top tour three. This […]

Mad Rock Drone LV Review: My Favorite Bouldering Shoes || Barelyboulders

But i sort of want to talk about what i specifically really like about the shoe and sort of things that as i’ve worn them, for i guess like half a year that i’ve noticed maybe bother me a little but um. Before i start, i will say this is my favorite shoe that i’ve […]

Review: Nemo Underwater Drone with 4K UHD Camera and LED Fill Light, Aquarobotman ROV Drones fo…

Aquarobotman service stayed in touch with me, guiding through procedures, but still a problem decided to send me. Another Music, beautiful camera and service from aquarobotman is second to none. Looking forward to my new drone, i know it will be a good time. I use this nemo to record kids behavior underwater, you couldn’t. […]

Review: SANROCK U61W Drones for Kids with Camera, Mini RC Drone Quadcopter with 720P HD WiFi FP…

They are 10 to 15 years old and easily got the hang of the controls. Even with a few crash. The drone has continued to work perfectly really happy with my purchase. I got this drone as a christmas gift for my nephews. I definitely tested it for one day and i have to say […]


It came to me a couple weeks ago: i’ve been testing it out in the state of oregon, where we have epic, epic stuff to film and places to go. We don’t just film in the backyard on my youtube channel. No, we actually go out and fly in real world environments where there is […]

Review: Sponsored Ad – SNAPTAIN SP650 Pro 2.7K Drone with Camera for Adults 2.7K HD Live Video…

The drone itself is easy to set up, has plenty of power and is easy to control. It also comes with a spare battery, so you get twice the flying time. I tried both the joystick and the phone controls, but i prefer the joystick. It was easy to pair to my phone with the […]

Review: DJI Mavic 2 Pro – Drone Quadcopter UAV with Smart Controller Hasselblad Camera 3-Axis G…

This is the ultimate combo it’s expensive, but it is worth it Music. I saw a couple of youtube videos and then started flying it immediately. It is so well programmed, it is almost idiot proof. On the first day i was flying over complex terrain a couple miles from takeoff. I am only using […]

Review: Nanuk 905 Waterproof Hard Drone Case with Custom Foam Insert for DJI Spark – Silver

Clips are great clip open too, which is great. Everything fits great con’s somewhat heavy didn’t come with a shoulder, strap added. My own bottom foam is very stiff, so no wiggle room seems like there is some excess room in there that otherwise can’t be utilized. Unless you were to cut the foam as […]

Review: Mini WiFi FPV HD Camera Drone, Drone with Camera for Kids, Drone for Kids Suitable for…

I bought this drone as a gift for my son. He is six and will be his first drone after he unboxed it. My first impression of it was that it seemed well built the drone felt solid and slick plus. It was nice and compact after flying it for an hour, or so it […]

Review: DJI Mavic 2 Zoom Gimbal Protector for Drone Quadcopter Accessory Replacement


UFO Drone toys for Kids Review

Welcome back to my channel today, i’m going to show you uh how we’re going to play this rfo toy. Look this one we’re going to let it fly to the sky, up to the sky and there’s. My two cute boys, it’s john and what’s, your name that’s bobert, all right, let’s see what […]