FPV Madness at Mindfield – Ken Heron’s “What the FPV!?!?” Meetup

This is pretty amazing. Lots of stuff to see up there you take a step forward. How was it drunk dude it's awesome, there's a lot of wires if you're flying analog you're going to lose some stuff. Today, Music, what's up roosevelt good, to see you buddy all right, yeah i'm. Doing great i'm […]

SpinUp 2020 – Event for the Online Drone Community

It is spin up 2020, so stay tuned. Well, first follow me. Thank you, everybody for coming out here, it's. So great to see all of my digital friends spin up this year because of the pandemic and everything is going to be virtual. I see this as an opportunity for us to grow this […]

Flying A Mavic 2 Zoom In A Pro Baseball Stadium

Meet Your Favorite Drone YouTubers At SpinUp 2018

Drone SpinUp is On!

Study extra and register for SpinUp: SpinUp is a one-of-a-kind occasion for the net drone neighborhood. In 2018 we have now 80 drone and RC fans from everywhere in the world converge on the Dell Diamond in Austin, Texas for a really full day of schooling, networking, flying and enjoyable. This yr guarantees to be […]