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Mini 2 – New Controller Accessories Review

. Now, ever since the mini 2 was announced, we have gotten a ton of questions from viewers asking about accessories for the new drone, as well as asking if some of the accessories from the original mavic mini will work on the new mini 2.. Now the short answer to that second question is, […]

DJI Mini 2 vs Mavic Air 2 – Which To Buy

First Friday – November 6, 2020

I actually had the 2nd of november in there and bud pointed that out to me. Thank you bud for uh, letting me know. I think i think the last program had been on october, 2nd and so therefore um. I had used that as a template, and it said second but it's november, 6th […]

Gadget Friday – Gator Eyes – Clever Lights You’ll Use Everywhere

Have i got a cool gadget for you today, they're called gator eyes and it's, essentially a package of five really small, clever flashlights that are incredibly versatile and you're gon na find a hundred uses around the house for these now they were recommended to me by a Good friend and he said to […]


X8 2020 giveaway it's been a long time coming, but i have been mentioning in my videos for the um kind of the combo edition. I got that i would be giving away the standard edition and just to make it uh kind of a bonus for you guys. I got this extra carrying bag […]

DJI Mini 2 VS Mavic Mini (25 things to know before you buy)

DJI Mini 2 – Mighty Small – Drone Review

. What if your best friend had told you that, in less than a decade, you would have a flying camera to choose high resolution photos and 4k video, a camera that flies fast far and perfectly stabilizes every image, and that this flying camera would fit in your pocket? And cost less than 500 […]

DJI Mini 2 – First Flight | 4K Footage | First Impressions

Everything is ready to go. I'Ve downloaded the latest dji fly application with all the updates needed to fly this guy and i'm all ready to go now. I haven't put it up in the air yet i'm out on a beautiful afternoon down in south jersey, one of my favorite places to fly down […]

DJI Mini 2 Unboxing and Overview

Well, today is another incredibly exciting day for me and you can see i'm smiling ear to ear because dji just announced the brand new mini 2 drone and i've got one right here in front of me. Now, before i get into all the nerdy details of what makes this product so special, let […]

MOST DURABLE! – iFlight Chimera Long Range Fpv Quad – REVIEW, CRASHES, & FLIGHTS ??

It is a unibody four inch, long bed original style x, frame with around five four to five millimeter bottom plate. It is pretty beasty, it is the thickest of the bunch uh as far as your bottom plate and your arms go it's the heaviest out of the bunch all the ones i've tested, […]

Speed Dial Ep 19 – Oz By Drone

We have absolutely beautiful weather this whole past week, it's been sunshiny, it's been great, flying weather, i've, actually gone out and gotten some really really cool shots of some flags that are backlit and some artwork uh, big, murals and stuff, like that, it's been fun, been flying. More good to hear and just […]