TAROT 130 TL130H – Setup, Review, & Flight ( NICE QUAD!!! )

Your host today check this up. We have something pretty cool in the studio. This is the taro or Tarrant 130. It is the on the box. It says the TL 130 H if you're looking for that that's on gearbest.com, you can check that out in the link below. Please do that that helps […]

Buying a DJI Drone in 2020? Watch this first!

This video is designed to give you an overview of the different consumer drones that DJI makes and help you pick the one that is right for you now to be clear. I know that these are not the only drones available on the market. Today there are hundreds of companies making thousands of different […]

12 Days Of Drone Valley Christmas Winners And a New Giveaway!

Now I know a lot of you been asking on the channel hey Rick, who won all those cool prizes over Christmas. I would have loved to have this clip done sooner, but you have to remember the logistics of running 12 contests like that can be a little overwhelming. I had to gather up […]

DJI Spark & Really Big Balloon! Collab with Ken Heron

This doesn't look like Texas, hey Ken. What are you doing on my channel? I guess stealing your drone hey! How about this welcome to ready set your own thanks ken Herron here today from ken herons channel, which, if you haven't, checked it out, you definitely should, and today we are going to do […]


I have to give you a little bit of a rundown for this drone before we get started. Checking out some of the footage, I have to say that right out of the gate it impressed me because the video is way better than the originals. You know Pro. They worked out a lot of […]

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