ULTIMATE COMBO! – DJI Eachine Cvatar HD 3″ Cinewhoop – REVIEW & FLIGHTS

You can't tell from the field out here, but you can tell by the clouds that are up there. We have some serious clouds up there right now. This is like the only spot on the radar that had an opening for me to fly today. Everything portland vancouver everywhere, is just covered in rain […]

LONG RANGE Fpv under 250g – Diatone ROMA F4 LR 4” Drone – REVIEW & FLIGHTS

It is brand new. It comes in around the 300 mark we're going to test it with a lipo on here, a 4s 850 as well as a nice long range battery on there from gap, rc it's, the 4sp 3000 milliamp. It should get me up where it's 20 minutes flight time on this […]

The Best Beginner FPV Quad Comes In 2 Flavors

If so, if you're at spin up 2019, you would have seen him speak about his amazing adventure, landing a big big uh, uav yeah on and moving boat. Yes, so, but he's here today, because he's actually never flown the gepp, rc, uh rocket or rocket light, and so we're gon na do a […]

FPV Footage Comparison – Insta360 GO vs DJI FPV Camera

Now these are both uh digital 1080 cameras, so we'll be shooting at the same resolution and we're gon na see what the difference looks like so stay tuned: Music Applause, okay. So ever since i got the gep rc i've been loving, this little guy, it's really fun to fly it's very uh, uh […]

BEST LONG RANGE FPV QUAD – Geprc Crocodil 7 HD with DJI Caddx Vista – REVIEW, & EPIC FLIGHTS! ?

This quad right here is running 7 inch. Props. It has motors on here that are super low kV, 1600 kV. They are 2306 gap. Rc speed X, branded motors with gym fans 7 inch props on here we have TPU trimmings on the front and back it also comes with GPS and it's ready […]


For you check out this beast. This one is looking really nice. It is very similar looking to the diatom and take ham, but we have options on here. It looks like to go from 4 to 6 s. We have T motors on here, so those are a really nice high quality motors. There, […]


It is guys welcome back to the channel. Please do subscribe, because we do everything on this channel, not just race drones, but we also do fixed wing, FTB planes, wings and even the occasional toy drone. We just like to have fun on this channel, but today it's all about the xl5. This is […]

DJI Beetle Killer Already? – GepRc Rocket Lite with Caddx Vista – COMPLETE REVIEW

We also have a plus version over there and I'm gon na review, both of those on the channel for you guys, but today, we're starting out with the CAD X Vista version, and this is a tiny little sub 250 gram quad, even with the 4s 850 on Here it's running two inch of […]

TAKE MY MONEY! – DJI TransTEC Beetle 2 5″ Digital Fpv Quad – THE COMPLETE REVIEW

DJI Digital FPV System Maximum Range Test (1200mW Hack) – How Far on 4GLte Parrot Disco?

Today, we're gon na fly it as far as we can that away and we're gon na try to see how the line of sight is again with the digital fpv. Goggles already did a flight in 700 milliwatts strictly but there's a hack, and you can make these up to 1200 milliwatts. So today, […]

DJI Digital FPV System Review – Maximum Range Test (700mw) How Far on 4GLte Parrot Disco


Beautiful launch of the Geprc Mark5 HD5 with DJI Digital Fpv System. Flight check, overview, and remaining outcomes of this wonderful launch. By Drone Camps RC. Purchase a Geprc Mark4 HD5 Banggood : Save 7% off your buy code : toyho Geprc Mark4 HD5 Body Package $53 : Beneficial 6S Battery : Beneficial 4S Battery […]