GET WET – Two Guys Play with Muddy RC 4×4 Trucks – AXIAL SCX10 RELIC & POWER WAGON | RC ADVENTURES

What kind of truck is relic an scx 10 what's that what's that ladder chassis uh trail truck? Yes from a company called axial, the original one? Sorry i'm suffering from uh old carburetor issues. Here no worries: this is my dodge power wagon. I just unboxed the body. It is a hydro dipped from […]

BEST ROCK CRAWLER for the Money! – RGT Rock Hammer – REVIEW, ROCK, & WATER TEST!

It is an RTT crawler, it's called the rock hammer, and this is one of those rock crawlers that I took out and it was totally unexpected because whenever I did something new in from China, sometimes depending on the brand, our GT tends to generally be in the Middle somewhere, as far as the […]

AXIAL CAPRA 1.9 – FULL REVIEW & Oregon Trail Tests- 2020 ??

Today, look at all of the rock crawlers that have showed up in my shop. I'Ve got one twenty fourth scale. I'Ve got some eighth scale back here behind me and some tenth scale. This one is the axial Capra and I did sort of an unboxing overview of this particular crawler a few weeks […]

AXIAL CAPRA 1.9 Rock Crawler RTR – UNBOXING, Upgrades, & Complete Overview ?

This is a few of my friends, Diego Robert and Shawn, all with their axial crawlers out in the mountains of Oregon. Some of the most punishing legit rock crawling is happening right here in this state, very, very punishing for these trucks and cars. So we're gon na check out the axial capra 1.9 […]


Lo que es exactamente igual y me encanta para salir, a jugar en terrenos complejos divertidos as que vamos a revisar cmo viene y vamos, a probarla de afuera Msica bien as es como llega nuestra camioneta este es un clon de la camioneta de tambin. Bruce el que sacaron en el 85 como ya […]

RC Crawler from RGT – Full Review

RC Monster Truck Review: VRX RH1046

SPLASH TEST – Mercedes Benz G 63 AMG – 6×6 Traxxas TRX 6 | RC ADVENTURES

With a HUGE quantity of snow that fell this week.. I used to be lucky to get outdoors for a somewhat distinctive slash check for the Traxxas TRX6 6×6 Mercedes Benz G 63 AMG Off Highway Path Truck.. and WHAT A MACHINE! I’ve all the time loved 6×6 RC's as a result of they’ve the […]


Certainly one of my happiest reminiscences from being a younger lad, was the primary time my Dad introduced residence a brand new pup for me. Properly, Jem and I’ve mentioned having a play-mate for our 5.5 12 months previous son Maurice.. and have determined it’s time to convey residence a brand new member of the […]

MASSIVE TIRES + Toyota Body =’s a MONSTER TRUCK! MOA in the Backyard Scale Park | RC ADVENTURES

This is my now "vintage" Axial XR10. Discontinued a number of years back. I keep this truck nearby in my shop – for any time individuals want to have an MOA Competition. What is an MOA?! It is a "Motor on Axle" setup. Whereas, the vehicle has 2 electric drive motors, one per axle. There […]