L109S EASOUL Matavish 3 Brushless GPS Camera Drone Flight Test Review

He was first to say first of one of my recent videos and this one's this shot at so congratulations good morning, quadcopter water, one here with a review of a neat new drone, the MacTavish 3 also known as the el 109 s. So what is the el 109? Yes? Well, it is a […]

MAVIC MINI Quickshots “Hidden Feature” Doesn’t Really Work …Yet! – (Hidden Features Flight Test)

But if you remember the last test we did was the extreme wind test and it actually pretty good up to about 20 miles per hour, anything over that kind of started to blow it away. So we weren't really able to test too many functions in the wind. I wanted to test a few […]

S500 Brushless 1080p FPV GPS Drone Flight Test Review

This brushless GPS drone has glorious FPV video sign reception in your cellphone with ranges of as much as 300 meters. Discover it right here, and use coupon code HTSGWFA . Additionally TOMTOP 15th Anniversary Exercise: 50%off Flash Offers Win Xiaomi Mijia Electrical Scooter Professional: in addition to restricted huge coupons: 20% off for APP […]

MJX X104G Lightweight GPS FPV 1080p Camera Drone Flight Test Review

This 188 gram GPS digicam drone consists of superior options corresponding to return to dwelling, comply with me, circle place, and waypoints. Discover it right here Execs – At 188 grams with battery, in lots of nations this drone wouldn’t require registration. – GPS/GLONASS system permits superior flight modes capabilities and automated return to dwelling […]

JJRC X9 Heron GPS Gimbal Camera Drone Flight Test Review

This brushless GPS drone features a 2 axis stabilized gimbal for clean in-flight video. Discover it right here Professionals – GPS and optical move place maintain drone. – Automated return to house and touchdown on command, lack of sign, and low battery. – Altitude maintain. – 1080p 30fps digital camera with onboard micro SD card […]

JJRC C-Fly X7 SMART GPS Brushless FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review

This brushless 1080p camera GPS drone is reasonably priced for what you're getting. Find it here Pros – Brushless motors – GPS/GLONASS with return to home and landing capability on command or loss of signal from the controller. – 1080p camera with remote controlled tilting lens. Video is recorded to an onboard microSD card to […]

Visuo XS812 (XS-812W) GPS FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review

This GPS camera drone include follow me, circle position, waypoints, and automatic return to home and landing. Find it here Pros – GPS/GLONASS allowing rapid and accurate satellite positioning and return to home/landing capability. – HD video is recorded directly to a microSD card inserted in the rear of the camera. If no SD card […]

SG900-S GPS FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review

This GPS FPV camera drone would be a great first GPS drone for new fliers. Find it here Pros – Uses 2.4Ghz WiFi. Does NOT require newer 5G WiFi capable phones. – 1080p HD camera records video directly to a microSD card. – Controller has a built-in rechargeable LiPo battery. – GPS/GLONASS drone with real […]

Protocol Kaptur GPS FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review

This unusual looking GPS camera drone comes with VR goggles. Pros – GPS drone with return to home/landing, follow me, circle me, and waypoints capability. – Includes VR goggles with individual IPD and focus correction for each lens. – 720p HD camera records video directly to onboard microSD card. – FPV video is transmitted via […]

Le Idea Idea9 Large Folding 1080p GPS Selfie Drone Flight Test Review

This unusually shaped large folding GPS camera drone is very portable making it a good travel camera drone. Find it here and try coupon code IBXPXH192H Pros – Large drone that folds down to a very compact shape. Its shipping package is also very compact, making international shipment of this large drone easy and inexpensive. […]

JJRC H68G Bellweather GPS Version Flight Test Review

This upgrade of the JJRC H68 includes the addition of GPS. Find it here Pros – GPS system provides automatic return to home and landing on command, loss of signal, and low battery. – 1080p camera with up down remote control positioning. – FPV video and advanced flight control features provided by JJRC-TST app. – […]

HY-83 GPS Follow Me Circle and Waypoints Camera Drone Flight Test Review

This GPS drone includes FPV and advanced flight modes including return to home and landing for under $100. Find the 720p version here and use coupon HYRMHYG and 1080p version here for $20 more Pros – Uses 2.4Ghz WiFi. Drone should work with most phones. – Drone includes GPS/GLONASS system that quickly locks onto needed […]