Beginner RC Airplane – FMS Red Dragonfly – FULL REVIEW & FLIGHTS

Here we go Music right, what's up guys, welcome back to my channel i'm justin davis of drone camps rc, and you have to know that i'm, an airplane guy. First and foremost, since i was a kid i've been flying, rc airplanes, so this is a review of a beginner trainer style, rc airplane. […]


Today i have a new rc airplane here to review and what's cool about it. Well, it is around 100 and you guys know that i like cheap stuff on the channel, so we're gon na get right into this review. This is the patera sword. Am i pronouncing that right? Hopefully so it is […]

40″ RC AIRPLANE for $90! – Cessna 162 – Any Good? ?

Since I was six years old and I started flying multirotors almost ten over ten years ago now so I've been in it since the very beginning, but airplanes are what I started out with and they are my first love. So you see on my necklace right here. I'Ve got the Wright brothers necklace […]