4″ LONG RANGE QUAD SHOOTOUT!!! – Flywoo, Chimera4, Baby Croc, & ROMA F4 – Compare & Review ?

We are going to do the four inch long range under 250 g, quad shootout, and i know a lot of you guys have been asking for this, but i've been testing each of these quads in different scenarios. This year and we've been doing some long range with my tbs crossfire tango 2 antenna […]

KING of LONG RANGE FPV JUNGLE – iFlight Titan Chimera7 Long Range Drone – FULL REVIEW & FLIGHTS

So all right guys welcome to today's review today, we're checking out the iflight chimera. It is the seven inch edition chimera that can fly 6s. You can also play around with 4s, but i have to tell you that this quad is very capable. It can do serious long range flights 20 to 30 […]

BEST LONG RANGE FPV QUAD – Geprc Crocodil 7 HD with DJI Caddx Vista – REVIEW, & EPIC FLIGHTS! ?

This quad right here is running 7 inch. Props. It has motors on here that are super low kV, 1600 kV. They are 2306 gap. Rc speed X, branded motors with gym fans 7 inch props on here we have TPU trimmings on the front and back it also comes with GPS and it's ready […]

THE 7 Best Long Range Drones in 2020 [by distance and price]

It mainly depends on your budget and what you plan to do with that job. I'M. Thinking that simply because you are here, you're – probably tired of toy drones – that fly for a maximum of 50 meters or so and want something more to satisfy your need to fly and explore so that's. […]


crock HD Edition 4 amp 6 s power options are available. I have the 4s version with DJI digital and GPS onboard its beta fly GPS. The wheelbase is 235 millimeters and replaceable arms, which is nice, and it has the DJI air module riding up front with a hack, also available up to around […]