This is a three to four s plane. You can't fly it on 4s i'm going to test it on 4s it's not really recommended, but 3s 2200 will have a nice mild flying trainer style, plane and we're going to do some 360 video on top we'll do some line of sight and then, […]

Beginner RC Airplane – FMS Red Dragonfly – FULL REVIEW & FLIGHTS

Here we go Music right, what's up guys, welcome back to my channel i'm justin davis of drone camps rc, and you have to know that i'm, an airplane guy. First and foremost, since i was a kid i've been flying, rc airplanes, so this is a review of a beginner trainer style, rc airplane. […]


Today i have a fun review for you, we're, going to check out the eachine e160. This is kind of like a beginner to expert advanced flying heli. You can start off with stabilization with this little heli and you can flip into 3d mode and do something pretty extreme 3d motives like tic, tocks, […]

TAKE MY MONEY! – ZOHD Drift Sailplane, Gps, Fpv, Insta360 GO! – FULL REVIEW & FLIGHTS

Welcome back to the channel today, it's something new from zod. Here it is it's the drift it's. Finally, in the house and we're going to talk about this new miniature portable glider, you can actually get this under 250 grams, which is pretty impressive if that's, what you want to do, you can achieve […]

BEST BEGINNER RC PLANE in 2020 – Hobbyzone AeroScout S Esky Eagle

I have a new review for you here today, we're gon na review the hobby zone arrow Scout right, no wait! This is the es. This is the east guy. Yes, you might be confused, but actually the arrow scout is made by this company called East guy and that's our logo right there, and […]


This is the version two one, and this one has a 55 inch wingspan. That is a pretty good size, a really nice glide ratio on this, and it also is sporting, a 46 inch, fuselage it's, all balsa and Monaco on here. So it is not a foam airplane, but it flies way way […]

TobyRich MOSKITO Biplane Review

GIGANTIC LONG RANGE FPV PLANE! – Skyhunter 1800mm Honest Review, Setup tips, & Flights

GIGANTIC Long Range FPV Plane for GPS or manual flying. Honest review and flights of the Sonic Model Skyhunter 1800mm fpv plane. My thoughts and rating on this tried and true FPV Legendary Plane. Buy a SonicModell Skyhunter 1800mm PNP Version with Electronics : Kit Version no Electronics : Extra 11×7 Propeller : Recommended for […]

$50 RC SAILPLANE – AK A800 – Honest Review, Flights, Range Test, & FPV Flights

This thing flies amazing. For $50 ready to fly this is the coolest micro plane you can FPV. And it flies on affordable 2S 300mah batteries. Enjoy the honest review of this awesome new plane. LOS and FPV Flights included in the review. – Enjoy guys! – Your friend in the RC Hobby. Justin Davis. […]

BEST FPV PLANE? – DYNAM Hawksky FPV Plane – Honest Review & Flights

Sincere Review of the DYNAM Hawksky V2 FPV fixed wing aircraft. Allow's speak about the benefits and drawbacks of this plane. FPV and LOS Trips. Obtain 12-15mins on a TWO 2200mah battery. This aircraft is $249 RTF with Fpv gear. Appreciate the extensive evaluation of this plane. – Your friend in trip, Justin Davis. Please […]