How to COMMENT on the FAA NPRM | #FightForFPV

Today, we're talking about the comment period, which is part of the formal process where we all get a chance to say what we think of this proposal give feedback to the FAA. This is our chance to talk about all the problems with this proposal and propose solutions to these problems and, first off, […]

If you have lithium polymer batteries, do this now!

I haven't stuck at home with this whole situation, but important point now we will use these, maybe no, these orange ones. We might use these ones I'm. Talking about lipo batteries, everybody's got a fistful of lipo batteries, because that's what the Hobby runs on, you may even have some yellow ones. So why […]

Quick Review: HappyModel Mobula 6

The box I've already been flying this a lot and I love it. It is just a brilliant little piece of kit. I know it's winter in the northern hemisphere spring will soon be there, but then you get the equinoctial wind so always looking for something to fly inside, and this is just such […]

Flying a 2.4GHz Mobula 6 with a CrossFire Tango 2????

This is the mobula sex it's, a 2.4 gigahertz bind and fly micro. What with a free sky, compatible receiver I'm gon na fly this with this, the tango 2 from TBS, but this is 2.4 gigahertz, 915 megahertz. How am I gon na? Do that and what's going to look like well stay tuned […]

This is going to infuriate some of you!

My query, you, I know when I did a video recently. I think I I showed my original Tyrannis, my 9x d 9 DX, but it was X, 9 D and you'd get there. Eventually people remarked what are you doing? Look you've still got the plastic film on it seriously and yeah. I have […]

Runcam 5 Orange – Is it as good as the GoPro Session 5?

E Sky Albatross 2.6m electric glider RC plane

I think now I've got the battery on charge. The CG will be a little bit back but I'm reluctant to put lead in it. We'Re going to win the battery charge. We'Ll give a throw you see, it flies it's. The winds dropped off dramatically, so we couldn't hook some good thermals today. If […]

Review: TransTEC Beetle HOM HD Cinewhoop

Now this review came around about in a rather interesting fashion. The DJI sent me a set of their digital fpv gear and instead of just sending me an ear unit with the goggles and transmitter, they sent me this with an e unit and it unfortunately it didn't work. It was dead. On arrival […]

Weekly News (20 Jan, 2020)

Another not so weekly weekly news for another year seems like it doesn't it coming up in the review Q. We have the beetle home now remember. I got one of these as part of the kid I got from DJ I, this is a little I think, sub 200 gram. This is lightweight, listen […]

Review: GEPRC CineQueen 4K cinequad drone

We need like another hole in the head and have a quadcopter. Yes, just for the Hobby needs another quadcopter, remote, controlled quadcopter, but actually I got ta say I really like this little cine queen is called the cine queen for Katzman Gipp RC. That made a lot of these little quads. The first […]

Review: Motive-RC R8SB FrSky-compatible D8 receiver

I see model review some d series, free sky receivers – now you know I'm, not happy with free sky. I'Ve already mentioned that in the past, but I do use free sky a lot of free sky stuff in the free sky. Dampv series protocols were really really good, as they were because well, […]

Review: HolyBro Kopis2 HDR (with DJI Digital Air Unit)

I promised you a review of the new holy bro, Copas, 2 HD and indeed in this Kari, and I said she wrong – you can fit these in the carry case with the props on good. Oh look at that. Fantastic, so yeah, if you, if your backpacks like mine and you really don't, […]