Speed Dial EP 16 – Docmurdoc

I have my air pods in, so you guys. Let me know if you can hear me um, i might even yep i can. I can hear me on my computer, which is right here. Uh wow, what a week it has been. We have had uh spin up last week, not saturday at this […]

Can a Naze 5 hold this quad

Can a lowly outdated Naze 5 flight controller compensate for the asymmetry of this quad setup. Sorry, YouTube's new Beta Studio induced the add of my subsequent video to overwrite this one so I've needed to redo all the pieces. WTF YouTube????? Your new Creator Studio sucks!

DIY Helical FPV Antenna, you won’t believe how good it is!

For about $4 in parts you can build a helical antenna that provides a huge amount of gain and significantly increases the range of any 5.8GHz FPV system in a drone or RC plane. This DIY video shows you how to do it and I'll be posting more tests of the 5-turn and 3-turn versions […]

FPV: do linear antennas really suck?

Are those black stick-type antennas that come with most FPV equipment really so much worse than circularly polarized antennas that are so popular in the hobby? Today I run them side-by-side and allow you to decide for yourself. What do you think? The Lolipop antennas used in this video were supplied by Foxeer for review […]