Okay! Can we do that all again this time with the camera rolling? Well, i wasn't sure how to make youtube gold extra unique today. So i thought a whole bunch of repair was what we needed to do: youtube gold, yeah i'm, expected to be giving these guys a unique uh adventure when they […]

YouTube GOLD – Eps. 16 797F Haul Truck is on SITE – NOT Your Average Mining Show | RC ADVENTURES

THE PROBLEM IS BELOW. Our mining period is starting to run brief … the weather condition is currently starting to turn versus us. This indicates we need to function twice as quick – if we are ever mosting likely to make our period objective. Audiences of the program have been asking us to utilize the […]

How does this Huge Dump Truck WORK?! 797F Metal Haul/Mining Truck RC4WD | RC ADVENTURES

I have had a lot of concerns concerning this haul vehicle, because I have unboxed it on #YouTubeGold: I obtained this vehicle from an on the internet shop called "RC4WD". This point is ENORMOUS. I can not inform you what it is like to be before this haul truck, becuase also at 1/14th range – […]