com here and taking a complete in depth review of the tacx neo motion plate now, ive been using them for a few months now, so ive got a pretty good idea where they work well and where they fall a little bit Short, as you saw, the install is super easy, but lets actually back up to whats in the box themselves. So weve got the box right here once you crack it open, theres, exactly three things in there there are two rails and then theres a front wheel. Mount actually theres four things if you include a little piece of paper there but like you, wont need that at this video, because this is silly simple stuff now at this point, go ahead and remove the plastic and notice that there is a left side and a Right side also notice theres arrows arrows towards the front like youre riding a bike. If youre writing it backwards like its not going to work very well now from a compatibility standpoint, this is compatible with every tax neo ever made tax neo og the zero, the one. Whatever you want to call it number one: the tax neo2, the tax neo2 s e and attacks neo2t thats its all of them, its all the same and thats, because the base of the neo series has not changed at all its identical across all of them. Its kind of like a happy engineering accident that allows these things to snap in there now to install this is super easy, simply take your neo tilt.

It up grab a little rubber feet and they pop into these little holders built into the motion tray themselves, which is actually pretty clever of them, and then you grab the next two put them on this one. There we go and then we take the one that says left and the arrow facing forward and put it. In the left hand. Side has magnets, so it kind of pops it in place like this. Take the right hand, side the exact same concept down here, and there we go were done. The line itself back up again make sure this is straight, and next you need to make sure this little ridge or nut ridge. This notch is aligned perfectly so lift this up slightly and just simply slide it back. So its light lined up is when it centers there we go. Otherwise you wont have your full kind of range or extension of range there and do the same. The other side that ones perfect and then finally take your front wheel, block youll, see the arrow there that faces forward toss it out here, throw your bike on it and align the midpoint to the hub of the front wheel with that little arrow there on the Wheel block also note this wont. Work with mountain bike tires its just simply too thin for it. The wheel block is notable here, because it allows your wheel to move forward and back most front wheel. Blocks are designed to go ahead and keep your wheel like in a static location, but this one allows movement, so you can roll back and forth no problem now.

The whole point of the tax new motion plates is to go forward and backwards about two and a half to three centimeters or roughly about an inch and youll. See that like this just simply moves front, and back now the neo series trainers themselves already have a little bit of tilt side to side, not much, but its just its more than most of the trainers do now to show you whats happening with a little more Detail, if i take one of these rails and toss it onto a table, you can see that theres two wheels per side or per rail and it has a little valley groove under each wheel as i roll either forward or back it. Increases in elevation were talking like a centimeter here and then, if i go back to the center point, it goes down to the middle of valley, so itll always self center back to the midpoint. This is the exact same concept that the ceres mp1 uses for their rocker plate and other rocker plates as well uh, just having that little kind of valley concept in the middle, so you always self center back to the midpoint. Now, at this point, i think were ready to ride so im doing the tick, tock, tic tac toe thing correctly. I just simply bounce, and then i come back it didnt boom. Look at that got skills. Okay, so youll see as i pop on here. You get a little bit of movement right away, lets go ahead and get zwift.

Uh started up right there. Just we have somewhere to go there. We go and youll see, even just with the super light pedaling right now. Its just got that slight bit of movement as i go ahead and increase my pedaling. I increase that movement slightly theres, absolutely no sound whatsoever with this. By the way it is completely silent on the rollers. Obviously, you heard my drive train, but its otherwise totally silenced from the neoplates themselves. Just to show you, the maximum movement im just going to swing my body back and forth, and there we go. This is the furthest it can go. Im basically hitting the blockers at both ends right there, so again that two and a half to three centimeters or so give or take, and the idea here isnt to go ahead and replicate the entire outdoor road feel experience. The point here is to go ahead and improve the indoor long ride. Training experience see you know one. Two, three hour, indoor trainer rides probably more org workouts than necessarily a you know, full on sprint race. It has a little bit of movement when you have a little bit of movement that in turn, forces your butt to move around just slightly like a millimeter or so, which makes long rides more comfortable than being perfectly static. The entire time – and i say erg workouts, because if i were to throw it on a spin right here, youll notice that i go ahead and i quickly reach sort of the end point of this particular etap battery.

Why these batteries always dead all the time always dead any case were just going to do it in the gear im in so as soon as i do, the springs, itll go ahead and ill hit the front there and you wont really hear us, but youll see It and theres, maybe a little bit of instability there, that you wouldnt normally fill by itself, not enough to like tip this over likely. But given that things are moving forward and back, it feels a little more stable with the hard springs. But for my workouts, something like probably 60 or so maybe 70 of them are structured workouts, where its more steady state, with maybe some 30 by 30s or 15 second intervals, tossed in, but not very many sprints, as you saw removing these, if you do have a Race is trivial: it takes just a couple seconds to pop them off and youre good to go. Okay, so lets talk about the downside, no, not the the sprint thing, but the cost 299 dollars, which is like laughably insane and were talking about something thats, literally just a piece of injection molded plastic with uh, two magnets in it, and a couple of rollers like This should not be a 300 product and ive ive had lots of conversations with garment about this, and, at the end of the day, the problem is theyre, probably right and thats. What sucks about it is that we talk a lot of times about like the apple tax, for example the tax that you pay when you buy an apple product that, in some cases just outrageously expensive, for what it is im not talking, like necessarily the phone or The laptop but like the component up sales uh, for example, a hard drive somehow costing three and four times what that storage cost, if you just buy it by yourself uh.

The same is true for the like pro display. Xdr monitor stand not the display thats expensive, but the stand itself costing over a thousand dollars for this little piece of metal. But we have here that was effectively the tax tax yeah, the tax tax, pretty clever huh uh, but its ultimately just the garment tax and the challenge with it is that, most times we talk about these things like the apple tax, the garment tax or whatever the Case is youre, ultimately paying for something thats superior uh and in this particular case, this isnt necessarily superior to everything out there. Its superior to whats in the market at that same price point lets take, for example, most rocker plates. If you were to buy a pre assembled rocket plate, thats likely between 300 and 450 for your standard issue, kind of generic oem rocker plate uh, sometimes on a cheaper end. If you find a smaller boutique manufacturer and usually like the 450 range for kind of larger ones, now of course, obviously those arent the same thing, those rocker plates at that price point anyways tend to tilt side to side uh the neo just barely does that by Itself, but those have obviously way more range, but they dont tend to for that price point. Anyways go front and back again you can custom build your own for far cheaper, but youre investing lots of time into that. And, of course, time is money, but of course lets talk about that three to four hundred dollar price point rocker plate.

In that case, though, it is a far larger footprint uh and in fact, where ive done. Most of my testing has not been here in this gigantic warehouse of a studio, but in fact, at home, in that case im in my shed and that shed has no more space than the bike footprint itself. I cant even put a standard issue trainer desk there theyre just simply not the space for that, but there is the space for the motion. Plates and theyve worked perfectly on my older neo2 for the last couple of months, primarily again an erg mode rider with some. You know zwift like regular rotting, tossed in there and theyve been great and again that gets back to the challenge of this price point is that as much as i hate garmin for charging 300 for something that could do fantastically well at 149 or 200 theres? Just simply nothing else at that price point, and that gets us back to kind of a similar sort of product, which is the wahoo kicker access feed. These things cost a hundred bucks so far more reasonable, but they also dont do much. As i said in my trainer review when these came out on the kickr v5 or 2020 a couple years ago, there is negligible difference between these and the stock feed, especially if you had a trainer mat, if you were putting it directly on a concrete or hardware Somewhere hard surface, then you might see in the best of circumstances, barely like a millimeter of movement.

I mean i, but you can go watch my video on this whole thing just check it all out there its its not very much so in that case, theyre charging a hundred bucks for something that you could achieve with three tennis balls that you stole from your Local dog park for a whole lot less and thats kind of why i think garmin sort of missed the mark here its not that these products arent worth this product is not worth 300 bucks, its that theyre coming in and feeding that narrative. That says: heres a big multinational company buying a smaller company, a relatively smaller company and then jacking up the prices and applying effectively the garmin tax. Even if, even if the product is great, which i think it is very very solid for what ive used it for and even if it probably is justified in terms of its price point that doesnt change the fact that it just kind of feels wrong. But you know what feels right whacking that, like button the bottom there, it really does help with this video, this channel the whole shebang or you can subscribe because thatll get you stay tuned or in the channel, whatever you want to call it for the next set Of videos, which will be pretty soon on like plenty more sports technology, goodness next couple weeks next couple months, but especially the next couple weeks, are pretty busy with that.