Air drone. The innovative features of the tactic. Air drone, give everyone the ability to create professional aerial photography with this quad propelled hovering craft combined with a mobile app. This easy to use, inexpensive, wi, fi, enabled drone offers cutting edge features not found in camera drones that cost much more. The tactic – air drone features dual cameras that can be used and viewed simultaneously or independently, complementing the advanced features of the drone. The integrated upper and lower 4k hd cameras are combined with an advanced photography, mobile app. The app enables the user to control the drone, as well as the camera functions. Flying tactic. Air drone can view while recording front photographs or videos along with bottom camera, shots as either a split screen or picture in picture. The tactic – air drone mobile app allows plotted trajectory flights simply by drawing the flight path on the mobile screen using a tested, three dimensional folding technology, the lightweight tactic, air drone, folds to 30.6×8 5×6 centimeters for transportation in its easy carry bag. This classic three dimensional folding technology is designed not to affect flight stability, even after thousands of folds designed for easy use by the beginner with integrated technologies for the professional photographer. The tactic. Air drone has all the capabilities of an advanced flying machine featuring four channels with led lights. It has a six axis gyroscope, with a calibration function for smooth level flying this quadcopter camera drone feature stuck in low power protection to prevent flying damage stabilized with a breakthrough fixed point technology.

The tactic air drone, provides a steady, smooth flight that clarifies image clarity. This fixed point technology enables a steady hovering capability which enhances fixed height aerial photography. The tactic air drone mobile app contains all the features anyone needs to make professional edits to videos and photographs on the fly in real time. Video filters in the app allow making instant edits of videos or photos. The tactic, air drone will follow the flight path drawn for a predicted video recording. Now, if you want to buy this product, the link will be in the description of this video.