What is tactic air drone tactic. Air drone – is the latest masterpiece with incredible features. It is designed with dual cameras with hd resolution longer battery life, optical flow positioning and many more things. Even i can control this device with my hand, gestures, isnt, it great tactic. Air drone has a dual camera that you can use and view both. At the same time, you can freely switch its front and rear camera tactic. Air drone stabilizes the camera with a breakthrough fixed point. The interchangeable modular batteries will give you an extended flight time with better control. Pros of tactic. Air drone, dual 4k camera smart. Follow me mode app phone control enough flying time, vibrating high force for aerial photography, tactic, air drone features smart, follow me mode. This mode allows the drone to follow the designated photography subject to capture photos and videos. It will always follow you by pushing one button and you have full control over the drone. Optical flow positioning, optical flow positioning, stabilizes, the camera during flight aerial photo and video with this quad propelled hovering craft. Now everyone can make professional aerial, photography and videography mobile app. Through this app. I can watch the aircrafts aerial pictures. It allows me to have a vision of migratory birds and easily records everything intelligent, gesture recognition. Users can control the device simply using hand gestures when you swing out the right hand palm it signals to extend the lens camera tactic. Air drone featured an electric 90 degrees adjustable camera with a 120 degrees wide angle lens.

It has hd 1080p video, along with 4096 by 3072 4k, still photo resolution. The 1080p hd boasts for switching modes up and down switching screen. The screen left and right screen. 720 1080p advanced flying machine. Its 6 axis gyroscope and 4 channels with led lights, ensures a smooth flight. Its left operating lever is used for accelerograph or speed control trajectory flight. You can use a mobile phone to control this device with trajectory flight. You can plot the flight path for the drone portrait follow another interesting innovation is portrait, follow portable tactic. Air drone has a portable design. I can easily fold the aircraft because of its classic three dimension. Folding technology, this 0.32 kilograms lightweight drones, folding size is 13.6 by 8.5 by 6 centimeters, which can easily fit in a carry bag battery life. The tactic air drone includes one 3.7 v, 1 800 milliamp hours leap a drone battery. It requires about 28 minutes for charging and lasts for 15 to 20 minutes. It also comes with a built in internal transmitter battery, which is 3.7 v, 350 milliamp hours configuration tactic. Air drone comes with one remote control body battery usb charging, cable, screwdriver and manual. The best thing is, it has extra four spare blades. You can control this device according to its maneuvering function. Other drones can fly 10 to 15 minutes with tactic air drone. You will experience up to 18 to 20 minutes flight time. Hopefully you are enjoyed this video.

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