I am building a new quadcopter, as you can tell – and this is part of my quest to well first of all inform you about good motors. What is a good motor for a 5 inch quadcopter in this case, but also my personal quest for the the perfect quadcopter yeah? So this at this moment is my perfect frame. This is the foxier aura 5, and this stack well. This is just another stack, basically its a good stack, but the video is not about this stack. It is about the content of these here boxes so yeah. What is the perfect motor for a 5 inch freestyle quadcopter? I have me some new motors to try from t motor in this case and they look quite nice dont they yeah. So in this video were gon na test. These motors, the t motor nck 1950, kv 2207.5 motors. Here we go, you serious, so guys the t motor mck version three – and this is the again kv version 22.07 and a half motor, so mck thats uh. They are named after mitchum kim, which is a well known racer. Is he chinese or north korean by the way, im not even sure, tell me in the comment section below but um? Okay, so i i really dont know what his his involvement with these motors is. Maybe he picked a color? Maybe he had some input in the design or the 2207 and a half part i dont know um yeah, but still t motor is obviously a well known brand in motor land and im gon na be comparing these motors with the iflight cyborg zing, not available anymore.

By the way, this cyber zing zing zing yeah, but its also a 2207 and a half motor, and i have an identical, identical quad with these motors. These are 1999 kv, basically 2000 kv, which is a little bit more, but not a whole lot more. Like five percent more so well take that in uh into consideration, while comparing these motors very nice looking motors as well by the way the cyborgs i dont know why they stopped selling these not an inexpensive motor either, as is the t motor motor. So i dont do a whole lot of motor reviews and im, not one for bench tests im not saying that theres no merit or value to bench tests im simply looking for the best motor and for me that would be a motor that feels nice has a Reasonable efficiency and power band and with powerband i mean that its not spiky in the lower half of your throttle or the upper half of your throttle or anything else. It has a as flat a torque curve as possible thats. What i am looking for – and you can only sense that, while flying in my humble opinion of course again, there is definitely merit to bench tests, but im, not the one to do that. Okay, so these mck motors, the t motor mckays, come with stuff. They come with stuff yeah lets see they come with come on, dont be shy. They come with two sets of screws: a set of screws for four millimeter thick arms and is set for five millimeter thick arms thats nice, and they look a few like nice screws.

One propeller knot, obviously, and one: what is this: a vibration, dampener or shock absorber, maybe its something thats in the motor around the shaft but again in the motor, and it absorbs shocks. Yeah. A lot of motors have that this motor also has that and you get a one spare screw uh axle retainer screw this screw theres a spare through that and then a washer probably also Music, a washer underneath that uh shaft retainer over there. So you get a spare of that and thats it yeah, but again nice to get two sets of screws in two lengths and so thats what you get. Oh, you also get a bunch of decals with the motor yeah, okay, thats nice. I noticed that other t motor motors theyre in their f line – the f 60, for instance – came with more luxurious packaging. A nice tin can but yeah. I dont know why these uh mck motors dont, maybe its an older, older product line. I dont know, even though the the version threes are relatively new. Oh well, all right in my motor reviews ill be weighing all my motors with the wires as most motors come with the same amount of uh wire length, uh so 33 grams, which is a little bit more than t motor, specs and thats. Probably because of the the extra wire and is the other one, the same just checking yeah 33 grams. Okay though, and what does that iflight motorway? It is wow, really it is significantly heavier wow thats, a what that.

Okay, 38 huh, okey, dokey, okay, uh well see how that plays out while test flying the quadcopters one against the other. Again, both are 2207 and a half motors i didnt know the eye flights. Were this heavy. But what can i tell you about these motors there? Isnt a whole lot of specs, for instance the the alloy of the shaft im expecting that to be titanium or titanium alloy. But the truth is, i dont know the specs dont say: t motor uses, titanium alloy for most of their shafts. I think again, i dont know this isnt a budget motor for t motor like the pacer and the v locks. Well, actually, those are like a middle of the road in price right around 20 dollars per motor. These are close to 30 dollars per motor. So definitely not budget motors. Maybe you pay a little bit more uh for the the mck i dont know, but they do look well made and uh. Well, thankfully, you dont get a c clip. You get a retaining screw, for instance, and you dont get a guard for the motor wiring at the bottom. Some motors do that some motors have a guard to prevent the wires from being pushed up against the bell. It feels pretty stiff. I dont feel the need really, but well, that might have been a nice option to see. Okay next thing is some comparative flying ill, install these motors and well set them up against those iflight cyber zings.

Here we go alrighty guys. Weve got ourselves two, mostly identical quads. The frames are the same. The propellers are the same. These are nepal, dull, nepal, n2s, and they are on both quadcopters. They are fresh propellers and the stacks are different yeah, but they are f7. The specs of the stacks are mostly the same, be the flight. Configuration and version is the same bitterflex stock bit of flight stock. Keep that in mind the filtering is the same thats it ill be using the same lipos cna, gel black series 1100 and they arent new. However, ive selected two lipos with the same internal resistance, roughly the same age as well. I need me some new lipos. I didnt even have fresh lipos, oh well, but again, theyll be the same. Well. First set a baseline with the iflight cyberzing motors right. Here we go alrighty alrighty side note before today. I had never flown either of these two quadcopters with an action camera on them. Yeah ive got the dji action 2 on both of these books, so lets first do a little speed course flight and ill try to do the same with the other quadcopter. Okay, a power loop thing lets catch it: oh, okay, okay, so different. I know this quadcopter here. This is aura 2, as you can tell from the osd yeah. So, but this used to be a very sporty quadcopter without an action camera. I can definitely sense that extra weight maybe drag probably only weight, yeah, okay, but still flies very nicely, but its no longer a beast, but it flies reasonably.

Well again. Both of these quadcopters fly on stock betaflight pits. However, the filtering is set to 1.2 on both sliders, but thats the same on both of these two quadcopters as well. Okay, i noticed that this quadcopter, so with the iflight motors, definitely needs a little bit of a tune now that it has an action cam on it. Yeah theres more prop theres a little bit of a wobble actually on low throttle. You know interesting still, a a very nice quadcopter, and the worst thing that could happen today is that the verdict is that these iflight motors are better since uh. They are not available anymore right. Okay, so you know what well switch to the onboard video since that dji camera can record audio pretty well, so you can have a listen to these motors Applause Applause, okey dokey, so that is our baseline again. This is still a fast as in horizontal speed, fast quadcopter and now well see what the quad with the t motor motors will do, but yeah the things i notice is. This quadcopter has taken quite a hit from that action, camera and uh. The tune is uh, needs, more work or needs work and well see what the other quad does. Okay lets sit it down and well switch right to our four with the t. Motor motors alrighty guys aura 4 in the house brand new quadcopter with the t motor mck motors. Here we go, we are and we have liftoff.

I did, of course, testify the quadcopter, but without an action camera again i have flown neither of these two with an action cam before also side note ive switched to a higher camera angle on im, switching all my quadcopters to a higher camera angle, just to test Right, i was at 35 degrees and now ive switched to 40 degrees. Okay lets do a power loopy loop thing, catch the quadcopter, okay, uh that took far less work as in throttle that felt like a quadcopter without an action camera. Actually, okay – and the second thing i definitely notice, is that this quadcopter feels less fast. Somehow i have checked the camera. Angles are the same, but so thats so weird im, not sure yeah, and i can also see that this cockatoo now needs a little bit of tuning, but only my nude bit. I dont see the wobble that i saw on the other quadcopter and i do see some proposed oscillation, but not as much as the other quadcopter as our two of the iflight motors. So two things the i guess this quadcopter has an easier time: managing the propellers and the weight, but its also a little less fast. Okay, fair enough again say: propellers definitely feels less fast ill have to check the recordings, and you tell me in the comment section below if this quadcopter to you looks and feels less fast. Okay, on this hour, four well also switch to the dji camera.

So you can ever listen here. We go Applause, Applause, wow, Music, Music Applause, okie dokie. So again you tell me what are your impressions um? Also on the first run, the i flat motors were not worn at all, maybe one or two degrees above damien, but okay. So not warm at all and well see what these eye flights do and yeah the lipo on my first flight was definitely warm, which was to be expected. It is a worn lipo, and this is also a worn, lipo. Okay, worn low battery yeah okay, so both quadcopters can do flights easily of four minutes. If you fly nor in a normal fashion, so guys the t motor mck, 2207 1910 kv motor. It is a nice looking motor. It is a udl motor. It is also a premium product right, its not cheap t motor has a good reputation. The thing is t motors tends to have a good reputation with consumers. Pilots, if you will ifrite, also has a good reputation, but maybe more with reviewers im, not completely sure what to make of that. You tell me again in the comment section below what are your impressions of the two brands here, yeah also, i also considered the f60 pro version 5, a new motor from t motor. However, those werent uh in stock over here and i came across this motor and i was wondering what it would be like that f60 pro version 5 is more expensive, like five dollars from motor and im, not sure what to expect from that.

Should that be a far better motor for five dollars, i dont know so far this motor works out. Well, i havent crash tested it. Obviously you do that on your own dollar right. I do like the power band of this motor and it seems a little bit well yeah. It seems a little bit more efficient than the iflight but hard to say, theres, not much between the two, the the mck motor handled, the the weight of this quadcopter and the propeller. These propellers are harder to tune in in general, so yeah it did well and it its again, its a nice looking motor and thats it and the next motor test ill be doing ill, be actually uh reviewing a gap rc motor yeah, unexpected, probably, but i was Interested by one specific motor of them so thatll be coming up for now.