I guess uh its probably one that Im not going to actually fly and review Im, not gon na even bother to try and acquire it because um there really isnt anything interesting about it other than the fact that its being advertised as uh being ultra light and Ultra quiet so um. Well, you know Ill talk a little bit about the specs of this and how it compares to the baby tooth and the Emax nanohawk X and thats. What theyve specifically asked me about you know the the feather is a 1s three inch quad its running off of a three inch propeller, the Avon, its got a very tiny motor, which also makes it very light, so its 31.5 grams without a receiver. So if you had a receiver, probably add a gram or two uh so 32 and a half to 33 and a half grams. Now, when I um did my video on the baby hawk or Im, not sorry the uh baby tooth um, this is a modified baby. Cheese, I did a video about two years ago on a baby tooth build these are the Kebab fpv 1202.5 Motors here. These are 11 500kv that weighed about 38 and a half grams, so um a bit heavier because it has bigger motor and uh. I think thats the the thing about the feather its lighter, because its got a smaller motor and a much lower KV at 7, 800 KB. So the combination of the lower weight and the lower KV of the motor you know basically makes it uh more quiet, Im, not sure about how it affects efficiency.

It does have another downside. Uh the plug in the back is an NXT 30 or gnb 27. Its um, its like a pH 2.0 connector, I dont know if it has the rolled pins of the solid pins, its probably the rolled pins or the folded pins most likely. Those are the easiest to acquire out there in terms of getting things in bulk, so the bottom line is between the baby tooth, which you have to build and Ill link that video down in the video description. Now I have modified mine here. This is actually got a runcam split. I think, on from not exactly sure where this came from. I never made a video on this one because um, I think I asked some of you guys about this uh and no one responded in the comments. So I just didnt bother putting a video together um at least thats, where youll remember uh. I make so many videos that I cant remember if I actually made that video, but I I dont recall making a video about this mod but Ill link. The previous video or the video, where, before I made this mod, where its actually just analog and new HD camera, that was about 38 and a half grams on this um, lighter frame setup and then the other thing is. If you want something with for prefer for performance a little bit more, like Acro freestyle ability, I would look at this one here, the Emax nanohawk X.

I dont think that the feather from t motor is going to have any sort of freestyle capabilities like its. You might have a little bit of Flippy floppy capabilities, but I dont think its going to have a lot of power um. It definitely isnt going to be for racing um. If you disagree with my uh assumptions on this, let me know in the comments below as to why you disagree about that. If you think that an 1102 7800 KV motor on One S should outperform a 1202.5, 11 000 KV motor on One S, uh. Let me know in the comments below youre reasoning behind that, because I think that the performance is going to be less, but the trade it in the trade off here I think what team owner is targeting is people that want Ultra an ultra quiet quad, maybe for Indoor flying you know this thing around 32 DB of sound, which is where its going to be thats gon na be less than this. This is going to be closer to like 50 DB, although in practice theres even 50 DB is pretty quiet, so Im not sure what the advantage of is is of having something super quiet like that and super light. The flight time is going to vary on depending on the battery you use. Of course you know you can you know whatever probably 450 to 650 somewhere in. There is probably going to give you a pretty good flight time on that Im sure around at least five minutes, its my expectation on that so thats.

Why Im not going to bother reviewing thats? Why Im putting this video out just to answer questions about that um? You know if youre looking for performance get this one. Instead Im going to link this in the video description uh the review of this, as well as where you can get this one. This is going to be way better in terms of performance, but if you think that the feather is going to be for you, because you want something super quiet and you want that super ultra light weight yeah that could be for you um. It is also probably going to be a little bit more efficient with a lower KB motor uh in terms of flight time. You know you can you can get this nanohawk X and just put a motor output limit in this one in betaflight to simulate the lower KB, get it down to like 8 000 KV from 11 000 KB and get much more flight time. Of course you know. Youre trading off youre trading that performance uh for flight time, if you do that, but you can always, you know, go back to the full out motor up limit of 100 and get the full performance out of this. So its a little bit more versatile. If you go with something like this and you can just lower the motor up, you know motor KB artificially and sort of simulate that higher efficiency for more flight time now, in terms of the noise level that I dont know you know.

Obviously this is heavier here. So its like 43 grams, I think so um you know its still going to be heavier than the other ones. So, if youre looking for that 32 DB a noise floor, then maybe you know thats, probably what youre gon na have to go for thats pretty much. It you know, theres, not anything, that super compelling about that model, its just that its got tinier Motors, oh its, basically because the smaller Motors it is going to be a lot lighter, but you know uh, you know if you want to build something a little bit More with a little more performance theres, the baby tooth, which you can get all the parts yourself but honestly just buying the Emax nanohawk X, is going to be way simpler. And then you have to go. Hunt for parts its already built and tuned and fly straight out of the box, and actually, if I looked at frame for remember from that video, I compare the cost. It costs quite a bit more to build. It yourself and I didnt really notice much performance difference between the nanohawk X and the baby tooth that I built and I think it costs. I think I was like 50 less or something like that or 40 less. It was quite a bit less in terms of overall cost and its already built so and then in terms of that, I would just go ahead and just get the surface what youre looking for in terms of a 1s, you know backyard flyer with a little bit Of echo freestyle performance again check out that video.

I can do um Power, loops and Matty flips and all that – and you saw that in the video so Ill link that in the video description, okay, thats gon na – do it for this one. If you got any questions, let me know in the comments below and yeah Im not going to acquire that model so um. If you think that Im completely wrong about my assumptions about that model, let me know in the comments below what you guys think and the reasoning behind that. I would be curious to know why you think that Im wrong about my assumptions and thats gon na.