Welcome back to the channel today were back with another drone review from a company called lulin. This is the Z3 quadricopter. The Z3 is designed for children, 14 or older. The z3s main features are an HD camera, app control, fpv Optical flow positioning, Flight Plan, 360, Flip stunts, headless mode and hover function and to download the app for the Z3 simply scan the QR code on the box, or you can find the app at the Android Or Apple Store, the Z3 retails for 110 dollars lets open the box and see what whats inside first thing you get is the Drone. The first thing I noticed about this drone, its very lightweight and made entirely of plastic in the z3s arms unfold. Very easy and heres the user manual, its very thorough in the Z3, includes a quick start guide to get you flying quick as possible, and this box contains the remote control charging cables, extra batteries, extra drone, blades and screws, as well as a small screwdriver, and this Drone also comes with blade guards for the remote control. Youre gon na need four double a batteries which are not included. This also comes with a clip to attach your cell phone to the remote control and before you fly any drone, its really important to charge all your batteries to 100. Before you start flying and connecting the battery to the Drone is very easy, and each battery gives you about 20 minutes of flight time.

What I really like about this drone, especially for the kids, is you, do not need a cell phone to fly it so, for our first flight were going to fly the Drone without the cell phone, just a remote control, its important to get used to the controls And get a feel for how the Drone flies, because every drone handles a little bit differently and the z3s remote control has a button for the auto Lan feature. So if the Drone is getting out of control because of wind or user error, tap the top right button and it lands automatically – and this Auto Lan feature came in handy because the day we filmed was very windy. One thing I want to show you: I did hit the walls a couple different times you can see where it kind of chipped away at the blades. Here, however, I have to say that the Drone stuff is pretty good, even when these blades a little bit chipped. So um Ill have to replace these with a replacement blades that came with it, but its not bad man, its pretty lightweight. It is a challenge in the wind have to admit, but the cool feature is that flip feature its really neat super easy to do. Thats something pretty much anybody can do so Ill. Show you one more time to be able to use the advanced features like the HD camera and Flight Plan. Youll need to connect the Drone to the app on your phone using Wi, Fi and from here you can access all the cool features, especially the camera.

Just a heads up. There are two features. This drone does not have one is obstacle avoidance and the other is stabilization at the hundred dollar price point. This is not expected and for a drone priced at 110 dollars with all these features, its a must have for a beginner. You can learn all the Drone moves without worrying about crashing, because if you do damage this or break it youre only out 110 dollars, not a thousand dollars. So of course, therell be a link in the description below to where you can buy this drone. So after you buy this drone and test it out for a couple weeks, make sure to leave a comment below on what you think about the Drone.