Now this is that thing. It looks kind of like a helicopter because thats what it says on the um on the link. It says helicopter quadcopter. So yeah uh im pretty sure this thing doesnt have a camera on it, but its um its a sema product. So it should probably fly pretty good um theres, the uh, some of the specs on it x700 is the model name, tells you the um, the specifications, the flight time 12 minutes the gross weight, the battery 500 milliamp hour, okay, charging time 80 minutes, theres your specs Of your controller right there on the box, which is pretty cool, theres, the spin heres, the 3d flip one touch takeoff land, you know the typical stuff on the sema controller. You know nothing, nothing spectacular! Look at that its made in china, its amazing. It made it through the blockade it made it through all them. Ships lets get it out of here, all right guys. So there you go out of the box and its got your your users. Your typical sema controller theyve been using this style of controller for about four years about four years ago. They went to this. This make model of controller, so theyve been having this for about. Four years it doesnt have any batteries in it. Yet, but if you open the back here, it has a spot for four um, four double as thats. What itll take in there for the big one, so that makes it uh thatll, make it a little bit heavier right.

There, so well get them in there and they give you two batteries, which is pretty good and we already saw what those were. They were 800s. It said it on the box theres two of those little gum stick looking things charger and has that you know its the red light green light deal, screwdriver some spare beauty caps and some screws to put on the prop guards which we wont be using so theyre. Very flimsy these prop carts, but i guess they do good enough to bump into the wall with now to put the battery in. You would plug it in here and stick it in that little compartment right there. You see that i dont know if that went off. Camera or not, so you would just slide it in the bottom like that and then slide it into here now. I dont know if theres an on and off button. Yet let me let me look at that: real quick yeah, its on the top right. There see that okay, so then you would plug it in yeah this one here. It theres plenty of room in the doorway and everything its not like some of these other things that are real. You know real cramped up or anything like that. So move this junk out of the way, because im going to take it off in here, so there it is right there yeah that looks cool. It looks cool lets, see how it works out right.

So let me put some batteries in this controller, real, quick and then well, uh well, take off in here. Okay. I finally found me a couple of batteries, boy that took a couple of minutes. Oh look at that its got a pretty cool light there on the front. Thats pretty neat. Okay sounds just like a sema x23. Look how stable it is. Wow, wow Laughter, i just put it in the second rate, Laughter wow. It seems to fly really nice wow. I think thats going to be nice outside wow. All right lets check that out lets get out there, and i just noticed it said right on there fun flying that thing is sharp man wow. That thing is its nice. Looking pretty cool well lets see how it flies. Now, its a the wind has kicked up a little bit. You cant see it yet on the trees but its its swirling around a little bit. Okay, i got the high rate on the second rate: wow, oh its flying good, Music flying fine, good sema, oh thats, that little trickery, it does theres a little mode that it goes into. You hit this little button over here and does this little Music? Okay, which button is, i just hit it there. It goes see how it goes into that little spinning like that. You have to push forward on the stick when you press this, so you press this and hit forward on the stick, and it goes into this little couple of 360 things now thats the trim you hold that stick in and trim it out.

If you need to go one way or another thats and thats the rate theres, the first rate, you see its very crappy theres a little bit better in the second rate, theres only two, so thats, all you get is two now i thought it did flip, but Apparently, it does not because im not having any luck performing any flips and there it goes because i didnt press the stick. Wow ill put the flight time in uh by the way uh wow. That flip was pretty pretty crazy. Looking whoa, that was a pretty wild. Looking flip there yeah nice yeah that thing flies good man, good sema. It could use a. I wish it had another raid on it because then you could really zip it around, but i guess the second two rates ill just have to do: wow, Music yeah. It flies great so far so good on this thing, absolutely Music, either the wind is picking up or the trim is going out of wet because it keeps pushing back toward me big time im going to trim it out a little bit. Cant trim out the window. Oh its acting up a little hair. I wonder if the batterys going, or maybe that was just a little gust of wind, its doing those little gusts of wind. You know its, not it just picks up and then it dies down and picks up and then dies down. You know to kind of enough to make you go nuts, especially when youre trying to fly a real light toy like this, its coming right at me, so it just keeps pushing this thing back toward me so once it stops its really not out of trim that Much because it uh its kind of sitting still if i uh once the wind goes down, it kind of sits still, so i probably pretty much got it trimmed out good enough.

It flies really nice guys it steers really nice. Now i had this other other seam. I dont even remember the name of it. It looked like this, but it was yellow it had the three blades on it and they were uh like duct motors, i dont know if you remember seeing that it had. I think two in the front and one in the back or one in the back and or one in the front and two in the back suddenly – and i did the indoor thing on it when i took it outside to fly it wouldnt fly. That thing would not fly for not do it in the garbage. It looked like some kind of amphibious vehicle type of deal, but uh yeah. It would not fly at all outside this things, flying great guys, really, nice, really nice wow. All you got ta do is watch out for these poles. Music Music see now its kind of sitting, still they kind of god. That trim is still out of whack, but you know its still flying great. So, even though the trim is a little off Music, its still flying good Music, i can tell you, though, those little gusts of wind that comes up. It makes it kind of go like that. You know it kind of flutters it a little bit its kind of weird that it does that Music yeah definitely needed a third rate on this. If this thing had a third rate, it would have been perfect, absolutely perfect, Music.

The flight time on this thing is going to be really good guys, Music, im really facing a big headwind right now, its just pushing this thing right back to me its kind of fighting, and i might have to help it. It wants to come back door toward me. I just hit the prop at my finger, but im doing all i can im gon na have to land because its going to just fly backwards over this hill, because the wind is blowing where i cant stop it. You know the wind is more powerful than the quadcopter, so i did the best thing actually by landing it or crashing it or whatever you want to call it Music yeah, the wind is just pushing it back toward me, say: im not able to fight that Music. Im trying im trying to rescue it Music come on Music that pissed me off to no wind Music. Let me get back out here lets give me more room for it to go backwards, yeah its definitely uh its definitely too windy for this thing, but thats. Alright, it flew great, you know a little bit of time. I had to fly it Music, oh, how you doing buddy good and the little bit of time i had to fly it. It flew great, so im not gon na complain, Music, no matter how much i trim it. It cant fight the wind. You know the wind is winning its okay, but the flight time is really good.

Man. Flight time is really good. Music, so were just gon na sit here and ride it out: Music, Music yep. It definitely just needed that third rate to be able to fight off some kinds of some of these winds. It just dont have here comes another big Music. Another big gust coming in here in a second, so i can feel it on my face. Oh the lights flashing anyway, so thats gon na be its gon na peter out here in a second, the low battery warnings flashing now im just gon na. Let it hit me okay, thats, good enough. It did the job all right, guys ill put the flight time in there and uh well. Uh well see what it did but yeah i love it. Man, it flew great. A little bit of wind was kicking up. It was really playing hell with this thing. Okay, so this is definitely a backyard. No wind flyer! You see that little bit of wind right there that bag – okay, thats enough wind right there. If you can see the tree there, so youre, looking at like three miles an hour three four miles an hour wind thats enough to make this not work very well, but that little bit of time that it was real calm. It flew great.