Looking drone one of my favorites from sema, one of their one of my favorites. They put out looks like a kind of like a hubsan style, quad uh. I really like this. It comes with a 720p camera now its just a wi fi camera theres, no sd card, or nothing like that. So you just basically just hook it up to your phone and were just going to go for a quick flight of this guy man. It does come with landing gear, but ill take the landing gear off. You know i like the way it looks without the landing gear. To be honest, so i took the landing gear off and you do have to connect to the wi fi and use the sema fpv app guys. But before you get into the app you have to connect to the wi, fi and thats. What were going to do here really quickly and were going to take off with this bad boy like i said this is a 720p uh wi fi camera, so dont expect anything to to too uh cinematic with this guy all right. It automatically connected to the wi fi by that guy, so see them. Fpv app get up out of here. Get up out of here. Look at that already boom. We already got wi fi signal, so im gon na start, the recording, via the app you guys, recording, is started. Um im going to higher rate and were going to just yeah, were going to just take off with that bad boy check.

It out see my x5 for hw. Now the sun is setting so this, as you can see its a kind of a glow in our flight, so we are in the high rate. You know, sema only has two rates high and low rate guys lets cruise around with this bad boy. I love the way this thing looks: theres a flips on it for you flippers out there for all my little flippers, all my little flippers yeah man x54hw. I guess you could say this is like one of their updated series to the x5 series. I guess, because, with the 850 milliamp hour battery with the red jst connector common connector, so batteries are dirt cheap for this guy. If you want extra batteries, of course, you guys yeah real nice, inexpensive, plier man. I love this thing. These are the quads. You need to learn on and not altitude hold, so its all throttle management cruising around with the ox 5. My favorite way to fly. It, though, is to take the camera. I already have the landing gear off the landing gear, camera off and just fly it sporty, but i did promise you guys a follow up with the camera. The last time i flew it was without everything, so i did promise you guys that i would take it and bring it back out and show you guys the camera, and this is what were doing here today yo. This is what were doing like i said the sun is setting, as you can see there, you stop that recording, recording stop, because i wanted to make sure its safe, so lets bring it on in, for a close look really quickly get some funnels as we come On down, so let us bring in for a close look check that bad boy out guys check that bad boy out c, max five for hw nice performer start, the recording recording started again lets just fly as soon as i started.

Recording battery died. You stopped that recording just bring it on in save the help of this battery, all right guys. So i guess thats, just a quick flight of the lx54hw bring this bad boy on there on your boy drone the dog dont forget to like and subscribe catch.