As the video you know, moves forward now, you know we already have several drones and i wanted another cheap, easy to use drone that we could take with us when we went up and looked at the game cameras. You know where they’re located to get a good aerial view we currently use the dji mini and then the dji mini 2, but i didn’t want to have a drone that cost 250 or 450 that we just leave in the truck. I wanted something you know cheap, but good enough, that we can just leave in the truck and you know it’d, be we wouldn’t miss it because you know it’s the one we keep in the truck we’ll call it. You know the truck drone or the game. Cam drone and once again i wanted something under the 250 gram limit for the faa registration here in the united states. I know it doesn’t matter now, because i’ve already had to start registering my bigger drones, but when i got this i was still you know. Under the dream or the fallacy, or the crazy assumption, i could keep it with small drones that i wouldn’t have to register. So this is the sema syma. Some people call it sima. I call it sema. I have no idea how to pronounce it so we’re going to call it the sema and really quick here’s. The problem it’s listed as the sema x500, but in various paperwork in various online places, it’s also called the ex 500, and that is not the only discrepancy.

We find because looking in the instructions it talks about, the controller takes two double a batteries when, in fact, this controller has an internal rechargeable battery. So basically we’re already up against that problem that hey some pretty sketchy is going on here. They don’t even know what drone they have. So this is the sema ex500 or x500 4k drone, and they call it the not just a 4k drone but it’s a gps quadcopter because remember sema is sema toy company. They make helicopters toy helicopters. I’Ve had a lot of their toy helicopters and i enjoyed helicopter flying and for years i wouldn’t call a quadcopter a drone because it’s a quadcopter, but they still refer to it as a quadcopter, even though it does have automatic. You know automated drone capabilities. It says it has a 56 minute flight time boy. They are dreaming all right. So really quick. When i got this, it was 174.99, so 175 dollars it was under 200. It was under the weight limit at 205 grams, so it was under that 250 gram. Weight limit for faa registration that was cool, it’s, currently selling for 189.99 on amazon, which is 190 dollars and that’s a hundred and fifty dollars too much, because this is a 49 at best worth piece of crap don’t. Let the low price of under two hundred dollars for a gps drone that can auto land an auto takeoff. It has all these really cool features, but all these really cool features they offer or they promise you yeah.

I don’t believe they exist well, they exist. They just don’t actually work properly, something really cool about this. It has a hand gesture thing that you can. The advertisement shows a girl running through the city and jumping over things and and and then she’s using the drone to follow her, and then she gives it. The hand signals to take selfies over and really there’s no way. I’D fly this anywhere down a city street near any buildings or cars, or anything because this is this. Drone is a piece of crap. It it’s impossible. Well, i don’t say about it’s very hard to control and i let several very experienced drone operators use this thing and even they said whoa. This is hard to control right in the middle of flight. It loses signal. Just starts heading its own direction until it regains signal it comes horrible. I wouldn’t use this anywhere, but a big open field and it doesn’t like wind at all, even a very slight wind. It does not like so that’s just one more problem with this drone. It says it has follow me. I think all the drones have that now: gps, auto return yeah. If it could figure out where you are and custom pass. You know you can set up waypoints and let you do that with every drone. These days, it’s got a wide angle: low quality camera. Oh i added the low quality cameras. Crap it’s got a fisheye lens on it.

It looks horrible um every bit of video i took with it. I have one that might be okay, i mean it’s still garbage, but it’s, not even usable, and the last time we tried using this, we kept thinking. We were turning the video on and all it did is take still photos yeah. This still photo should pretty much tell you the quality of what the video is going to look like something else. I really hated about this from day. One is there’s, no cable from your phone to the controller, so it talks through bluetooth or wi fi or whatever. The hell it uses, so you can control this drone with just your phone or with just the controller without a phone or you sync, your phone into the controller, and you know my gladius underwater drone that chasing drone. That does the same thing. It uses bluetooth from the phone to the controller but that’s a 1200 drone that’s, not a low quality piece of crap um, the dji drones and the other drones, the skydio drone, the other drones we have. You have a cable that goes to the phone to the controller, so at least you know absolutely you have an a solid connectability connection between the controller and the phone, because remember it runs off. You get that processor in the phone you’re doing all these things. With that processor, then all you have to worry about is the signal from the your control unit to the drone.

You don’t want to have to worry about your signal from the phone to the controller to the drone yeah horrible. This is very hard to sync the phone to the controller into the drone it’s easy to go phone to the drone it’s easy to go controller to the drone you have to do it. Order of operations is specific. If you do not do it in the right order, it will not work. We had to go online and watch youtube videos multiple times to make sure we did it right. It is a pain. So if you get this drone and you have that problem – go online, there’s people walking you through it step by step by step, and it is a pain really quick. Let’S, go over the specs 205 gram, weight, distance, 350 meters or 1148 feet height 100 meters or 328 feet image, transmission, distance, 300 meters or 894 feet. So you can actually still be within the range of this drone and have no images transmitted back and they’re low quality images, anyways and you’re – probably not going to get this kind of range because we had trouble controlling it. 50 feet away flight time 26 to 28 minutes per battery. It comes with two batteries, it says charge. Time. 180 minutes seems kind of long, but yeah. I don’t know – and i don’t think you’re going to get this kind of flight time out of these batteries. What i like about it? Well, the price was right, but it was just garbage.

This came with its own little propeller guards that was neat came with a really cool case came with spare propellers everything. Does these days it looks like a dji knockoff. It looks like it’s, a mini it’s, not also the way, the arms fold you can bump into something, and it will fold an arm in. We found that so really this is just junk don’t buy it. This was a waste of almost 200 spend another 200 or another 100, and so and you’ll be up in the dji quality and you know i’m, not a fan of dji. We talked about that. You know the where the servers are and who looks at the servers in that country where everything goes to yeah. We don’t need to talk about that, but they make a quality product and this might look like it, but this is no quality product. This actually deserves to be in the dumpster and we try to fly at the dumpster and we couldn’t even get it in the dumpster. So yes, this video, we just said look, we are done with it. We let a couple of people fly. It think that was horrible. I mean horrible you’re talking about you’re 20 feet away from this thing, and you don’t feel that you have control it’s, not very responsive to the point that you’re afraid at any minute, it’s going to take off and go its own way because it does start going. Its own way and you’re losing signal, and it just keeps doing it safe, oh it’s, horrible.

We need to get rid of this drone before we do some real damage with it and i’m telling you. The drone is hard to control that’s, just horrible, but the video quality is so bad. The sensor is so small. It is just absolute junk if you don’t, believe me type it in and go on youtube and take a look at the quality of the crap videos that come out of this drone, and if you want a drone for videoing, this is not it i’ll leave you With this, this is what we think of this drone. This is all it’s good for and good thing.