However, if you want the most durable drone built from the most rugged materials, then you definitely should try. The syma x5 it’s very easy to fly and it has plenty of availability for spare parts from the manufacturer, considering its price there’s, virtually no caveat for this excellent drone. First off i want to talk about the exceptional build quality of the cyma x5. It has a pretty bulky body a wide and thick construction that looks like it carries a lot of weight, but to everyone’s surprise the drone was light and very maneuverable in the air. Furthermore, this drone features a great pair of landing skids that protect your drone from getting damaged from rough landings, which will happen on top of that. It has landing gear on the sides of each propeller and the excellent prop guards. Overall, i can comfortably say that the manufacturer has put effort into making this drone as durable as it can be. Thanks to the six axis gyro direction. Stabilizer, the cymer x5 is one of the easiest drones to fly. It keeps the drone balanced in the air, and its body keeps it stable, even in windy conditions. The controller provides you with one of the best flying experiences you can get and you won’t have a big learning curve, as it’s very intuitive and with a hundred meter range you won’t have to worry about losing it. The flight time of this drone is about eight minutes in total, but it was a little disappointing considering the 500 mah battery plus it takes about 100 minutes to charge from drained, but if you take the price into consideration, it’s still pretty good.