Syma X25 Pro GPS Camera Drone Review Pt 1 Range Testing

This new Syma GPS drone is a secure flier permitting straightforward lengthy vary FPV exploration for brand spanking new fliers. This video demonstrates its vary functionality. Half 2 will …


  1. If you're having troubles connecting it to an Android phone. Use an iPhone (I'm not an iPhone guy) but it seemed to work a hell of a lot better on my old iPhone than on my Android phone!!

  2. perfect drone the Syma x25pro

  3. Syma W1 quad seems interesting

  4. a question the syma x8 pro gps, it is supposed that the gps interface should also serve but I do not see that interface that appeared to you, I see another one that is like a remote control ….

  5. all the features on the app work , but you need to have google maps loaded , also if you install the app from the app store it's in english and tells you to connect to maps , once youve done that the follow me , circle point of interest and set a course feature works perfectly

  6. Is there any other budget quadcopter that the camera points down? I like this one, but can't find any aftermarket batteries which puts me off..

  7. Great video but I have a question

    How do you know how when the controller batteries are getting low ?
    What happens if controller batteries start to die in flight ?


  8. syma ffs please start using brushless when u gonna listen to us?

  9. willinggood product,it is very stable drone to fly.

  10. awesome ! mine shipped today I also have the x8w fun cheap drones cant go wrong with that

  11. Hiya mate, love the video (and the shirt, lol)…I'm debating getting either this or the H502E (the cheaper version, without FPS). I think this one is the winner, since it does have FPS, so I know what I'm looking at. Really great video, thank you.

  12. First off I'd like to say I love watching your channel,very informative and honest reviews.if and when I buy a new drone I always check your reviews first.keep up the good work bud.

  13. Would you please tell me were in could purchase one I would appreciate it please leave me the information thank you Michaelholden1960@gmail.com please let me no thank you again michaelholden1960@gmail.com said that out of North Carolina

  14. A brushed GPS drone just doesn't seem to do it for me. The price point will probably attract enough people I suppose

  15. Hopefully it's not as horrible as the syma x8pro gps

  16. Hi, I am completely new in this world of flying drones. I bought a Kendior X8SW (same Syma model name) because wanted a cheap quadcopter to learn to fly. But it is a piece of crap. There's no stability on it and I discharge all the battery trying to make it flying still. I am so frustrated. I liked this syma x25pro and I found it cheap. Do you recomended it or there's a better drone with gps and extra functions for $100~$120?

  17. I think I saw some jello in the video, LOL. Another overpriced and underwhelming effort from Syma.

  18. Quadcopter 101 what would you prefer Visuo xs809 hw or thy ty-t6 phantasm in terms ofStability Camera quality BeginnerAltitude hold

  19. Syma,slowly stumbling ahead with not so great products,very unfortunate as Syma were my first quadcopters and I really enjoyed them:)

  20. A redesigned Syma x5c with brushless motors and a Betaflight capable flight controller would be awesome 😎

  21. This looks like a good beginners quad. Most Syma drones have looked and performed quite lackluster recently, but considering what you get in this one (GPS, Return to Home, pitch-controlled camera), this may be a possible return to form. Hopefully the follow me functions work to at least a good degree 🙂

  22. Don't know if you noticed when you where trying the follow me mode that the bottom numbers where green but top number was red. Do you think it needs to be at a minimum distance.
    Find all your vids helpful.

  23. This one not bad. Looks like it can be pretty steady when still. I would have like to seen about a 100m high aerial shot.

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