Now this is a really good basic drone for beginners, since you can get one for around 57 us dollars, and it has a camera over here in the front and it can be controlled by the app first lets. Take a look at the drone. Now i had this drone for a few years and i actually lost some of these chrome pieces. So, on top of these two propellers theyre supposed to be this chrome decoration piece but doesnt affect the performance anyway, and if you buy one brand new, it will come with some extra propellers. So, on the top we have the power button over here then the sima x13w. So it says the model then, on the front theres, this camera its just high definition camera, but this camera isnt super clear and thats reasonable, since at a very low price at the bottom we have some sort of sensor, probably to measure the height and then the Battery compartment, so the battery is over here. This is what it looks like you can just push it in here to install it and it easily snaps into place to remove it. Just push this button and pull it out like that, and then the charger connects to the battery like this. Now you can easily charge it using a usb adapter or connect it to your computer. So lets install the battery heres, the remote, and it also comes with this phone mount. So if you want to use your phone, you can clip it here, so you dont have to hold it now.

The app is compatible with phones and tablets. So if youre using a tablet, you can actually remove this so that it will not get in the way now just to clarify. You can actually fly this drone without a smart device, but then you wont be able to record videos or view the live stream. So if you just want to practice, then you can just leave the remote like this now actually flew a lot of more expensive drones like the dji mavic 2 pro, and this remote control feels really high quality. Even if its made of plastic, the controls are really good, so you can click these buttons for different speed modes and functions and they have a nice click to them. So you can really get nice precise controls and there are also a few buttons on the top for different functions. You can also check out the manual to figure out what those functions do im gon na give you a quick demo of how the app works. Then im gon na show you some footage filmed on this drone, so lets install the app see my go plus, and this works on android and iphone. So previously i was using iphone before i switched to android and the app worked perfectly fine. I was also able to use it on the apple ipad, so see my go plus. Allow start now youll need to connect your drone using wi, fi, okay, fpb wi fi, so im now connected to my drone and then im going to go to see my go plus and i have a live feed.

So let me point it over there and get this plan and we now have a live view from the camera. So take a look. If i point the drone at this plant, youll see it over here. Im gon na attach this to the remote and pair the remote so to better mode. You just turn it on push this up and down. So there are a few other options here. Are the on screen controls power button, take off land, video and photo. You can also hide these so wheres the button. I think this button there we go and i have a full screen experience. So, when youre flying a drone, it will look like this and youll be able to see a live view pretty good. One of my favorite features about this drone is the app control, since this remote is pretty big. If you go on a vacation somewhere and you dont want to carry this remote and you can actually just use your phone to control the drone and that makes it really simple to fly, whoops fail Music. So we take a look at the app control its exactly like the remote, except that we now have digital joysticks and a few of the buttons are relocated over here. So this is the up down, throttle im actually going to use the remote instead, so that it doesnt fly off. So this is how you go upward down and then rotate the drone left and right by rotate like this and then to move.

This is forward backward left and right, so thatll make the zone go forward, backward left and right, and just like that, its really simple to fly the drone so for beginners. I think youll really enjoy this, so you can learn how to fly a drone, and if you already have the experience, then you can buy a more expensive drone and you wont be scared to crash it. Since you already know to fly it, which is really cool. Now, im gon na show you some footage filmed on this drone. So one of the downsides of this drone is the camera isnt super amazing or clear. So just keep that in mind, so your expectations, arent too high and if youre looking for a really good drone for taking photos and videos, then theres a lot of more expensive options. But this drone is mainly for beginners now heres. Some footage. I filmed in a beach in the philippines lets press play, so it was pretty windy thats why the drone is shaky Music, so heres what the picture quality looks like and the pictures look exactly like the video quality so lets zoom in thats the cloud you can Expect and another picture, but at least you can take pictures since you can actually still post this your social media networks, if you post on the facebook it gets compressed anyway, so the quality is good enough for that, hopefully enjoyed watching my review now. Id recommend buying this drone if youre an average consumer whos looking for a beginner drone on a budget now dont buy this if youre looking for the photo and video quality just buy this to get into the world of drones and practice flying and in the future, You can invest in a better drone when you already know how to fly one, so please like and subscribe for more and it helps with my channel.