So i i just want to show you the box and the components uh inside. The other footage is outside obviously and it’s a nice little drone it’s, pretty tough i’ve crashed it a few times, uh, not real good at flying it yet, hopefully i’ll get there. I have to replaceable batteries uh, we have those back here and it does come with a stand. Uh a charging stand and it works very well. They have two batteries and, if you’re, seeing any of my uh silver bank uh total charge battery pack, videos uh these batteries are charged right up with those uh no problem, so uh check those out too and uh. Thanks for looking in and enjoying the footage and uh, please like share comment, subscribe share it out with your friends. We try to grow the channel and we sure would love your help so enjoy the footage. Hey. Everybody. Welcome to blue hand, review we’re out here at city park and uh we’ve got a new out of the test and it’s uh a drone good look at. It comes with the controller, of course, and you can download an app and use your phone to control it and see live video. It does have a video cam on it, as you can see and uh it takes a little. Oh also. It has two battery chargers. Usb, i generally hook it into my laptop and uh charges. It right up i’m, even using a solar charger to charge the batteries out in the middle.

So what i can tell you about it is you need to Music. Read the booklet really got to read the booklet and understand uh. I think i had pretty pretty good comprehension level when i read, and it was still a little complicated for me and i’m by no means an expert yet uh not as close uh not or available, and you need to determine what is front. What is back from my experience so far, i’m, not really seeing a heck of a lot of difference, because it does rotate down the window blow it around just a little bit but that’s your headless function or your head function. Um also, the main thing and very, very important to be able to control this in any way, shape or form is to get it set as level got a level you got to do that every time. Otherwise, you just have no control of it whatsoever. It’S, a pretty nice little unit or small i’ll, put some details in down below and you can look at those but uh let’s get a little test run. Uh, hopefully we’ll be able to capture this on video Music. All right everybody! I just thought i’d, give you a little closer view of it: uh Music. You can kind of control it. Hopefully, Music, Music and the battery died. The only thing about that is you get about five to seven minutes of flight time and when you’re learning like i am you you’re gon na, have to charge the battery up a lot really fun and uh.

It seems to be pretty well made. It’S responsive uh. It will go up high enough uh. I would recommend this as a beginning. Uh type of drone, where you don’t want to put a big uh amount of investment into it uh, but it does work good it’s by sema. I don’t know if i’m saying that right, but it’s seymour alzheimer symme, and you know i would recommend this as a starter drone. You don’t want to sink hundreds or even thousands of dollars into something and – and i have some basic skill so yeah. I think it’s worth that uh it’s got replaceable blades and a little screwdriver to help you Music get the back cover off and you know it’s got everything you need, but the batteries that are small like this and you know, it’s not going to hold a lot Of change but it’s, a small drone if we weight it down if it was any bigger or a lot bigger it, just probably wouldn’t fly too well, but anyways. Thanks for looking in everybody support our channel uh we’ve got other new products to bring to you. We got a solar charger roundup coming at you. If you haven’t seen it look for it uh, i think you’ll like it. I think it’ll be informative. Thanks again, everybody please like comment, share and subscribe. Thank you.