So today we are going to be checking out this sema x21, pretty excited to check this guy out and fly this uh, as some of you guys know, thats been following me for a minute. Some of you guys may know that i am uh. I am a huge sema fan. I think sema makes some of the best beginner quads out there uh. So i think this should be no different. This is the x21. Now, usually you guys know. I usually do a table review inside and a quick first look, but i figured hey with this is a smaller quadcopter. Everything is pretty much simple with this guys, not a whole lot to it. We did the unboxing right out here and get this guy up in the air you guys now. It says it has flashing, led lights, 2.4, gigahertz frequency, flips and stunts six axis gyroscope barometer set height. That just means altitude hold you guys. One key take off and landing in headless mode. Okay, here is the transmitter, its really cool, that it has everything already on a box label for you guys so thats, pretty cool, so its that real cool slick, looking transmitter from cinema. This is the x 21. You guys – and this is rated for ages – eight plus now i did get this guy on amazon. I think i got it on a deal for like 35 bucks. It said that the original price was like 69 dollars, so i thought was a little bit steep for this size of a quad but hey his sema.

You know, seamless, usually, is pretty reliable, especially for beginners. This transmitter uses four double a batteries and its a 3.73 3.7 volt lipo 380 milliamp hour battery. You guys, so i think we probably get about six minutes of flight with this guy. Now they have a white one on the box, but check this out. Im gon na show you some mines, just green. You guys mines, just green uh, yeah man, so um yeah lets go ahead and just check this guy out. As you can see, it has like some warnings and stuff. Actually, i need to go get me some snips or something get my scissors and snips. I didnt bring my snips with me, so i can uh snip these little ones off whatever these are these, like other some little warnings or whatever, so i had to snip these off, but our batter look at it its green. Now. These prop guards are pretty much built in. So if you want to get these off youre going to probably have to just snip these guys off, you can get like some little snips snip them off, but yeah man, the x21 sema check it out. Now they do have a camera version of this one. This one is not the camera version. This is just the you fly it. This is the uh beginners flyer quadcopter, you guys so check it out. It has a light. There were in the camera version. It will actually have a camera inside there.

Here is our battery bay. Here you guys and its got a little latch where you just pull it down, and then you can access the battery there. So there it is and theres that 3.7 volt 380 and it has a goofy. Looking like um looks like a jst but its not a jst, actually its, like some a proprietary style connection that sema is using there, so thats, not ideal, but hey. It is what it is as long as it flies well and it works im, not tripping at all, to say the least. You know what im saying not tripping at all so yeah its a good little proprietary connection. At first, i thought it was a jst. I was excited and then i got to really looking at it and i seen the charger i was like yeah. I dont think so, but uh well see what it is, go ahead and connect that really quickly and it does have an on and off switch. At least on top i love when they put the on and off switches on the quadcopters id rather have on and off switch than not you know. Now i have to figure out how to get this bunch back up in here, so i can shut this guy up, get that guy all bunched in there thats what else there we go so there it is theres the quadcopter you guys green and white. Looking pretty good give me a minute, i will get those little tabs up off there.

So underneath the box, we have our charger, we have a phillips screwdriver. We have a full set of extra propellers, you guys and thats it for that and then, like i said, theres, not a whole lot in this box, and then you have the transmitter here. You guys youre gon na need four double a batteries, and you have push in for your rates two rates. It has beginner and expert rate by clicking in and then you press in and hold for a few seconds in your headless mode. Then, if you need to trim the quadcopter notice, theres no trim buttons on the face of this quadcopter im gon na face it as a transmitter. So if you need to trim it if it was drifting, a certain way, you actually just press in on this one and then you would trim it the way you wanted to trim. These would be your photo and video buttons on the camera version. This is the non camera version, and this is your automatic takeoff and lan button here, and then you got your 360 flips right here. You guys so thats, pretty simple. With this guy, like i said, really smooth fast, quick unboxing with the sema x21. You guys so give me a quick moment and im gon na get these little tabs up off of here. Well go for a quick flight ill be right back all right! We are back you guys. So what im gon na do is turn on the quadcopter got flashing lights, red flashing lights in the front green in the rear turn on the remote lets do up down that binds us lights, went solid.

You guys lets do a level calibration both joysticks down and to the left lights. Flash that calibrated it so yeah uh. Now that calibrated, mostly joysticks down to the right calibrated it as well so um lets try this automatic takeoff that works so by default, were gon na be in a beginner rate. I want to see the altitude hold on this guy, its kind of breezy look at that super docile and his first rate yeah im going to have to kick it up to the expert rate, wasnt, really no pitch on the expert right now. I know i charged this battery and its already flashing, you guys so and thats due to the code. It is super cold out here and it did take me a minute to get everything set up, but i did fully charge this battery last night. So were not going to be able to get any flips here, but at least since we got it out here straight out of the box, we will be able to fly it here for a second, since we got it out here – and i got you guys out Here, for a minute now, you guys know i will follow up with it to get an actual, accurate flight time with it. So well just well just call this an unboxing and first look at it real, quick straight out of the box, but i did charge this battery last night, like i said, being out here for a minute and the code and everything tuckered it out but see.

This is first rate, super docile thats full of pitch in the first ray here. So look at that thats going into the wind trying to fight this wind coming from behind me. This is the higher rate, so it can fight it a little better. I love the green and white on it. Definitely look at that. Look at that. Look at that yeah definitely going to charge this guy up so stay tuned subscribe. You want to see the actual full flight demo, so i apologize you guys, like i said. I did fully charge this guy last night, but its super duper cold. My my fingertips are already freezing, so maybe its a good thing to say this thing aint fully charged because ive been up froze my fingertips out by the time this thing tuckered out its fighting good, though first impressions, its flying good, definitely super duper cool, looking, futuristic. Looking the x 21 guy sema batman, its quick in this in this expert rate. Look at that zippy! You know. Oh yeah, wait till i get this thing fully charged man im coming out for the you dig dude. You already know how im coming you already know how im rocking your boy, droves and dogs baby. You know im coming man yeah. This thing is flying great Music, see my god and im im, not surprised at all. This is sema mandy. This is what i expect from him: a nice good, beginner, quad, thats gon na fly great.

Oh god, my fingers are freezing you guys, Applause, it Music, all right, im going to land this guy guys. So this is a quick out of the box, unboxing and first impressions of this sema x21. You guys im gon na hit this lamb button, because i dont want to kill this battery too bad automatic land button. It should start coming down, it should cut there. It is there you go there, you go buddy check it out. The sema x21 stay tuned for a follow up actual flight of this guy uh its gon na be good. I already know what it is. Your boy drones and dogs catch.