SwellPro SPRY Waterproof Race Drone Review – Part 1 – Unboxing, Inspection & Setup

Take pleasure in half 1 of my SwellPro SPRY Waterproof Race Drone Evaluation with Unboxing, Inspection & Setup! SPRY HERE https://goo.gl/2oeb5x Drone Touchdown Pad …


  1. So this is only 1 axis ?

  2. I need this.
    How can i get?

  3. Nice but I would like to see a few more reviews and test before I purchase one.

  4. Перевод пожалуйста 🌋

  5. not a miniquad big and heavyy

  6. It’s not a race drone. Stop saying that.

  7. I like orange colour. Is so nice visible. Will see how this waterproof race drone will preform. Always nice so see somethin different. (Y)

  8. does it bother anyone else that he didn't fix the silicone on the right stick?

    other than that great job 🙂

  9. I'd rather get the swellpro splash drone 3. This drone is nice, but it doesn't have stabilization.

  10. Great drone 4k😉👍💰🇵🇹

  11. Really smart looking drone Dustin and so much on offer. Like it. Wished the big drone manufacturers would make a water proof drone. Anyway with this one doesn't matter what the weather is!. Great review and as always buddy, look forward to your big tests. Cheers. 🙂

  12. Hello, thanks a lot for the review.
    Do you know how much this drone can carry (for fishing)?

  13. sry to say, but you have got some serious misinformation, its not like the entire thing is dying because antenna or motor gets water on it. water is not leading enough electricity to short circuits in much larger things than microchips. that is why the old nokiaphones were so wateresistant, the circuits are not small enough

  14. You should give away one of these!!

  15. My Samsung S8 Active is sold as water and dustproof. What's funny is the warranty doesn't cover damage caused by water or dust. If something is advertised as proof this or that the warranty should reflect that also. A wonder what the fine print says on that drones warranty. I also found there are no manufacturing defects with cell phones only the buyers incompetence.

  16. Thanx for sharing….Looking forward to the flight test bud….👍🇭🇲

  17. This is so cool, can't wait to see your real world test flight..!

  18. I’m happy to see stuff like this. I’ve been wanting to get a drone for awhile. But due to me and my wife struggling it’s a pain. We can’t afford something like this or a DJI it’s upsetting. Anyways great vid.

  19. Great video Dustin, I'm tempted in getting one of these but I'm a bit wary of putting money into Kickstarter products in case they fail. Have you had any experience with these types of products and do you know if there is any risks involved in funding these?

  20. Awesome drone. I will keep an eye on it and looking forward to the outdoor tests 👌

  21. I wanna see you fly this in the rain and get some cool footage!! You have lots of low lying clouds a lot there. Was wondering if you could do a vid with the Mavic above the clouds? Or maybe go up the mountain/volcano? 👍👍

  22. i cant wait for running video. they had videos of people flying the drone while in the water swimming with the controller .

  23. So far looks like a nice drone buddy. @$769.00 I like that there is a screen in the remote 🙂
    I remember your reply to me from before, it is true you are digging in your own pocket to buy these drones so you can review it on your channel??? Can I ask you if at least YouTube is paying you something that helps?

  24. Great review Dustin cant wait for the next few video's thanks, I think pokey wants out or to eat

  25. Oh boy more toys to spend money on 😑

  26. Dustin Dunnill: Aloha! Good video!

  27. Really nice looking. Looking forward to the water test. Thanks Dustin. 👍👍

  28. OK,, why are they so cheap? I mean inexpensive?
    I remember back when you had the other SwellPro's I looked and it was like $3000.00.. but this one is less than $800.00?

  29. Wow😱 can’t wait for the pool and ocean testing👍🏻

  30. I knew you would get this one, this thing is awesome. Thanks Dustin

  31. Excellent review Dustin. Look forward to the next instalments 👍

  32. Very interesting ,good first look !.

  33. Very interesting ,good first look !.

  34. Been waiting for you to get your hands on this………. eagerly waiting for part 2 😀😀😀

  35. Dustin
    Would be possible to attach a Clover leak antenna to the WiFi transmitter on a MJX Bugs B2w. All the range test on the WiFi signal is low compared to how the quad will fly. Maybe you could do a video on it, I’m sure a lot of you viewers own the Bugs B2w and would be interested.

  36. Sweet, now the racing leagues can set up steeplechase-style courses, with water hazards and all !!

  37. Wow this is nice. Cant wait for the water test and video. Great Stuff.

  38. Nice review, but this is NOT a race drone. Even a mavic pro is faster

  39. Nice looking quad. I think I'd call that splash proof not waterproof. What level of water protection do they quote?
    I like the orange shell though. You could spot it from some way off. Neat!

  40. The cat said you are too busy with too many good drones. Wait for the flight! Cheers!

  41. What a pain to use 2 separate controllers, and you cannot change anything in the controller? Really? In this age of tech. Ok it’s waterproof so what? Not sure where this fits in the community. Maybe racing in the rain?

  42. Looking good so far. At last we can actually fly in the rain or the spray.

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