This morning were trying out the SwellPro Spry drone.. These drones and their remotes are waterproof and theyre really easy to use.. Now these drones are a lot smaller than the SplashDrone 4 and SwellPro FD1 drones, so their payload is quite a bit less than the AEE Condor SwellPro FD1 and SD4 drones.. These are recommended for two or three hooks.. So to turn it on you press and hold the power button on the remote same on the drone. Once youve done that the remote will say initializing. That means that its communicating between the drone and the remote. Once youve done that then youre going to be calibrating. It. To calibrate it, you just toggle the right hand, switch up and down until the screen says to calibrate.. Now, at this point, all you have to do is read the display on the remote its actually telling you what to do.. So its rotating clockwise on the horizontal plane once youve done that enough itll say to do it vertically, with the nose down so thats what Jamies doing here. Vertical calibration clockwise nose down.. Now the remotes just saying initializing again, so its just inputting that data and then youll be ready to fly.. So the Spry drones have a tension release. They come with the SwellPro Troll Safe clip.. Now one thing we did find with these drones is that they do sit very low to the ground, so you have to be careful that the release clip doesnt actually get any sand or grit in it, which happened to us this day.

So we had to clean it out a few times before we actually managed to get it to fly and keep a line in in. Being so low to the ground, helps their stability when theyre landing so its worth. Just keeping in mind that you will have to clean that release mechanism out place to have a bottle of water or something on you just to rinse it out. If you need to or make sure you use a landing pad. Now Jamies going to show us how to start the drum Okay. So what Im going to do is start it up by pushing the levers inwards like that and stop it like that., So left lever is your up and down and side to side right lever is forwards and backwards, as well as turning the drone.. Now this day were actually using the performance props on the Spry, they come with two blade: props weve got our three blade props on they give you a bit of extra lift, but they do drain the battery a bit faster. So you have to be mindful of that, if youre using these props., So you would have seen there to return at home, you just flick the return to home switch top left of the remote there to set the hooks. All you have to do is flick. Your bail arm over tension comes on hooks drop out of the release, clip easy as that, when its returning home it does.

Everything automatically were not doing anything special here, just letting it land itself. So these drones come standard with a 4k camera that can record 30 frames per second, so pretty good little camera on these.. They dont have any gimbal on them, so you do have to be mindful of that when youre flying it. If you want to get a stable shot, you do have to be very smooth on your controls.. There we go landed, turns itself off you. Dont have to do anything else there, as youve, probably seen in our other videos. We like to test the waterproofness of these drones, so here were going to take it up, take it for a swim and just make sure that it does what it says on the box so that doesnt seem to be causing it. Any strife so well have a look from the drones perspective. Unfortunately, we dont have any SD card in the drone, so well just have to see it on the remote so that all went well so now were just going to throw it in and see if it takes off from water from not being going to start with. So here we go so no issues. There now lets see that again from the drawings perspective, nice joshua joined us for the morning playing school holidays, his first time drone fishing and he gets to wind in a couple of little snapper This snapper is about 35 centimetres caught on the Target.

Snapper Hooks., All of our drone rigs come with Target Snapper Hooks youll see the little wire appendage on the back there.. These hooks are scientifically proven to catch more legal size, less undersized snapper. And our Inline Swivel Clips with the swivel built on to the clip reduce tangles.. These come standard on all of our rigs.. That snapper was nice and happy when we brought him in. So we thought wed, let him go home again there. He goes Now Joshuas bringing in our second line, and we only set two lines to stay. Just wanted to do a quick trip before work. It was sort of our first real time playing around with the Spry drone, so there is something fighting on the end of this line feels like another little snapper, but well see so weve just stopped winding were going to let this paddle boarder pass. We dont want him to get tangled up in our line. Youll, see Jamies over there still playing around in the water with the Spry drone. Pretty awesome little drone. So hopefully well be doing demos with these ones soon so subscribe to our newsletter and youll get to come along and see these for yourself and have a play with one for yourself if youre game enough As an all around filming and fishing Drone theyre theyre a pretty good idea, just bear in mind that they dont have a huge payload so really only designed for running two or three hooks to a maximum of 800 meters Joshua.

I can see it Joshua. It feels like it is lively, feel it swimming back out, Yep, so another little snapper. This one was about 31 32 centimetres, so still legal, but not really big enough for a meal. So well put this one back. Too. Again lip hooked on the Target. Snapper Hooks. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to see more videos. We get out all over the place with all different types of drones.