. This is the new one from swell pro everybodys been waiting for. As you know, i live in, hawaii were going to be doing full on flight tests, dunking it in the salt water here off the shore doing fishing doing range tests all kinds of stuff so anyway, lets get into it. With the initial video of the splash drone 4. lets, do it Music? Okay, guys, you may be wondering what this small box is on top now this is an optional camera. Gimbal you can get which has led lighting high intensity lighting for fishing, so were going to open this up after we explore the actual splash drone 4. So this is going to be the first time im looking at it and its going to be with you guys. So lets do it just kind of in this uh pressurized injected molded foam case kind of like what the phantom uh four drones used to come with heres the handle that kind of pulls out kind of like not really spring loaded but similar to some other cases. It does kind of have this film if you did want to take this off im, not going to take it off, but its got like this protective kind of plastic film on here. If you wanted to take it off and have a nice and shiny soil pro plastic logo, you can do that here. We go lets open this up its a little bit tight lets pop it and there it is wow a little bit of a circular little thing in the top of the case kind of showing you what all comes in the case.

But we want to see whats in here and look at this, so man i am so excited. I got two batteries, so these are those batteries guys. These are the ones that are just gon na slide right in to the outside. You dont have to take this thing off anymore. Remember from the beginning, all up until the splash drone 4 – this one here you had to unscrew the top compartment open it, and then you had to take in and out your battery as soon as you plugged on your battery. It would power on. Let me take all those things around the drone first and then well bust into the actual splash drone 4.. So heres, the controller now remember the splashdrone series didnt have any waterproof controllers, but now this one is waterproof kind of like the spry. Remember the spry one and two they had those controllers. You could just throw in the water if you got them wet no problem now, theyre, making the splash drone waterproof as well so thats very exciting its got all these buttons all around it. For all these different kinds of modes, you can see how everything is rubberized and waterproof nice, big clamp on top, which were going to break into as soon as we get into all this other stuff bag of some extra screws. So i definitely dont want to lose those screws over on the left. Side looks like our drop mechanism cool.

It looks like this. One is gon na have a separate area to put the drop mechanism in you see how that thing works its just like a waterproof servo and by a switch it will allow you to drop things now. These guys are known to carry like two pounds. So if youre like a lua fishing or big game fishing, you can carry a rig thats up to like two pounds out there. The connectors are quite different. Now you see how theyre gon na screw on to the bottom, so hopefully that made them even more waterproof than before some more screws and a little bit of o rings on the left side. There lets just take out these two batteries. While we got this thing open before we get to the drone, these are massive batteries man. I hope we have a lot of flight time with this one. We have to take out these little side stoppers. First, these little foam inserts little trays that can hold other stuff in there, so thats pretty cool little compartment trays cool. I see propellers and a power plug down there. Now we should be able to just pop this guy out, okay guys. So what did they throw? In here for me, i think they threw in an extra set of propellers, so these are the same looking carbon fiber from the splashdrone 3 and 3 plus they had the new twist lock propellers. So these look like the same kind of propellers soil pros really good.

At actually providing a really solid instruction book with their drones so definitely be going over this to make sure you know how to use the whole thing which ill be showing you throughout this series of videos. So maybe you wont even have to read this. A little kind of spacer here looks like this. Has some sticky tape on it so move things around and protect things in the case, as you see fit, wow theres, just all sorts of kind of little doohickeys and doodads that they really kind of tetrised in here looks like they got the usb cables in this Little box here that we had to take out that ones got kind of like the power adapter on the front to usb and the little micro usb, so one of those little older style, the d style micros to usb there digging deeper im seeing uh. This looks like the gimbal were going to open that in just a second. I just want to get everything out of the box last set of items are our wall plug here, and this looks like a mac daddy battery charger, its a little bit of a protective film on it. Oh there we go so we have a usb in the plug as well. So it looks like you can charge your controller while your drone is charging and there is the battery connector. So it looks like initially just one battery at a time we can charge with what they give us in the box, so im just looking for anything im missing.

Nothing else whatsoever lets get this box off the table and look at this drone. So definitely a really sturdy. Carrying case i mean thats like what you need when youre kind of going out and about and doing all of your adventures. You need a solid drone case. Okay, so yes, dont worry. We are going to be looking in these two boxes. To check out the gimbal cameras we got with this drone, but man look at this thing, so we got the same kind of motor setup. You see waterproof motors over here. Of course, these are waterproof, but just like with any motors and that have copper in them and stuff theyre coated, but you always want to wash them off with fresh water and then fly the thing again just to make sure they completely dry out blow drying them. If you cant fly just get all that water residue out of there, even the fresh water after youre done, what i was wondering about is how theyre using their barometer on this. Remember the other splash drones. They all had a kind of a waterproof, breathable membrane kind of a barometric membrane so that it could um know the altitude a little bit better. So i think what these guys are doing is theyre making like a cover here, which you can actually just pull off. Lets see if that works cool, so its just like a press on cover and then thats our little barometric membrane, so thats going to basically allow the air pressure to kind of be variable with inside the drone without letting water inside, so that it can actually be More accurate on its altitude hold so really kind of liking that they protected it, because i remember on the old ones.

It was just kind of open and you know dirt dust. Your hands could get on it to really scuff that thing up. So now they have. This great little theory of just putting on this little protective cover so that nothing can really touch it, but it can actually breathe through these little holes on the sides. Theres a high intensity led light on the very top weve got this whole new battery door system. So a twist lock here and if we look at it here, its got a button here with little light compartments on the front. So we can see theres a little hinge here kind of like a action, cam little latch here, very cool, so its a dual lock pop this up, pull it out. Look at that, so a full on hinge to prevent us from accidentally, unlocking it and getting water in this area, so this is definitely going to be sealed, so they dont want water to get in here because you can see back in there. This is open to the electronics inside, so youre not going to want to get any water in here and thats. Why they have this full on rubber seal all the way around. At least you can change your battery quickly without having to open the top. That was a real hassle, but just really have to be careful not to get any water in here and thats. Why they have this thing all sealed up, so these are just pass through buttons and pass through little light displays here.

Once you put the battery in lets, do that real, quick? As you can see, we have the battery connectors on the very bottom inside those copper. Looking things were going to take our battery, and while we have it here, lets just see how big the battery is. So were looking at a match charge of 16.88, so this is a 4s nominal 14.8 rated capacity, 6600 mah wow, so their biggest battery, yet guys, i think their other ones were in the 5 000 area. So this is a big old battery. It does have a little micro, uh, usb port there, so im, not sure exactly what that is, but possibly to access the firmware or maybe possibly even a slow charge. It with a usb were going to have to find all that out. So lets try to put this thing inside. Just remember that we need the battery connectors on the bottom and lets give it a slide in and lets see how this works so im feeling it yeah. So you can kind of feel that thing kind of notch. In so you dont want to push it to notch it in, and then our door definitely really important to make sure theres, no dirt or dust or sand around the seal. There is a black seal around the very bottom here. We want to really make sure theres. No debris on there and that just kind of can close pop the battery over clip it shut.

So we know that that thing is solid and then one more thing we got to do is turn this knob. So as long as that, arrow is pointing towards you towards the battery bay youre good to go pressing it once cool. So we have an instantaneous state of charge. Here, looks like its about 60, probably charged for ship for shipping. So look what theyve done to the antennas now this is fantastic. This is definitely going to be waterproof between the inside of the drone and the antenna. Of course, you can see the antenna coming through the connector there, so its really going to be important that they waterproofed all that, but look at what theyve done here theyve chose to do kind of a universal antenna mounting system. So i remember in my past reviews. I complained about since the nipple of the antenna was on the bottom: only video and control in certain situations where you were landing in the water. If you plan to land in water and look under the water with the camera, since the antennas were only in one orientation, it was hard to get the best of both worlds. But now they allow you to do that. So one of these antennas is going to be for the video transmission and one should be for um the control transmission, and not only does it rotate, but you can also lock it down in any orientation. You want so say you want it in the top screw.

This thing down and look at that it stays on the top and it will not move as long as this little collar here is screwed down. You want it on the bottom, unscrew it screw it in. It looks like on the bottom, though it kind of has this notch that keeps it out a little bit or look at this. You want it to be sideways, only lock it down sideways and you have a sideways antenna. Ive been wanting them to do this from the splash drone 2 and it looks like theyve possibly listened to us. Reviewers listened to us guys that really put these things through the test and have made the changes same with the other side. You can put it on any position you want. You can have one out the side. You can have one out the top now this one does have an automatic flip over mechanism where, if you do for some reason a swell hits it, and this thing goes underneath the water. There is a sequence where it will flip itself back up, so were going to be testing all that the legs look just about the same, maybe a little bit of a change. They made the joints a little bit. Sturdier, the old ones were a little bit more flimsy, and that was one of my complaints is after a while. This silicone would crack, but it looks like they made them much more, robust and thicker, even though they still are like a three piece joint system doohickey here on the back of the bottom of the bottom left leg.

This is actually a compass sensor, so apparently you dont want to really touch this. Take it off. I thought. Maybe it was some kind of apparatus to attach line to or something to clip in there, but dont want to mess with that thats. Just like a compass sensor, so its heading is correct, like on your display on your app and also it knows kind of where its going, where its headed so its like a whole new bottom um. It looks like its magnesium. This part might be plastic, and then this is probably magnesium, and this is interesting too, as we get up into the light pods here. Those are two high intensity led lights in there with kind of a smoked, clear white finished a light pod. It looks like the light is going to shine directly down and then flood out the sides as well out here. This is all plastic. This part believe it or not, is actually metal, so its like a little metal chunk here, aluminum or magnesium, so its like theyre, going with like a whole, all in one kind of flight control linking system, and so these are all waterproof ports. So these are just plugs in there right now. Sdk port payload ports were gon na need to unscrew this to attach our payload, which were going to do with just a second ill. Show you how to do all that and then the gimbal camera port a little something i totally missed here guys if you notice here inside the case on the right, as you open the case, this is a little allen.

Wrench i like went through all the bags, and i was wondering there should be an allen wrench right to like take off and on the little compartments we got to. Unscrew would have been kind of neat if they could put like maybe some yellow tape or like a little red dot or something just because that you notice that when thats in there, it just totally blends in with the case, and you can really easily miss that Its always little things that im kind of mentioning that possibly um drone manufacturers can make a little better. So remember, the controller is supposed to be waterproof, so you can drop this thing in the water, uh salt or fresh water can splash on it. These are the antennas on top. If we open these guys up just basically regular antennas and there are real antennas inside there, you can see that little black uh wire going all the way up inside, so both of them do have the antennas this top toggle switch. Is gps, addi or custom mode and thats just a little tiny toggle switch a three way, switch there and same thing on the top left, but this is saying gear up gear down and auto continuing on to the top on the right side. There is a roller, so a trigger roller thats, underneath this waterproof silicone membrane, but it still turns and then snaps back. You have a picture button there just like a one click same kind of roller on the left side, and then we have a record button here on the left, the one click so thats going to be for recording and taking pictures moving the gimbal up and down.

Possibly left and right were gon na figure that out in the flight test. Of course our sticks, you know very springy – very tough sticks here getting into the clamp. So this is what i was wondering if this could fit like an ipad mini. That would be pretty awesome if it could so lets see if it can theres, just basically a thumb screw. This is all aluminum theres, a thumb screw. We can back that out and you can see how this thing goes basically up and down thats as far out as it can go and it really doesnt look like it can fit a mini. I do have a mini here and lets see if it fits not. Quite man were about an inch shy, so that is a bummer. You know why not just make this thing another inch, because the ipad mini i find is probably the best bet for a bigger screen on any kinds of these drones or submarines. All this stuff that uses like a actual fpv screen and you need some kind of a smart tablet or phone, so thats clamping in there and really tight, just kind of make sure youre not hitting your buttons and stuff, because this one doesnt really have a groove For the buttons so thats going to be kind of how its going to be working for me right now, so there is a little lanyard clip here. So if you have one, they dont provide one in the box.

But if you wanted to put a lanyard theres, where youre going to clip it on there and uh heres a couple buttons on the front, so a bunch of buttons. Actually you can see all these things up and down and the main ones are the power. So thats the power off and on, looks like if were going to hold it to turn it on. If you dont want to use the app or if you just want to quickly check this little screen here, it has all that information. So it looks like just to hold on and then i just click and hold off return to home right here. Weve got follow me function there normal and smooth normal and smooth for these dials. Now, if you remember the splash drone three and three plus they kind of have these dials to adjust the speed like if youre doing, orbits and stuff so its to go faster or slower. This one over here feels like its a lot harder to turn. So maybe slight qc issue there with trying to make this thing waterproof. This is just incredibly hard. I can barely turn it with these two fingers where this one feels like maybe its how it was supposed to be so maybe this one will work loose a little bit and what theyre saying for boat mode is you can actually land the drone on the water Once its on the water, you press this in boat mode and you can kind of drive it like a boat on the water, so i guess they made a specific mode for controlling it kind of interesting.

I remember that you could kind of control it, even though it wasnt didnt have like a boat mode before, but apparently they thought it might be better just to have a designated mode for floating on the water. Payload left payload, right and gimbal mode, and of course i mentioned the screen also does have this little film here protective film. If you want to take that off, you can sometimes its good to leave that stuff on with this kind of controller, where its going to be in different, like environments and water and stuff, like that, one little led light on the bottom front. There flipping the controller over, does have a built in battery its, not saying like where that battery information is on here, but it does have this little pull down. Guy and basically, all that is for is where you plug in to charge it. Okay controller, completed. Lets move on to these two little guys. These are basically the last two things in the box that we havent opened up yet so lets start with one of them and then well go to the other one. So these are what the gimbals come in. The gimbal cameras lets see what this one is. Lets pull this thing out, oh nice. So this is the um. Is this the g g c 3 s roll pitch and yeah? So this is a full on 4k camera lets, go ahead and peel off this little lens protector here, im just going to leave that film on for right now, just in case it seems like theres a little bit of glue stuck on here on the bottom, not Sure what thats from but anyway thats it and then theres the connector theyre, going with this new kind of screw in waterproof connector system a little bit different than those other ports they had remember.

They were kind of those rounder plastic, waterproof ports and thats, where weve got a little micro usb, you know kind of a traditional d, connector the old style, and then it has a memory card slot. So definitely gon na need to remember to put a memory card in there. It looks like theres a little like reset reset dimple remember this is waterproof, so probably a good idea to put some of that like silicone grease on these, like, i always recommend for any water stuff, thats going to go down in the water and then youre really Going to make sure you push this on there really good uh before you go in the water, because if any water gets in there, your camera is basically done one little bag. Actually in the box and uh looks like its just uh to service the camera. Its got a bunch of screws, then it looks like it has an o ring in case your o ring wears out. This is just that drop mechanism, so youre gon na screw it up onto the drone like this, so were gon na be able to put this drop mechanism separately with this high definition. 4K. Three axis camera here, so thats thats a feat in itself. You know you usually didnt get that combo with the other versions, but it looks like we can put all of that on there at once. This time see how that works. The pin, when you flip the switch or hit the drop on the controller uh its just gon na pull that out or push it in so youre gon na be able to drop some big bait out there in the water for some big game fishing.

So anyway, thats the release mechanism lets open the last box lets see if this is what i think it is all right. What do we have here? Guys unbox it wow its really in there take out this first another little uh package with those little screws and an o ring im. Thinking that o ring is just the o ring to uh put it on the mount where it mounts up to the actual drone. Wow, so this is a big old thing, thats empty in that box and lets check this thing out, pull that right off. Yeah! Look at this, so this is the one if youre night fishing youre going to want to get this one. You can see here. How were rolling side to side left and right and then its going to pitch, so you can look down and see where youre dropping your bait and youre going to be all lit up with this high intensity led thats, awesome and, of course, its got a little Piece of film on the camera were going to take that off its not going to stabilize remember its yaw. It cant go left and right this way, so thats going to be possibly a little bit jittery left and right, and then we have our waterproof port with the same sd card slot micro, usb connector and a little reset switch anyway, 1080 with a big old led Light take your o ring and then just put it right over and see how that works.

So thats just sealing that whole thing before you screw it up to the drone. Okay guys! Well, i think its time to connect these cameras, basically youre gon na use. These four screw holes here, one two: three: four and thats: basically gon na coincide to these four screw holes here, one two: three: four and its just gon na slap up right like that, so just grabbing our allen, wrench provided in the package this little port here It says gimbal, camera and thats the one we want to just unscrew pop this little cover off and you see theres the connectors just using a little bit of silicone grease and you can get this guys from any. Your favorite hardware store anything like that. Its called silicone, grease and ive found that anything thats going to be touching the water, its just really good, to use a little dab of this, but it does pick up dirt and dust and sand. A little more right looks like itd, be better to put this in before i put a bolt the whole gimbal up, just because its going to be kind of under the gimbal so seems like its sturdy enough to just kind of hang from the cable a little Bit if you did see my splash drone 3 test man, that gimbal was hanging from that cable for a while after it came loose when i did a dunk test really fast and hard in the water im just going to use the same screws, we took out Also might be a good idea im, seeing here to use a little bit of thread lock on these screws im just going to put one in so that does feel like its got some bite to it and it doesnt feel like its going to really come loose.

If you were kind of wary about that, just go ahead and put a little bit of that blue loctite on the tip of these screws, but uh they do feel like theyre biting in there pretty good okay, so thats done port is attached. Guys were gon na. Have to get our little screw bag and get four new little screws that came with the camera, actually four extra in there. So you have a few extra just in case with each camera. So, as you can see, im just going to be lining this up and screwing these four in wrench. Here the allen wrench its kind of like one of those rounded pivot points, so you can actually angle it in uh. It looks like you need to a little bit and that thing is not going anywhere again. Definitely recommend it. If you feel like you need to put that loctite on there go ahead and do that, but it does feel like theyre biting in enough into that aluminum. That uh theyre not going to come loose anytime soon: okay, fantastic and there we have it guys. You see how that guys all mounted up. Basically, the cable is just really nicely kind of in, like a zigzag z pattern in the back there, not being pinched theres a little bit of space there. I want to take off this little section and put on this payload release mechanism as well, so hopefully itll all fit on there lets see if we can get all this stuff on here at once.

Okay, so for the payload same deal, we just need to take off the door cover. That is to the port, which seems to be already stripping, which is unfortunate, so be really careful. I mean this wrench and these screws do not seem to be very good. Maybe not the best quality tools theyre giving in the package. They may want to assess that if theyre going to put these kinds of tools in there, okay well, so that was really close. I almost stripped this thing to be on being able to take it out. So i got a new set here. This is my um bondis set of allen, wrenches, so thats, probably why they give you a few extra screws, theyre, just not using the best quality metal in these screws and unfortunately thats the case. But you know youre gon na hear the truth here from me: thats just how it goes definitely want to put a good screw back in that spot when we put it back in anyway taking this out, and you can see its the same type of deal here. Silicone grease again on this just so it gets a really good seal, pushing it in note, 2 swell pro maybe include a little bit higher quality wrench in there because it seemed like the wrench was also stripping uh, possibly as much as the screws were so thats. What happens when you have bad quality, metal and kind of bad tolerance in your tools, right, making sure thats all seated and ready to go? And then, last but not least, guys is mounting up the drop mechanism and it looks like he can only go this way with the servo kind of over the port.

Here, if you try to go this way, it just doesnt work. The cable gets stretched too long. So there really is only one way, so basically just lining up the two holes getting two new screws here and securing it down. This sucker is mounted ready to go all right guys so done deal thats what they look like all mounted up. We got a drop mechanism, it is a little bit wiggly, but it is a pretty hardcore bracket and that basically, is maxing out the bottom of this drone. There is no more room for any other peripherals to attach. So if you did want to put the different camera on remember its gon na go in place of this camera here, so you have to switch those out, okay, guys so lets get going with uh booting this thing up getting the app installed on the ipad. I want to say it took about a half hour to 45 minutes to charge both of these things up. You can charge the controller at the same time as one battery the only thing about the battery. It took me a little while to figure this out when you plug it in here. It wont start charging, it just sits there and does nothing. You actually have to do the press press and hold like you would to start the drone up or other drones as well for it to even start charging once you do that it starts charging.

So if youre wondering whats up with that and you have one of these sd fly photo and video gon na go ahead and get it and download this thing swell pro does say that if you wanted to get a clamp that fits your tablet, you can actually Get one from their website: it is kind of unfortunate they dont put one in the box. Apparently they do say that they make one, but you just have to make sure you get that extra. Since this uses, like a wireless, remember 5g only wireless system, so youre going to have a device that supports 5g wi fi connection. So we want the controller on first and then were going to turn on the drone. So click see the lights, come up, click and hold all of them come up flashing on the top that gimbal down below is doing its thing. You see it down there, its actually kind of calibrating itself, and we had that kind of beep tone and everything is ready to go right now, its connecting to the controller really high intensity, strobe light for like night flying if youre night, fishing or whatever already stabilizing Itself, you see that so this is a remember two axis gimbal, so its stabilizing its keeping level when im tilting it forward and also rolling you see how that gimbal is actually staying perfectly level not going to do anything. This way right, im still getting that gear has been open sign on there.

So lets see what happens if i just press little toggle here, im going to flip it up there we go controller is already omitting that 5g wi fi signal its ready to connect to our ipad or other smart device. So all we need to do is go into our wi fi settings, so im going to swipe down here im looking for something like the swell pro and there it is at the very bottom, its called swp and youre going to have some letters and numbers. So im going to connect to that, then we need to punch in the password and in the swell pro instruction book, its just saying its one through eight seven eight and join and were joined to the swell pro network. And all that means is. This is connected to this, where i downloaded the sd fly app im going to click on it to open it up. Lets see what happens here, cool so initial boot up here. We have would like to find and connect to devices okay go ahead and do it and lets see if it can find it. So i get a little timing icon and there we go login device cool, so im already seeing some camera. In the background you see that there we need it to use our location so lets, let it use it while its using the app so im going to press ok there, and these are just the things you have to kind of authorize for it to really work Correctly definitely very blurry, because ive got the controller like right in front of it.

It looks like it might have like a longer focal length like youve got to be farther away from an item, or else it stays pretty blurry but thats. Basically, our lag time and thats, pretty quick, its really only about maybe 100 milliseconds, if even that, we do have a map here now since were already using the wi fi – and this is a wi fi only tablet tablet youre – probably not going to have this problem. If youre connected to your phone, because if you have a service plan with wireless on your phone, its going to be able to pull in the internet for the map, but since i dont have an extra antenna on this, it doesnt know what to do so. We click on the map im, noticing that these icons are all pretty small, so it may be good to have a larger tablet like this, but im noticing on the top. If i click on this, this is how you can kind of do all your waypoints and stuff. You see im just changing different types of waypoints, so heres the drone in the middle here and where i am its going to have both the controller location and the drone location on your map. It looks like, depending on which functions you want to do. You can do your waypoints right here, so you see how im just clicking waypoints so pretty neat, so you can basically do waypoints out of the box with this drone dont have to download or have any extra equipment.

So pretty cool. You see how, if im clicking on the waypoint, actually this menu just pops right up, so i can change height and all that stuff. So you can save your mission. You can go into the folder here, theres, no data. If you want to open other missions, if you want to just delete the whole thing im, just pressing, the garbage can up there zero in on center, your home position and also just center on the drone. What is slightly unfortunate here is when i was reading in the instruction manual. It said you have the option when youre in the map to download the map imagery, and i dont see really that option right now. It looks like it may have gone and reconnected to the drone, so what i want to do is kind of reconnect to my home, wi fi and see if i can even download uh the map like it says there we go so you see how the map, Just initially came in immediately when i connected to my home wifi, so it did definitely allow me to pull in a section of the map when i switch between soil pro wi fi and my home wi fi. But it looks like that might be just a little bit: clunky im, not sure how thats going to work, probably better, if you just have like a phone or device that has that internet connection, wherever you are so you can pull in those maps anyway.

Thats the map we just want to kind of delete that not save anything go back to the video, so pretty awesome. Just like other drones. You go back into the video and then you can see your map over here. Youve got compass. Youve got a little couple. Other things very small little icons you can make it disappear, make it reappear with this little magnifying glass hit a gps point, oh cool, and that brings us to like our compass, pretty cool. If we just click on that again, it brings us back to our regular map awesome. So while we have this interface up – and we know its got really good latency – not bad at all – for this type of drone lets go ahead and go into the interface and see whats up here so over here, its saying not armed, like i was saying a Little bit small icons, especially for this ipad, mini its saying, addy mode 10 satellites, good controller signal 16.3 volts of battery. This is a little options. Menu were going to check out just a second. This looks like our camera. Icon were also going to check out. This. Would be the capacity of video on the sd card in the camera? The camera is at 1080p at 60 frames per second thats that camera with that light on it over here. Its just kind of giving us general information on how our camera is set up and what are the settings picture mode video mode, and then we have a little play icon here, which will get us into our taken video and pictures.

We can play that just right on the screen. Pretty right in the middle is our height vertical speed, horizontal speed and distance. So the same thing remember that was on the controller down here is showing us in here, so you have at least two places to see all that, then we can do kind of uh automated on screen. Take off just slide to take off, like other drones, not gon na. Do that right now and return to home slide to return to home lets, go ahead and click on the settings and see what we got lets see how its just kind of a gray screen. We can choose between between camera and video and then we can choose our video resolution full hd, since this is that lit camera. Here are all the options to choose from that, and then we can choose just video format movie or mp4 for this camera. All we can do for the regular pictures is um just burst in different modes of three to ten. If i go over here to the gear icon, i have a little more options. So pretty simple, not much going on here. Still with the splash drone, um camera settings and all we got left guys is three little dots on the top right and thats going to get us into the main settings of the drone. So i just open that that up we kind of have a transparent menu. You can still see our video in the background and we have everything looks like its in meters.

What i always like to do is check out if we go into advanced settings here. I just wanted to see if there is a different type of measurement system, calibrate imu, if youre having problems flying and stuff, you can recalibrate that calibrate the compass youre going to need to do this once like in a outside flying area. When you first get it or if you travel like 100 miles away from where you flew before, you also need to do that. Compass cal, which we will do in our flight test out of control default, always good to have it returned to home. You can also make it just hover or land where it is if it loses control with the controller or signal with the controller, green and red blinking here or you can have all of them just completely off. You can turn those green and reds off. If you really wanted to so, unfortunately, im not seeing any option to change this to like imperial foot miles miles per hour and stuff, so maybe something that they can. You know kind of work on, but anyway we can adjust our return to home height. So you can go between 20 and 60 meter options here is set at 25 by default, which is fine max flight height and max distance, its already set at three thousand meters and you can set to zero to disable it. So if we do a range test, im, just gon na disable it down here below advanced settings, which we already kind of went into weve got a cruise mode, headless mode orbit mode, addy mode or sports mode, still like a little bit clunky, not the best, because You dont know really what youre doing in the menu here its like is this.

Turning on these modes, i guess weve got to be flying for to make sure its really working a little bit to be desired. I would have thought maybe they would have upgraded that menu a little bit more. I mean dont get me wrong, at least its all digital and youre able to choose some settings, but it just kind of seems like they took that wi fi cam app and integrated it a little bit into like a digital drone, app and then thats. How far theyve come so far, so a little bit lackluster compared to other drones, but hey you know its a step in the right direction. Press and hold payload left, oh cool. We cant hit it by accident. Remember in the old one like you could really release it, just from accidentally hitting a switch with the toggle switch, so this makes you actually press and hold and its coming back to its start position, so thats kind of cool, okay, guys now check this out. I was thinking that it was maybe the payload right side that does the light. If you press this three times, it puts it in kind of a payload mode where the craft will actually fly slower, so you dont accidentally like really pitch it too far like if youre putting your fishing line, your fishing rig out there. It wont like pitch and cut your line off or something if youre pulling it out from your from your reel, hit it three times again and youre, going to feel like a vibration on the controller, and that gets you back into regular flight mode.

So, apparently, with the camera, with the light on here, the left roller actually turns the light off and on so pulling back on the roller to the left does nothing but watch. When i push it to the right, you can actually change the intensity, isnt that awesome but pushing the roller more and more to the right, so thats maximum brightness and then i take my right hand, side roller and i can move the camera up and down. So if youre, fishing or youre doing night stuff, whatever you totally, have the ability look at that to just light up whatever you want, and that is what youre gon na see you know in your video here the video looks pretty darn blurry because of that focal Length isnt, so good close up so lets see if it actually will focus in a little farther back. If i point this at the couch there, we go yeah so thats, nice and clear that looks like its in focus so definitely needs to be like a few feet away from the camera. To actually focus in arming is just pulling both sticks down and in and holding them there there we go so that sucker is ready to go of course, im not putting the propellers on and arming it in the house, because that would be very dangerous. Theyre very sharp propellers so to shut off you can just pull the throttle down and hold it, and there we go last thing im going to do real, quick guys is.

I want to just show you how to quickly put on these propellers and then well wrap it up. I dont know if you guys noticed, but i still have this thing on its been on for literally like about a half hour, while ive been shooting this video and im not getting any problems with the video. I have my ipad still on here. Nothings locking up it seems like nothings overheating, so this will be a really good like table test. A lot of the other drones like remember the mavic mini and the fiemi x8. I just reviewed if you have them booted up in your house like this and youre. Trying to do stuff, they just overheat and sometimes theyll – just shut right off, really simply just pull my motor over here, and you only can put these on one way. So you basically just spin the motor until it kind of drops in you, see how you get that initial drop hold the whole bottom of the arm and the motor just so youre. Taking the pressure off the bottom of the arm, and also you can just lock the motor and hold it and then were pushing down and then giving it a nice little clockwise spin on this counterclockwise motor to lock it in it. Pops back up and it wont, move okay. Turning over to the clockwise one same idea, we get the cw to the cw, just kind of hold the motor spin it until it like just drops in a little so down push it really hard turn it counterclockwise and then just let up give it a quick Little shake hold the motor and make sure everything its not going to fly off the motor anyway guys.

I hope that was really informative for you. I know it was a pretty long, unboxing setup and inspection video, but really just like to do these. So you guys kind of know everything you need to know before you get up there and fly and just kind of inspect it with me. Look at everything close up see what all the buttons do. You know, ive got high hopes for this thing. Theyve got a lot of new technology theyve put into this a lot of new design. Add ons um were definitely definitely stoked that they went the all digital route, so you dont have to have like these separate apps and we have a scratchy analog, fpv kind of following suit and finally catching up to some of the more advanced, smarter drones. So in the next video were going to take this thing to the park: do a full on flight test and really test this features before i take it in the water. So this is definitely going to be like a series of four or five videos of just this initial unboxing, the initial flight test in the park. Putting everything to the test like i normally do and go through all of its options, see how the camera is see. How the recording is im gon na pop that other camera on there too, that four axis camera i also got this one will just be for like night, fishing and stuff now were gon na, do our water test.

So i really like to test these things and see if they can really do what they say, theyre going to do in the water like. If this one now claims it will just flip up automatically when you arm it, if its upside down and all these kinds of things, so i really want to test those out. I want to see kind of crash it in the ocean water see how ocean proof it is or not im here in hawaii, so i can really put these things through the test that claim theyre ocean proof and waterproof. I want to do a fishing video. I did one with the splash drone 3 plus i kind of went through how much you could carry on it, how the whole process went of loading up your bait, connecting it to the bottom of the drone, taking it out there pulling the line off of your Pole right and then dropping it where you wanted to drop for like big game fishing and stuff, so definitely going to do that with this one as well, and since i have this night camera with this high intensity led light. I definitely want to take that out. There in the night time and do some night fishing or even just like night exploration around the coast, that would be kind of cool anyway, guys lots more to come with the swell pro 4. It is a promising drone. It looks like theyve worked on it.

A lot and theyve made it a lot better, a lot easier to use.