It is the swell pro splash drone 4 review, finally doing the flight test. If you missed the unboxing and setup, and just really going in depth on it, setting it up at the table at home, go ahead and check that link. Will pop up up here ill go ahead and have the series as well up there because were doing some ocean testing? You know slamming it into the ocean really seeing how waterproof it is, and if that waterproof flip works, if it turns over also doing a range test and just some cinematic stuff and also a lift test, to see how much this thing can actually uh lift. But here it is here, gon na go ahead and set it up with you, get get it ready to fly, and this is gon na be my maiden flight aside from just kind of a hover in my yard, making sure the thing can kind of fly so Were to first do a compass calibration, show you how all that works if youre dunking this much money into say a fishing drone or something thats waterproof for your boat. You really want to know how these things really work and thats kind of my specialty is just showing people how the things really work. I mean just honest reviews and trying to make sure that you guys spend your money on something that you know is going to work so, first things. First, they all come with this cool kind of foam carrying case really durable kind of, like the carrying case.

The phantom fours come with if youre into the dji drones, but remember this is the waterproof, the new one from swell pro, so this may be the one. Even the controller is waterproof. The drones waterproof. You can dunk it in the water fly over the water without really having to worry about this thing, so were getting the drone out. Remember i got two batteries with this setup. If you saw my unboxing so thats great so were gon na have potentially 60 minutes of flight time and were gon na test. How much time really one battery last with you, when we do this flight review so for right now were pulling out one battery. I got my instructions in here definitely want to get my propellers out always good to have a second set of propellers, just in case so thats, really all i needed to take unless you wanted to like charge your batteries up on the go. These two batteries are already charged, so i dont have the charger in the pack, but the charger will always also fit in here. Okay, so before i put the propellers on, i need to do this compass calibration, so this is something that you really want to do. Uh, if youre, this is the first flight, because these things come from like china right. So you need to calibrate that magnetic compass, so it kind of knows its orientation and where it is for the accelerometer and the imu, which are kind of like the sensors that detect level and stuff those you want to do those at home.

On a perfectly level surface thats not shaking like a concrete floor or something so i went ahead and did those already before i came out. You dont have to keep calibrating the compass just mainly for your first flight or, if, like it crashes or if youre, going like maybe a hundred miles away from your initial fly, point: okay, so first things: first, we want to put the battery in so open this Guy up slide that battery in there remember the connections are going down push it in. So you kind of feel a clip and then sliding this thing up and just clipping it in really tight. Whenever you clip this shut just check for dirt and sand, especially if youre going in the water, so this thing stays waterproof, so battery is in for this flight. Remember these antennas they can go up or down. You probably want to have them up if youre going to be flying and landing on water for this flight im going to secure them in the downwards position. So you just screw these little collars off were going to hold in the power to turn the controller on. Until we hear a couple of beeps and that things on, then we go ahead and push in the power to turn it on. So its just a similar. Like click, you see, the lights come up and then hold youre going to see all four lights come up and then its going to kind of make a noise.

And hopefully you can see that camera. The gimbal is kind of calibrating itself and its ready to go were kind of waiting um. This one takes a while to link up, especially since the phone actually has to link to this wirelessly to the controller. It takes a little while to get that kind of wi fi hotspot, giving the signal out so remember. This clamp just squeezes in, unfortunately, the one that comes with it. Dont know why, but it does not fit. An ipad mini really would have liked that they claimed to actually be coming out with an ipad mini mount, so hopefully that comes out pretty soon anyway. Turning on the phone im going to go ahead and record this for you right away, so you can kind of see whats going on on my screen here, click and hold on to our wi fi turn it on there. It is swp bacb20, just make sure that connects sd fly, app, launch it and really just waiting until it senses. The drone is connected there. We go so connection successful pops up and then we just want to log in device. So here we go heres our fly interface, so if we wanted to check out our map, unfortunately, i just got to say something here in the manual for the splash drone 4. They show satellite imagery and theyve mentioned that theres, no satellite imagery yet for apple devices. All you get is like this street map, so if youre doing waypoints and stuff, you really want to have like satellite imagery right so im not sure why they dont have that available yet, and theyve also mentioned that the android app still isnt available and working.

So maybe uh the google maps will be on the android as well, but for now they dont have that imagery map, so thats kind of unfortunate and even to get the maps in guys. You do have to basically manually set the ip for this connection. Thats wireless on the controller and you have to set a certain gateway to even stream in these maps, because that was a little bit difficult. I had to actually contact swell pro and they actually had to tell me how to do it, so maybe something they can kind of take care of in their app or something theyre trying to get together in their their manual. If you look at the screen here, guys its showing us weve got 10 satellites up there and everything should be good. Our voltage is 16.7 at the top right of the screen and we want to go into the settings these three little dots at the top of the screen, and i want to go into that should be advanced settings here. So this is where were going to calibrate the compass, so im going to go ahead and click calibrate so make sure its just on. You know a level surface in the park or wherever you are level enough. It doesnt have to be perfectly level for this. I want to confirm we want to do horizontally, so im going to set this controller down, so i can kind of lift this up im, just spinning it actually clockwise.

I almost went counterclockwise, so you want to just spin this thing: clockwise hold it horizontally and rotate clockwise until the arm light, flashes, green, okay, so were getting some green flashing. Here i guess maybe i did that a little bit too many times, but now we got to rotate it face down so facing the front down. You know its like that, because the battery compartments going to be up top here and then it says, press calibrate when ready so im going to press it there rotate vertically okay. So this is a little funny. I dont know it says: press calibrate when ready, but nothing happens so im just going to start spinning it. So, as you can see, it looks like they need to do a little bit of stuff on their app a little bit of cleanup on their programming. Calibrate complete, okay, well at least it says, calibrate complete, so i guess well just take it clicking out of the screen here and looks like were ready to fly, but the first thing we want to do is after we calibrate is. You do have to turn it off and back on it does has aircraft initializing on the controller. Please wait so right down here on the screen, so a little bit different than what its showing me up here. So what does that mean? Do i have to wait there? We go okay, so make sure after you do that, and even though it says complete on the screen here, you wait till that controller says complete, because it might still be finishing up some of the stuff, its doing actually in the software on the drone, so something They can work on again so now we can go ahead and put the propellers on guys.

So remember, clockwise and counterclockwise just want to make sure you got the right propellers for the motors, push them down and turn them in, so they pop up now. These propellers are really sharp, so be careful with this when youre putting these on or even handling these propellers theyre extremely sharp. I did cut myself on one of the splash drones, the earlier versions just from handling these, because theyre very sharp, so just be careful. Okay, guys so its been about a minute im gon na launch this well pro app again, and you know just stuff you need to do before you at least give this thing the first flight so thats. Why i just like to go through all this stuff, so you guys know so youre having a little bit of difficulty with the instructions that come with or something im going to press on this little map icon on the top right and thatll. Give us kind of our compass top right little icon here those little lines up there, and then we want to go into our video and its at defaulting at 2.7 k resolution. I do want to go up to 4k, its at 2k60. So if you want to get like fast moving video that doesnt have that lag in it, you may want to do the 2k60 for action, shots and stuff im going to do 4k 30 today. Just so, you guys can see like how good it actually can be.

In 4k and how clear it is were going to start recording here we can either press remember on the phone screen there, or we can just press this side of the controller right here and just click to start. Recording youre going to see the screen will go into its recording and that should be recording in 4k, so were just going to leave it in the gps mode, thats. Just to make sure that when you let off the sticks, it just kind of hovers there and knows where it is so we can either pull the sticks down and in to start the propellers and launch manually or lets just try this initial on screen option. So im just pressing launch then im going to slide to take off wow. So even with all the calibration and stuff, it did jump. Look at that about uh thats about maybe six feet away. So definitely want to be careful with that if youre doing automatic launch. Okay, so ill have that video up already seeing i mean look at my phone screen, guys im just going to kind of fly around a little bit already seeing maybe a little bit of jittery in the phone screen its not like entirely as stable as i thought It would be, you know, Music as far as the phone fluidity is, what im trying to say, im just doing a slow rotation to the left and right, and you can see that its not super fluid on the phone, at least its digital, but um.

You know thats the way it is so im just gon na hover right here. You know, maybe the wind had something to do with it. As far as how the the drone kind of launched – because you know you see that flag there – it is blowing a few miles per hour, so maybe that was had something to do with. It were just gon na kind of look at it while its flying right here, letting off the sticks, and i just really want to see how this thing keeps its elevation. It is really loud. So keep that in mind guys. This is not a quiet drone, so even to talk to you, i got to kind of back away from it. So a very loud drone, but you know louder. Drones can carry more capacity im just going to kind of circle it with my camera. Look at it real, quick, definitely dont want to get close to these propellers at all man, because that is super bright or super sharp propellers anyway, guys hows it going thanks for tuning in thanks for watching putting this thing through its test. So, hang in there with me, so you guys be the judge of like how stable that camera is and how good the video is. Even as i go through the screen, you see how on my fpv here its not as fluid as id like it to be, but at least its clear, unlike their original analog, was really scratchy right, so its hovering in place really good.

I havent really touched it. Ive, maybe brought it down a little bit to get in view, but um its keeping like an overall foot of altitude fighting that little bit of wind there. So its actually doing pretty good Music. All right so lets just kind of fly around and feel how this thing see how this thing feels you know i can go slow turn just like any other drone and just fly as slow as i want to turning around. This is full. Stick to the left. You can see that in the video and on the screen, you probably get a little bit dizzy. If i kept doing that, but um im just going to kind of go full back and lets see how fast it goes really looking for it to possibly hit the ground or something and how it keeps its altitude while were going fast lets, do a full throttle Forward letting off now so it looks like it might take about um. You know quite a bit of ways to stop just because its uh Music, its like these people, are right in the wrong spot when im flying as usual, anyways um so were gon na just fly around a little bit. Im gon na give it a full throttle up so lets get close to it here and lets just punch it. It seems pretty stable overall, a little bit better than the other previous one. So lets do a full throttle up and that thing will just go up ill.

Have the video up on the screen, so you can see that vertical speed, 3.5 meters per second okay, so ill get some cool video for you guys up there letting off the sticks. Just gon na hover there slowly rotate to the left a little bit jittery on my fpv, not really digging that im going to try the antennas straight down like this straight forward and see if that helps the signal yeah that helped the signal a little bit. Usually, when antennas are pointing right at the drone, the tips thats not good, so you can see how its getting a little bit jittery so thats it there that video soak that in guys, im gon na do a full kind of turn to the left. So you can kind of see the mountain you wouldnt even think this is hawaii because its so dang dry up here but im on the side of a mountain. So you know for those of you that think the gimbal is all out of whack its. Not you see that cloud line, it is the mountain going up at like uh, i dont know 10 to 15 degrees, slope and then turning down to the valley of maui here central valley, theres, the kihei wailea area. So theyll give you a good indication of the the video and lets pull the stick straight down and our vertical speed is about the same 3.5 meters per second. So let this thing come on down.

Take a look at that video make sure its stable pulling down. Whoa wow, okay, that wasnt so great i kind of stopped. And then i pulled down hard and let off and it was coming down a little too fast and hit the ground because theres, no sensors, right, theres, no ground sensor. So its not like a dji where its going to sense the ground at all, so something to take note of not going to be able to sense anything around it except its altitude, gps, location and all that stuff. So that was pretty cool man lets see how fast this thing can get going as far as going out flying horizontally full stick forward. I see the propellers in the view a little when it started going slightly and horizontal speed, 9.4 meters per second okay im gon na stop out here letting off the right thumb stick, and i havent really seen that camera move at all so thats great im, gon Na push the left stick to turn our head a little more here. Looking good and remember, we can also tilt our camera up and down right, so the right roller here ill have that in my hat cam here you pull that to the right and you see how we can basically roll our camera down and up so thatll go All the way down, if we wanted it to thats what youre going to have to do when youre fishing, and if you want to see the water in your bait when you drop it full stick forward here, coming back, propellers are going to be in the view For a sec, come back im going to pull down as well and were going to let off right next to me here we are right, go letting off and it took that thing about 10 feet to stop at its full, its full speed in this mode.

Okay, Music, how we doing on our voltage so on the top right. Ive got 14.5 volts of the phone screen and if i look down here on the actual controller screen, it actually tells you how much flight time you have remaining, hopefully thats in view. It says 13 to 14 minutes of flight time. Okay – and you can also see the voltage up here – your satellites signal all that stuff distance and speeds so pretty cool. It also shows here theres 64 of the drones remaining and, of course, the flight time like i was saying, pretty darn cool. So so far, so good aside from a couple of those things i mean you know you can fly as slow and as you want, or as fast as it can lets get over here and uh. Try some other stuff. So say you have a boat and you want to do these. Follow me function so im just kind of getting it up out of the trees and out of the park area and im going to press this follow me lets see what happens so pressing. It once does nothing im going to press and hold it. Okay. Follow me engaged okay, its spinning around and lets see what happens, what its doing guys is its following: the gps on this controller here. So you have to have this controller with you say you want to get the filming of a boat going through the water thats.

What youve got to do? Okay and it looks like the gimbal – it doesnt – have any kind of video recognition right. Theres no stuff like that, so youre gon na have to still use your uh gimbal controller. This little roller on the right to go down and get say your boat or whatever youre filming in the water in view, and then you can just hammer it. You know. Maybe you want to probably have somebody riding with you in your boat. Then you just go ahead and drive around in your boat and lets see how good this kind of tracks definitely keeps me in center, so thats good. What i didnt mention is, if you do, if you do want to adjust the left and right of the camera. Thats what this roller here is for watch as i pull it to the left. You see that so you can still do the left and right with the camera and up and down manually. So let me tilt these a little bit more perpendicular there and be watching the phone screen too guys to see. If you know you like how its performing and how the video is, what youre seeing so it looks like its going to follow really good im. Just going to jog a bit, you know, even though im not going very fast, see how that thing, so its just kind of stuck in the sky following its not turning its head or anything like that.

It just turned its head to zero in on the gps of the controller and oops just had a sd card, something i dont know what happened there, but hopefully its still filming so um. If you want to do like a rotation lets, try that. So if you turn these controls on, if i just turn the right smooth control on just by pressing this now watch what happens, i can kind of turn this knob. Here there we go. I felt the vibration in the controller and nope its not keeping me in view to do an orbit, so that looks like its going to terminate the orbit thats just going left and right roll see what thats doing as i as i roll this. When i do stop, though interesting watch, when i stop it it it really quickly just jolts and re centers on me so kind of interesting there, hmm, i was kind of hoping it would do like an orbit. So what we might have to do is go into custom here. Lets try that. So, if we pull this right, uh toggle down to custom, it went back to where i was oh wow, now its kind of doing an orbit on its own. It just like, went right into doing an orbit thats weird. So what youre supposed to be able to do is um go into the settings here when its in custom, so lets go and ill have the phone screen up if you go to orbit mode.

Select point of interest and aircraft will fly to the selected point and start confirm all right, whats it doing confirm already in this mode. Okay, so this is a little bit confusing. So apparently it just thinks it has like a point of interest where it started that mode. You know what i mean. Okay, i want this to stop. How do i stop this im gon na go out of custom here, go back into gps and that seemed to stop it. Okay, so i guess thats what you got ta do so not working as good as id like it to a little bit wonky there. So i dont want this roller to be on, and apparently it still thinks its on there we go so make sure you got to click this button to get out of this roller control. Okay, so i wish that was a little bit easier. What i might do is try that again tilt the camera where we want and lets try that again without being in follow me mode not going to be in follow me mode for now. Well, rotate the gimbal all the way down whats our flight time. Only six minutes left – oh my gosh, so heres the flag. I want to track and ill go into custom mode boom lets see if it can keep that flag in view. Wow video just got really garbly. Not so great video actually seems to have froze and there just came back so you know its a little bit to be desired, still wheres my flag at there.

It is okay, so you just got to go into custom and do the orbit you got to fly over whatever you want to do. First and im still getting some garbly imagery and when its in this mode lets see. If i can kind of pull it back a little bit there, we go wider angle view im just pulling back on the right stick. I can go higher, lets see and lets get that view back in with the flag and stuff now its just continuing to go backwards on its own kind of interesting see. If we speed this up, can we got ta press this normal smooth button? Again there we go, we can speed it up. Okay, so youre gon na have to use these controls in, like conjunction thats, getting a little bit quick, its kind of scary, slow down a little bit buddy but theres the orbit. So you guys be the judge of that. It should still be you know, controlling it and everything im going to come in a little okay, thats cool. I can kind of tighten up a little and then i have to you know, adjust my camera again down. So none of this ai tracking that like dji, has its still using just like gps points to track, but you can get some cool orbits if you want like distant shots on a boat and all that stuff. So lets get out of this mode just by pressing this toggle back up to the top, and the drone immediately just stops.

Okay and then you want to make sure you get out of this roller mode, the smooth mode, because those will still start working by pressing that again, i know im repeating this. There we go so it already wants me to return to home because its low battery, but at least we tried the tracking and it does work well so lets do a quick little return to home. Im gon na fly out here just a bit Music and then im gon na return to home here and lets see how close it lands to that h. Okay, so just pressing home and sliding oops there we go all right. So as soon as i uh pressed return to home and slit it its starting to raise up to the designated altitude – and you can choose that for whatever you want im going to point this camera, all the way down lets see how the stability is all the Way down, so this is what you do if youre fishing and dropping bait you know, youll have that camera all the way down lets see how close it kind of lands on its own onto this gps spot. So this is going to be the what it where it thinks. Its home point is the home point it took when it launched and well see if we can move it around if its going to land too close to that box and stuff over there. So, coming on down got the camera wow the video just crapped out again on my fpv, so lets see i dont want it to land there im going to move it around a little bit.

I can still push up turn it all that stuff right. So it looked like it was going to land a few feet away: Music, letting off ill. Just let it land right here and it does turn off the propeller, so thats good um, but jeez boy lets see if our our camera is still working yeah. I was just taking video of the grass there, but there you go guys thats. How much wind is only about five right now. You can see that flag over there in the video doesnt turn off the video, so i still have to turn it off. You can either press the button, remember or lets just try press the screen tap it on the screen to stop, and hopefully that saved the video so ill have that video up. I have a little message on the top left of the screen here. Lets click on it and it just shows you these warnings and ive got to press x on that to get that away on the screen, it says: battery critical land aircraft now lets have a look at our voltage uh up on the top right of the screen. Weve got 11.9 volts left up here, cant really click on the battery, so that was a pretty good initial flight test. On the first battery, remember, i got two batteries. I know this is going to be a long video guys, but i want to get up back up there.

Take some pictures and stuff do a couple more of the other functions, because there are these. If you look at here, hopefully my phone is still recording. If we go into this custom flight mode down here on that toggle, you can actually go into sport mode attitude mode. We did the orbit, which was it was kind of hard to figure that out headless or cruise mode okay. So this is the battery that i just pulled out and kind of kind of slightly warm to almost hot feeling, whats weird about this one is i read that its its actually those 18650 cells in the instruction manual. It says that these are those round cells, so theyre lithium ions, not lithium polymer. You know take that with whatever you want to take it with, but it is quite warm and, as you can see just clicking this once i do have just one blinking green light. So we got that battery pretty darn low, probably almost to zero with that flight, and i will have had the flight time pop up guys on the screen. When i landed that thing, so you guys could see how long that flight was from, i think, almost to 100, maybe a little bit under, because we did that initial compass calibration right so that took a while and some power. This one is fully charged so lets pop this new one in and get up there and really finish this initial made and flight review on this one guess what im gon na do guys im gon na go and turn on the electronic image stabilization just to see, If that does anything turn that on, i have no idea, but just to give you guys a another option here, it zoomed way the heck in so maybe i dont want to do that, because the gimbal looked pretty pretty stable im just going to do it anyway.

Just so, you guys can see how that is so start recording here and lets launch manually this time so im just going to pull the sticks down and in starts the motors up. I do want to see if these things shut off real quick before we launch just really quickly want to see if, if these things will shut off after maybe 10 seconds or so kind of a safety precaution, you know, but uh doesnt really look like theyre going To i think its been about 15 20 seconds so definitely not going to shut off, but you know just so. You know lets go ahead and launch manually so pushing up on the throttle. Stick wow and it just keeps wanting to it, seems like it keeps wanting to fly back to that spot over there. So definitely be careful of that and uh. You know what i want to do. First. Is i want to try this drop mechanism here. Remember this thing has a dropper right there, so payload right here on the bottom left, so this thing is supposed to be able to hold like four pounds. This feels like maybe about a pound, maybe a little less okay click and hold and push it up there. We go so were hanging that i guess about a half a pound battery lets just try to fly around, so this would be a good use case if youre fishing right and youre trying to take your line out thats a pretty dang heavy battery, so it is Holding it im just gon na get it like over me yeah, you can definitely hold some heavy weight.

Im gon na get it over me and then drop it. So im gon na have to hold in this payload. Here hold it. There goes Applause! Well, that works Music, all right cool, so you know the payload mechanism works really good for some heavy stuff. Remember this thing can do what they claim is about four pounds. So over four pounds like four and a half pounds so were going to try that in a lift test, so make sure you guys hang in there and subscribe and click your notification bell on. So you know when thats happening anyway, guys we have 20 minutes left to fly. This thing claims it can do 30 minutes, but i think thats completely unloaded no camera, no drop mechanism, all right. What i really wanted to try here was some of these waypoint missions. Let me just click on the map. There we go zoom in, and this, like, i said before. This is where you really need that imagery. So, as i move the drone around watch, you can kind of see it on the screen there moving left forward and back left and right cool. So at least i kind of know the vicinity by looking at my home point of the controller where i am were just going to try a few simple waypoints. So click on this try to click on this orange thing again. There we go so lets do a little mission, so the second one is a mission that first one was just flying to one spot.

That third, one is a grid, you can just do boundaries and then it will take pictures like if youre trying to do mapping and stuff itll actually take pictures within that vicinity. So thats pretty cool and it looks like this one is actually an orbit. So you can just plop a point and maybe orbit it lets. Try that maybe thats an easier way to do it. So im just going to click on myself here and lets go ahead and save it or you can just name the point. Well, just name it. One, you probably do this when the drones like actually on the ground you dont, have to waste your battery. I just pressed that little icon, okay, there you go theres a way you can do orbits. Did you see what i did there? That was an easier way. I just clicked on whatever i wanted to orbit so that man, like i cant, say enough that satellite map would have been so much better. So, if youre on a boat – and you can see that little controller icon just click on that guys go into this mode and look how much better that is and how much easier it was than trying to get all that custom settings and follow me orbit stuff Down where you have to hover over your point, so thats working really well and lets see if we can just stop it, so i just put it put in a little bit to the left and it stopped and now its kind of moving back on its own.

I dont know what its doing um that actually made the gimbal get all wonked out. So how do we stop this thats? Not! I dont like that. Thats, not good man, its kind of getting out of control im going to try to come back whoa yeah. This is getting weird Music, so how do i stop this im gon na switch really quickly into addie and then back into gps? Okay, so be careful with that when youre getting out of that mode man or when you interrupt it, it got pretty weird, and there goes my video again freezing up come on swell pro lets. Get that right, hey im, stuck in the picture in my fpv, so that thats really unfortunate now its slowly coming back. So i dont know maybe an overheating problem in there who knows going back into my map and then going into these settings again. Lets try a little mission like i wanted to do and lets just do a simple little mission around my point. I want to be kind of close because i cant really see it would be nice to see trees and buildings in this imagery. Well, just do like a circle and you can face the camera wherever you want, of course, still recording and ill, just maybe ill yeah ill just see what happens. Lets just press play alright. So this is where we would have had to choose our gps points. It looks like its facing and its going up to a designated altitude, so theres a default altitude for these points, so just finish them and it looks like its just going to stay up there.

Looking at my vertical speed, not really coming down so youre going to have to come back down after it finishes that lets rotate the camera all the way down again, so you can kind of see whats going on. Okay, come back down, okay, so thats. How these things work guys? Okay, so remember when youre doing that orbit boy really be careful and, like i was saying a lot to be desired with this digital fpv connection. Unfortunately, it glitches out – and it takes a while to come back so theyre gon na – need to work on that. So we were doing these kind of plans. That was the flight plan there and if i click on the point you can see how the default was at 30 meters, so thats why it went so high and then it just stopped okay, so you can adjust that all the way down to 10. If you wanted to and then press check to save it at each point, so just a quick little demo, there really like to remember that orbit was amazing, except when you tried to interrupt it. So be very careful there lets get up here and lets. Do some camera shots before this battery dies? Looking at the controller and weve got 12 minutes left, so i dont want to fly any over any houses. So itll come back and just go right above get some height here and then go into camera and try to take some shots, get out of the audible sound of that thing, because that is a loud one.

So this drone youre not going to be able to do any like screen, clicking the focus and stuff its just kind of like a overall focus. Okay, guys so im going to stop recording on the swell pro camera switch into camera by just clicking on the camera. Icon or you could just press the camera icon here and lets, take a photo of that um wes maui over there boom clicking on the screen to take a photo or rotate the camera down a little bit whoops. I dont want to rotate it to the left, or you could do this right here. This button here clicking it and we can take our pictures that way as well, so this isnt going to be much to look at because its so incredibly brown here in this area, you wouldnt think this is hawaii. Would you just going to take a photo uh directly below it right here at our flying area and picture and ill have those popping up on the screen guys, so you can see the quality of them? I do think i have a maxed out. If you look over here, 12 megapixel is the max you can go and i have them in 16 by nine so ill. Have that up as well lets rotate back up really want to make sure this screen is still recording. Yep rotate back up a little more jitter in the fpv and lets rotate this around. So we can have kind of the sun to the back.

Lets. Take a couple more photos just so you can see how they look one there again ill have them popping up. There is the holly alpha mountain by coolest school and lets just get us straight up. The mountain theres pulley pulley up there, where i like to film, get one more shot right. There cool so uh well start recording again, hitting that on the screen to record looked like the gimbal. Just did something just rotated to the right. A little bit come back down come down here, and you know what i really want to do. Is i want to get into sport mode really quick and see how much faster it goes in sport mode, so well go um back into custom. Oh no! Get out of there you see what happens, is it thinks its in like orbit mode or something, and if you switch right into custom, so i think what i need to do is ill go. Are we recording there now were recording? I guess i wasnt recording there. Okay, so go into the options, and i want to press sport mode confirm okay, so that should make this go a little faster. I want to just test this Music, its taking a little while to think about it. Thats not good see if i, while its thinking, if i switch this back down to custom Music nope its going back into its orbit crap okay, custom, all right so its like the drone has a firmware lockup to get into sports mode.

How do i get out of this man? I dont know not too great: go into addi mode, its just going to blow with the wind that kind of turns off the gps. Stabilization switch it back in it comes back. You see that. Let me just show you that close up real quick Music. So if i go ahead and switch out a gps into audi mode watch, the drone will just blow with the wind, but i can fly faster Music well lets just see how fast we can fly in this mode full pitch forward yeah. Maybe i dont want to do this guys im going to go back into gps and come back yeah that wasnt smart ill go ahead and come back and um. I want to figure out whats up with this screen here before i do anything else. So you know just so: you guys know how this thing really works, letting off thats, why its great to be in gps mode, because it just will stick into its position when you let off the controls so ill. Tell you what im going to do im going to get out of this app lets, see what happens if its flying and i get out of the app swell pro close. Can i still fly it yep, so the app doesnt, really it doesnt really care. If the apps running – and you can still fly it manually, you dont even have to have your phone guys on here to fly this thing reconnect to the app or reload the app lets see if we can reconnect while its flying here.

That would be a good little example, all right, so its still recording and all that stuff well cool. Okay. Here we go lets. Do this lets go into any mode and lets just fly out here into the sunset as fast as we can? The batterys getting low 16 meters per second is as fast as it can go: oh starting to go faster 17 about 17.. Okay, click back in the gps looks like our video stopped. So, im going to start that again and lets just go ahead and do a return to home guys. So this will be the final return to home, since you know its uh, its taking so long lets see while its returning to home. Can i pitch my camera down and stuff yep i can pitch down and up lets see if i can turn it left and right with a left roller cool. So you have these controls. What i would like to see guys is you see how you can move the camera left and right um separately, theres no central zone, so you dont, really know where the center is. All you can do is go all the way to the left, all the way to the right and then go back and kind of guess where the center is so. I would have liked to see – maybe some kind of you know, reticle somewhere, that can match up to to know just where the center of the screen is because you kind of kind of got ta, just guess where your center is actually lets, see that felt like It clicked in nope would have been maybe cool if you could click these in and it would re center that camera, but thats, not the case Music.

So anyway, i guess this will be the final um landing lets, just see how close it kind of gets to our Applause landing zone and well call it a day. You know those are all the main functions i wanted to test. You know theres a very few couple more. You know if we look at these things cruise mode and stuff, like that. Do you see where its going to land now right there all right and that video man jeez a little bit to be desired with that choppy video anyway, i think thats. All i want to do with this thing today lets see how far away it is from our launch point. So just a rough one, two three four to five feet away from the launch pad which isnt bad it doesnt have any cameras on the bottom or sensors. Like other drones do to really get imagery of where its launched and then try to re land on that kind of like um, you know like the mavic, stu and stuff anyway, guys that is going to wrap it up for the flight test. My first maiden flight of the splash drone 4. – hey whats up, will hey everybody. Remember, will hey man, um, guess what i got something from for you today, its its a rc vehicle, so im going to show it to you afterwards. Okay, could you help me with a couple of my videos yeah, i want to make sure you get something cool all right, yeah man, im gon na, do a range test right after this with that k1.

So, hang around all right, guys, wow. So, if anything that was really fun to test this – and this is definitely a beast – keep in mind that this is not a little toy drone. This is an expensive could can be dangerous drone and the main reason youd want to buy this – that i can see either if you have a boat and you want to like launch from the water or get some boating shots or if youre, like a boating person And stuff like that, just make sure you have fresh water to really soak this thing after you get around the salt water or you really want to fish, because, with these drop mechanisms right, these things can hold a lot of weight. We did go ahead and drop. This heavy dang battery from the bottom of this you could hear it really ramp up the motors to try to keep its height when were flying. This battery around the drop mechanism worked great. I do kind of like that, how it just when you do hold down the button to do the drop it just opens and then closes so you dont have to keep pressing it twice to open it and close. It lets talk about some of the negative things. So remember the fpv, the digital fpv theyre, going with now a little bit wonky as it flew a little bit more. You could see the lockups, the garble in the screen, and that was at close range.

Remember so man they really need to kind of work on that that was really to be desired. There um a little bit wonky. Remember when i was trying to use the waypoint mission to do an orbit. It did really well there, and i would honestly use that if i were you to to do the orbits instead of hovering over like your boat or whatever, that was really wonky to kind of get out of that map orbit mode. So really be careful with that. Its almost like you had to switch out of the gps motor back into it to cancel it, get out of the map as soon as possible. Some of those other modes were kind of cool, but kind of gimmicky. The speed was definitely fast enough. The power was great imagery for the maps theres no imagery yet, and also i wanted to have it in imperial settings, so we could kind of see feet miles and miles per hour and stuff like that for the speed you know, those of us in the us Kind of like that to see that on the screen, just because its easier for us to understand that at least at least for me, you guys be the judge of the camera like how the the camera looked. You know ill have the pictures popping up there and all that stuff, but overall its definitely a step up from the original um, the battery life. I had popping up on both of those flights.

The main things like, i said guys if youre on a boat, and you want something that can handle the water or youre fishing. I definitely recommend this one. For those two reasons, remember i have that other camera as well its that camera with a high intensity led light, so were going to use that in night fishing im going to take this thing out night fishing drop some malua rigs and see how this whole thing Looks anyways guys definitely a force to be reckoned with. Remember even the controller is waterproof as long as you have all these ports closed. So, if youre on a boat – and you have like one of those waterproof phones as well, this would actually be a really good setup. So if you got mist or rain on it, you can fly this thing in the rain, even the controller. Now, as long as your phone is is waterproof like i was saying, or you can actually just if you drop this in the salt, water or fresh water, this wont break so maybe well. Try that in our ocean review and thats coming up, go ahead and check out the series ill have the link in the description as well as where you can find the splash drone. For. If you want to look at the pricing and all the options that come with it ill also have my series pop up here on the top right of the screen. So you can check that out.

I know that was long and kind of intense at times, but really, if youre dropping this kind of money on a drone like this, you want to know how it really performs before you drop that kind of money – and i hope i showed you that anyways thanks For tuning in and ill see you in the ocean test and all that other stuff were doing with it.