stay tuned. Music. All right guys! Welcome back so todays video. This video hurts um. So i took my swell pro splash drone 4 aircraft over to my brothers house. They just bought new property and i wanted to put the drone up get some good pictures of it. Stuff like that. So uh todays weather is right here. So when, when i put the aircraft up, everything was working fine, i had um good signal good gps um. It was in gps mode. I went through all my um, my flight safety stuff, making sure the props were on properly. Just everything put the aircraft up, flew it around. Put it up about 200 feet, threw it out to the water well, almost to the water. I got some good pictures here you go and then, when um i brought it back, landed it rechecked everything downloaded the pictures to my phone put the aircraft back up a second time flew it around, took some more pictures brought the aircraft back, put it down downloaded Those pictures everything seemed to be going very well. I started getting um some freeze ups in the in the camera, so i would switch between uh camera and video camera and video and it would eventually um. I guess signal – got better and it started working again. Then i had it up probably at about maybe 120 feet and i was watching the drone. The drone literally was he was hovering. You can watch the camera because the camera was a single axis gimbal, so you could tell the pitch of the aircraft.

The aircraft was doing this and i knew there was a little bit of wind up there, but not a whole lot. Obviously, you know per uh swell prone stuff. This aircraft could take up to 31 miles an hour and i certainly was not getting that there. So i it was, it was wiggling a little bit, but all of a sudden it banked and it shot straight down, and i mean it was like a bullet coming out of freaking sky and it slammed into a tree, probably 75 yards from me and basically disintegrated. This is the drone. The top came off its all cracked, literally the battery housing popped off the battery came out, the battery itself is destroyed, the camera and the release are fine, because when it struck the uh heres the tree, it literally smacked the tree like that. I watched the whole entire thing. It literally came down and bam slam. The tree all props were operating while they were on the aircraft when it was coming down. I i dont know what happened. I literally do not know what happened this thing. Nothing, but problems. I mean i thought when they replaced my remote. Everything was working. Fine. When i got the remote i redid the imu recalibrated everything everything was working. Great everything was working great this morning for the first two flights and then the third flight for some reason this aircraft. She was, she was flying like this, and she literally just went like this straight to the ground.

I had the i had the antennas. They were in a down position which they recommend if youre not flying over water, which i wasnt the remote gave me no indication of any malfunctions or any signal loss. I have no clue what happened. No clue. I found the top and i found pieces of the props. I didnt find all the props because it was a heavy wooded area and i just i just got tired of looking. My main thing was to get the the body of the drone and the battery, but twenty seven hundred dollars the window, so i dont know whats going to happen at this point. Im a little uh a little mad im, a little angry right now, with the fact that this aircraft crashed um ive been flying drones for two and a half years now, and this is the first aircraft that ive crashed well im, not saying that i personally crashed. I think something happened to this this aircraft to cause it to do that, and i dont know what i dont know. What again i i did my pre flight inspections. When i put the props on i, i pull them, make sure theyre on there tight. I make sure that the uh, the ccw and the cw props were on the proper motors and they were locked in i made it. I made sure the camera was operating properly. Everything i made sure everything was operating properly before it went up and thats.

I do that with all my drones, but for some reason this aircraft was just sitting there hovering because i wasnt moving it anywhere. It just went boom like that and straight to the ground. I dont know what happened so todays sunday and obviously swell pro and urban drone are not in the office so tomorrow morning, well, im up im going to uh, send them the link here and then tomorrow morning ill make some phone calls and see what we can Get done, i i i dont know what happened. I i made sure that my pre flight inspection was done. It was done properly, i dont know, and we certainly didnt have anything over 30 miles an hour of wind gusts. I can guarantee that and yes, i know the higher you go, the more wind you get, but it really wasnt that windy at all. I mean ive had it up and worse, especially at the beach when i was uh drone fishing for sharks. The wind was a lot more there than it was today, so i i dont know i dont know so if you guys have any ideas, if its happened to you, please leave it in the comments below this. Is your first time make sure that you subscribe? If you dont mind please and hit that bell button for new notifications, and if you liked the video hit the like button, guys, thank you for watching and uh what ill do is ill.