Today we are reviewing the surface 604 work. This is a high quality, approachable and functional city, electric bike, equipped with pretty much every bell and whistle. You could ask for the surface 604 work comes in one frame, size 19 inches, which is good for riders from about five foot, eight inches to six foot, six inches and two colors gray and sand, which is the one were reviewing today. The work has a starting price of 2599 usd and surface 604 offers free shipping a one year, comprehensive warranty and even a seven day. Money back guarantee theres, also quite a few upgrade and accessory options like a massive 20 amp hour battery for an extra 300 usd a suntour ncx seat post suspension for 119 usd which we highly recommend by the way and an ergotek rear view mirror for 40 usd Just to name a few, we have reviewed a lot of surface 604 e bikes over the years and to us the name has become synonymous with quality, so lets see how the work stacks up. The surface 604 work has a buffing hub motor that can crank out 500 nominal watts and 750 peak watts of power with 65 newton meters of torque. This is kind of the goldilocks zone for hub motors, where its not so energy hungry that itll gulp down the battery, but its still more than powerful enough to flatten out even the meanest hills. This motor can bring the work up to a top speed of 20 miles per hour out of the box or 28 miles per hour in the unlocked configuration that 20 mile per hour mark is an important number because it keeps the work under the protection of class 2, electric bikes, which are permitted in most areas at this point that top speed can be reached using the thumb throttle or the torque sensing pedal assist.

Unlike cadence, sensors torque sensors have virtually zero latency with motor activation and deactivation, and they also give you just the right amount of power based on how hard youre pedaling. In other words, it just makes for an incredibly smooth and seamless rioting experience. That feels like the motor power becomes an extension of your own power, so 10 points to surface 604. The battery on the surface 604 work is a 48 volt 14 amp hour with samsung cells. That offers a max estimated range of around 45 miles in perfect riding conditions, but this is where those upgrade points really come into play. If you need even more range theres, a 20 amp hour version for an extra 300 usd that will get you around 65 miles of range and something cool about the surface 604 e bikes is that their batteries are cross compatible between the different models. The surface 604 work is quite a bit lighter than some e bikes weighing in at just 60 pounds, while the carry capacity, on the other hand, is still a hefty 285 pounds, thats going to come in handy when loading up the rear rack, which is literally welded To the frame, by the way, so thats not going anywhere and the optional front basket between the low standover height and the lightweight frame, the work is an approachable e bike, thats also relatively easy to load and unload for transport. The surface 604 work also has sun tour xcm front suspension with approximately 80 millimeters of travel and a heavy duty through axle to further increase.

This rides structural integrity, even though the work is geared for urban commuting and maybe deliveries itll snack on moderate trails all day long. So if you want to take this ride on trails, go for it just stay clear of the black diamond runs now, keep in mind. The work is a hardtail. So if you want your ride to be extra plush, you can throw on a suntour ncx seatpost suspension for an extra 119 usd in the back of the surface 604 work weve got a sram x5 derailleur with a nine speed cassette paired with trigger shifters. This is another pretty serious, upgrade point on the work that might even be considered a bit overkill, but honestly were happy to see it. The x5 can rifle through the entire cassette faster than the flash on a good day and itll also keep that chain locked into place to bring the surface 604 work to a stop. Weve got tektroauriga hydraulic disc brakes because, of course, with 180 millimeter rotors in the front and rear wheels and built in motor inhibitors to make sure that you have the shortest possible stopping distance seriously. This e bike is just chock full of upgrades. These brakes could probably stop an aircraft carrier – okay, not really, but they are incredibly powerful and, with the kinder quick 27.5 inch by 2.6 inch 75 tires. Youll have more than enough traction on road and off, and these tires also have case shield.

Protection to reduce punctures and theyve also got reflective sidewalls to increase visibility for lighting weve, got a fairly powerful boost shell, headlight and tail light, both of which are integrated directly into the electrical system. Wire management is on point, especially if you opt for the front baskets, since they are partially hidden behind it and the wires are also internally routed. This keeps the work looking super clean, but it also protects the wires from getting snagged and ripped loose. The handlebar stem is adjustable, which means you can raise it for more upright and relaxed riding posture, or you can lower it for a more forward aggressive riding posture. The 3.5 inch lcd display can be locked with a passcode, just like your phone, its super bright, adjustable and perfectly readable in direct sunlight and its an upgrade from the earlier models, which only had a 3.2 inch lcd display on the left side of the handlebars. We got the thumb, throttle and independent button pad and on the right side, weve got the trigger shifters and an old school bell. The work like all of surface 604s offerings is one of those rides that should probably cost about twice as much as it does its got premium components all around is extremely well thought out in design its highly functional and upgradable. For anyone who needs a top shelf commuter e bike for urban riding, and maybe some trailer use too, the work is worth a serious look.

Alright, awesome peeps. That is it for the review of the surface 604 work now lets. Take it out for a ride. Music.