So a few viewers have asked me many times to review the k123 and the k124. So here we go. This is the k123, and this is the k124 theyve asked me to review these helicopters because theyre not expensive, theyre, highly detailed and theyre supposed to be really good. Why are they really good? Well, they have brushless motors inside here theyre fly barless helicopters. They do have brush motors on the tail rotor, but its a core brush motor, so those are the kind thatll last a long time they fly for about five minutes flight time. Uh this ones actually got a light in the front. A headlight ive never tried it at night, but if i try it at night it will probably look pretty cool with the headlight whats neat about them. Is you usually dont get small scale helicopter models with three blades and four blades at a low price? So a lot of people like these also you can do 3d. You can flip them and roll them and do all sorts of things. If you have the skill i do not have the skill, i can just barely fly them no problem. Now, if you look behind me, i dont know if you can see those trees up there, its pretty windy back here, so i dont know if im going to fly them now, but i will fly them in this video when i stop talking which is coming up In a few seconds, theres not much else, i can say other than they do come with the batteries.

You do have the option to get the controller. This is a six channel controller. You can get it with the helicopter or, if you already own this, because you have another, i think theyre called xk. Is it xk, yeah xk? If you have another xk product, it will definitely have this controller and this controller binds to these helicopters. How do you bind it its pretty simple you power on the radio and then you pull off the front like this or ill pull one out and show you really quick. You pull the front off. Just comes off like that and theres a little bind button over here you press that button button and thats it and then its connected to the radio and youre ready to fly, and if you want to fly another one like this say you bought two or three Or four different models, same thing: you just pull off the front here and press the buying button and you go connect it to the radio and you go flying its that simple theyre, very easy to fly; theyre all designed for beginners and pros and since theyre highly Detailed they look pretty cool. This one has a light in the front, as i mentioned thats why i cant pull it off anymore, that its dangling by the wires that connect to the light all right. So how about we go fly this now all right im going to give it a try out in this windy backyard to see how well it flies.

So, first things. First, i have the battery in my hand, i dont know if i mention it: batteries come with the helicopters power this on thats all set to go to put the battery in just pull the front off, and if i bring this kind of close here, you can See it the battery just slides in up front here, these helicopters weigh next to nothing with the batteries and i think, theyre way under 100 grams next thing, im going to connect the battery the helicopters going to start up just put it kind of flat. Let it do its little thing with the props or blades whatever you want to call them. This ones got four blades there we go, it stopped moving. So i must have it good and then take the front and just reattach it. It fits over all the wires. All right next, i need a place to take off from so ill put this down here. Hopefully, you can still see that and im going to put the helicopter on top of it. Here we go helicopters on top and grab my remote down here. Put the blades out nice blades nice in a four bladed pattern, and there we go. What am i hitting here anyways here we go spin, it really quick Music and there we are whoa Music. Just make sure when you fly it dont be a goofball like me and have it in 3d mode. Okay, there we go, ive got the switch set now so it flies normally.

This is how you should fly. This is stability mode, so here i should be able to bring it close to that camera over there without tripping over this box in front of me, lets go over here. Try to do two things at once, like talking uh walking and flying a helicopter thats. Three things but uh here we go so there you go theres our helicopter and lets fly around the backyard here ill stand over here in the center and uh lets go this way. Then i got more room. Okay, so there we go now. I can fly it. Spin it around here Applause, Applause, Music. It is pretty windy in the backyard. So now i have the three bladed one and let me fly that one all right same idea get these little blades out, just like we did with the four bladed one and uh. Here we go. I keep hitting that little thing here. This thing it doesnt do anything but just makes a lot of beepy and makes me think. Oh now, the suns gone out – and here comes the wind again, but here we go lets, take it up. There we go and we can fly it around the backyard here. It is a collective pitch helicopter, so in other words, if i want to go up so lots of power up and if i pull the joystick down it, pushes it right down to the ground thats a little bit too much here.

Let me move out of the way, so you can see me flying around here, just like with the other helicopter fly around the backyard there. You go flying over there flying back to me and flying back, not bad its pretty windy back here and ive got this thing going if it wasnt so windy, itd be so much better. This ones a little bit bigger than the four bladed ones. So you probably see it a little bit better than the four bladed one there you go over to the gopro there. It is and then spin it around and bring it back to me. This way very easy to fly. A beginner can fly these very simply because if they do have stability, the only thing you have to do is dont move the joysticks quickly, just move small movements on the joysticks and then everythings really good. All right, i got ta cut this short because it has started to rain next thing to do is, let me show you what comes with the box check this out. This is the box for the k124 helicopter with remote, and this is the box for the k123 helicopter. Without remote opening the box, you can see everything is professionally packaged. Manuals are included for the remote and the helicopter. As you can see here, both helicopters are highly detailed, very nice to look at, even if you dont fly them just put them up on a shelf and they look really good inside each helicopter.

Youll find a mixture of metal and plastic parts along with the receiver. The esc and the brushless motor and all the other electronic components each helicopter comes with its own set of batteries and its own set of battery chargers. You can usually charge two batteries at once. You do have the option of ordering the helicopter with a remote. If you get the six channel remote, the switches are well labeled, so its very easy to use, but you will have to provide six double a batteries to power it. A full set of blades are included as well as optional accessory items, including spare parts. The takeoff weight of both helicopters with a battery is 81 grams Music. All right, hopefully, my flights went well. I dont know because im recording this at the start of the video and playing this back at the end. So what im going to say now is that i have flown these indoors, no problem so thats. Why i assume outdoors, it should be fine, and what im gon na do now is im gon na put links below go check it out ill, put links to the individual helicopters and also links to the helicopters with the radio. You can buy it as a set and its not super expensive. So if you want to get into helicopters, these are a good buy because they actually look like pro decent helicopters, highly detailed, alright guys, thanks for watching this video, if you enjoyed it, please give it a thumbs up if youd like to see more reviews like this.