It says open there. I have to peel this tab back, be helpful. If i brought a knife, sometimes let me get rid of all that pull this tab oop. I want you to open it. This way so were going to flip it open here and inside. We can see the drone sitting inside of there its already put together, everythings ready. You got this here. This is going to probably be the remote, so it comes in some pretty heavy duty plastic, its, not cheap stuff there. On the back, it says unfold, the antennas and mobile device clamp cool. It kind of shows you how to do that there, which is pretty neat. Basically you just pop them out like that, just like. So this things pretty robust its pretty cool its got, the its got all kinds of different things on here: theres the joysticks here and then you got your power button here and then you got a little h button there. Then we got a little cord that comes out here that says dji, which is already plugged in there. Its a different kind of adapter kind of looks like a square usbc theres a little camera here you can see and then one here thats for record, and then you got this wheel up here as well and thats spring loaded, so that kind of pops back. When i hit it like that so thats kind of neat – and if you look under here, we got this little plug here and that looks like a iphone plug, which is cool and theres.

These that kind of fold out all right like that and thats going to be for you to put your phone inside of so this is going to kind of turn your phone into a remote control. From that point, we can plug this in to here. These open up pretty wide too, which is nice. Let me just move the box out of the way for a minute, so these open up pretty wide, and then we can plug this in, like that. That kind of shows back in there theres these little drop downs. Here you can see these as well those just kind of go out of the way you can kind of like plug our phone in like that which is super cool, so thats it. So you got your little remote and then this is going to give you your your screen for flying it and then your buttons – and it sits, really really comfy thats, really really nice. It feels great in your hands. This is premium material guys. This is not cheap stuff, so theyre using the best of the best for this, which is very nice. So if you look at it, thats premium were gon na bring the box back here. Get these out of the way lets just bring the whole box back in. So if we bring the box back here, we can see that the drones here and its all folded up super nice. Its got this really nice lens on it that protects it.

You can see that lens and then inside of there you can see that the camera is on a mount inside of that and then it says please remove the gimbal protector before taking off. So you got this little piece of tape. That goes all the way around. You can remove that and then you can see your propellers inside of here theyre kind of like wrapped, together and theres a qr code on that. So were going to try not to ruin that to kind of peel that off and then its got like its almost got like these instructions on what to do so, it says unfold the arms backwards right. So its telling us to oh lets peel this one off too for the other side of the propellers, its saying unfold, the arms backwards like this okay, so thats step one and then two is unfold: the rear arms downwards. So you kind of pull these down. They kind of pop like that right there it says, charge to activate the battery before the first time use and if you look here, it shows like a little tray kind of deal, so we can peel this back. Actually, it lifts right up and theres the battery. You can see the battery inside of there and it just slides out like that, thats a pretty good size, midi battery that goes in there. So we can slide the battery back in it kind of locks into place, theres a usbc charger and then theres a little slot for a tf car or a micro sd card as well.

So you got that were gon na just peel off this tape. This thing just looks cool, i mean look, how cool that thing looks its got these two propellers on each one, and you can see the motors inside of there its got some pretty heavy duty design to it. This thing is not um a crappy designed drone. This is not a cheap one, so we got this little hinge down here where this lens cover kind of folds back and then uh, like, i said your charger, your tf slot theres a little light underneath here and uh. I like how it just kind of all folds up folds, together thats, really cool theres, like these little vents that you can see down inside of here that make it look aggressive and just nice and its dji, so its good material. It says mini sc right there and you could just kind of peel these stickers off get those out of the way, but i like how it gives you those kind of instructions, because you dont worry so much about breaking it. People like me who dont like to read the instructions as much as i should and so thats it so these fold, and then these fold down these fold in and then its real nice and compact. It just fits in this little slot. You can see this tiny little slot that it fits into so thats the drone itself, and then it comes with this little box theres all these qr codes everywhere, which is going to give us access to the app im most certain.

But if we open this box you can see inside of here is some more propellers, which is cool in case. We break something or hit a tree or who knows something like that and get those out of the way and then inside here they give you a usb 8 a usbc charger, its a pretty nice cable, its, not a cheap cable at all, so thats, pretty nice And they give you a micro usb cable, not exactly thats. Probably this is probably for the controller where this is for the drum. So they give you that and then they give you a few of those little thimbles that we saw that came off of there. These guys, which im not exactly sure what those are for yet but were gon na, find out, and then they give you this little tiny screwdriver pop that out theres a little screwdriver there and thats going to be to put our propellers on. If we need to, then we also get two different cables, and these are going to be for attaching it to different types of phones, because you got a usbc here and then this like square brick, usbc thats, the one that plugs into the drone itself. So thats, probably proprietary and then over here we got a micro usb to the drone style, so it gives you different options. This is not just for iphones, which we didnt expect anyways, but it does give you those different options, which is super cool too bad.

I cant fit my ipad mini in that mount. I probably would so theres some reading material here getting started guides, basically how to set it up. Theres the fly app inside of there, its asking you to to download and then another qr code, so theres qr codes everywhere. You cant really miss them um. So we got to get all that set up and then tells you how to fly the right way flying your drone for fun, supply, safe rolls and then just a little bit of reading material. Here this book is pretty thick, so we can go through that. A little card tells you about customer support, how to contact dji, which is always nice in case you have a problem, get that out of the way and theres another little pamphlet inside of here, nothing else inside the box, but it is a nice box, its nice And sturdy its going to protect your drone during shipping, so this is just more about the guarantee and dji just makes good products. So we dont have to really worry too much guys, but were going to get this thing set up were going to take it out. There were going to fly it. You guys are going to come with us. So lets go. What is up guys? We are out here with the dji excuse. The audio quality is going to be depending on whatever this seems to be at this time. So you have the dji out here.

We got it loaded up. We got everything set up, so its just telling us to go, fly its doing a firmware update right now so were going to give it about a half a second to install that once thats all set up then well be able to take it out. Fly it into these gorgeous mountains were going to give you guys some views from the dji itself once we were able to do that, all i got to say guys is holy cow. This thing is amazing. This is not some amateur drone, like some toy that you would buy. This thing is legit. It asks you to authorize fly zones, it has different modes, it has c mode. It has sport mode this, this things crazy guys. It is so accurate, its so easy to fly its just insanely great guys so im gon na see, if you guys, can get you can see the dji up here on the wall and i can take off directly from there and uh itll just go. This thing goes so high and so far its insane it just fires up, and it goes it just hovers. You guys can see it. It hovers perfectly. Look at that Music, rotate, hey! Look at that its perfect its recovering there im not doing anything. This thing tracks perfect. It goes super super high. Its super fast super strong. Its got great stabilization, ive, never seen anything quite like this. I mean this is my first experience with a real good drone, and this things amazing were gon na shoot it straight up into the air, were gon na go full course and uh you guys will be able to see exactly what this thing can do.

Music. It goes so high. You cant even see it anymore, its insane, the height that you get out of this thing, its all the way up there. I just flip it straight up its got a return to home feature, so i can find it. Luckily, you guys can probably barely even see it if you can see it right now right now. It tells me that im at 42 meters up im gon na fly it this direction. Dont know if you guys can even still see it im gon na get some recording Music Music do Music Applause, Music, do Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, wow thats. All i got ta say absolutely absolutely awesome and it looks great i mean this thing. Is just a hundred meters up in the air guys, 100 freaking meters? It looks wonderful, not a speck of damage on it, its not even hot batterys low. So it is flashing red at this point.