Welcome to my channel well in this episode im going to show you the meteor 75, which is a brushless, tiny whoop from beta fpv. This is a tiny hoop that is designed to fly inside your house or outside and beginners will love it because its very easy to fly im gon na fly it around my house here: try not to smash into everything and then ill even take it outside, while Were sitting here first thing to show you is what comes in this tiny little box? So let me open it here, live on camera, so ive got a gopro over here which should catch some stuff and plus. I have some footage of this that ive already opened it and taken some close ups to show you. So the first thing you get is your tiny little drone, your meteor 75 and i did mention earlier its a brushless motor drone and it has 19 500 kv motors. I believe my eyesights going its got two blade of props, so its perfect for indoors, with that it takes a 1s battery. Two batteries are included its got a nice little adapter. I do like on the bottom of all the fpv drones. If ever you damage a motor or break something, you just pull the motor out, you order another one and when you put it on you just attach it at the bottom. It just clips right in so anybody can do it. Its so simple camera up front is a little analog camera, so you will need some sort of analog goggles if you want to fly it with fpv goggles im using my fat sharks today.

The cool thing on this one is its e l, r s express lrs. You can get it in different versions if you dont, want to express lrs, but express lrs is the new thing on the market for fpv drones that are micro in size, because its a really small receiver and its got penetration power. So when youre going to watch this video im hoping its going to work on a fly around the house, i should have no problems and when i fly outside my little controller, that im going to use ill, tell you about in a second should be able to Still control it while its outside and im still sitting inside so were going to see if that actually works in this video. So with the kit, you will get two 450 milliamp hour, one cell light bulb batteries and you get the charger which is right here, and this is also a tester which is a really cool design, because you never know if your batteries are fully charged or half Charged so you just plug it in the tester, and it will tell you the voltage of the battery. You also get the usb c cable for charging up the batteries. You get some spare props and you get a micro, phillips screwdriver. Just in case, you want to take things apart. I dont know why youd want to, but just in case you want to you have the screwdriver for it. So let me tell you about the controller im using im using the jumper t, light ive used it in many videos.

I like this controller because it has a display – and it has a speaker in it, so i can hear audio in the fpv hobby, its very nice, to hear audio like if you lose reception or youre changing flight modes or anything. It talks to you and tells you so i like this type of radio, for that, its not very expensive ill, have links below to it and on the back of this radio here ill come over to the gopro. On the back, i have a beta fpv transmitter for elrs. I kind of i will tell you right now my personal preference. I like this better than this here, radio sold by beta fpv. This is a very beginner radio, ill open it up. Ive never used it ill. Just show you here, pull that out. This is an e l, r s, radio, for people getting into the e l r s hobby. So what you get lets move that over there. So you get the radio and if you have this – and you have this drone youre all set to fly, because these two guys will bind together. You have to use the software that beta fpv has they call it beta fpv configurator and they even write it in the back of the radio. If youre wondering what the software is its right in the back of the radio theyve written it there and the reason you have to use their software because theres no screen on it or anything to do any configurations or even to update it and in the world Of elrs, if you get into that, the firmware on here must match the firmware on here.

If they dont match, they probably wont bind so theres lots of videos online, showing you how to do that. This is super cheap, ill put links below just in case. You want to get into this hobby with the elrs with this radio super super inexpensive. The benefit with elrs over everything else is just, as i mentioned, the penetration power and how light everything is because its a tiny, tiny receiver inside. So when you weigh this, it doesnt weigh very much ill. Show you what the weight is right here so compared to other configurations, pulling putting an fr sky receiver on it or putting a crossfire nano receiver on it. It adds more weight. So when you add more weight using the same battery, you get less flight time. This is supposed to give you, i think, anywhere from three to five minutes in flight time. Okay, first flight im just going to power on my tx. This thing switch. Yeah fix all my switches see. I love that it talks to its so simple, like that its got a nice bright display. I dont know if the gopro picks it up. So first flight im gon na put on my gopro hat here and im gon na fly. The little meteor 75 right here, because i have not flown this out of the box – i just did the binding, really quick and im here to take it for a flight, so the radios on next thing you do is just connect.

The power to the drone makes a little sound pop it down and it should be set to go and ill just check it with the arm switch here. Yep she works good. So let me put it into flight mode im going to fly it in angle mode right here. I just want to see how well it works. So let me put on the gopro hat and you should see the gopros on you should see. Video coming should see my hands and video into my messy kitchen arm it and lets see how it flies its. My first flight guys here we go yeah. Look at that. This is definitely an indoor drone too easy to fly. Youre gon na have a lot of fun with something like this flying around in the winter. My next flight im gon na do with this is im gon na fly it around the house here, so let me bring it over hit the arm switch and catch it. So what im gon na do is uh just put something high up, because i want it to fly from here up over that around my house over my head over to that camera there and come over here thats the next flight, so i will plug in its Still powered on from that first battery i was just showing you put in my fat sharks. These are the hd02s and there is a record function on here. So i can show you the video coming out the front all right.

So i see the blinky red light. It is there recording remember that fat sharks are not designed to give quality video its just in case i crash the drone. I replay the video on my fat sharks, and it shows me where i crashed it so lets put these on and go for our flight. So it says disarmed you should see that you see what im seeing and i will arm it im going to leave it in angle mode for indoors. Oh got ta have to throttle down our motors there. We go so lets. Take it up over that chair and forward whoa slow down buddy slow down. This is my first time flying it. So im not really too used to it. Applause i have to get over my head there. We go and hit the floor and around one more time there we go ill, just slow it down. Here i like to fly fast, its my fault, hang on a sec. Let me just spin this around. Oh, i got away from the chair. Okay back this way. Lets bring it back to me. You know this is a look up and shes coming im trying to talk while im filming so yeah. I think its pretty much a race drone. They dont advertise it as a race drone, but my god, its fast im, so used to flying drones fast that my initial instinct is to just move the throttle, stick and everything keep it going.

So im, probably a little bit dangerous to be using this all right. What im going to do is im going to unplug it and change the battery there we go so ive got a new battery in it ill put it there its all set to go. Yes, it is all right. So now let me open this patio door. Ive got a gopro here, which should catch me doing just that its fall weather here in canada check this out. So this is outdoors its windy. Look at the wind yeah thats. This is not going to go good im going to take this little meteor and bring it out here in the wind and well see how powerful it is to fly out here. Im, not thinking its going to go that well here. Just look at see the tree up there yeah the wind is blowing on there too, all right so its got to fly out here and then its going to come back like this fly through here, not hit me in the head. All right. I got my meteor here lets see how she does outside in this wind im gon na put an acro mode. This is gon na go okay, lets, try not to uh, miss the door and hit something else were out. Oh, my god, im out in that wind guys, look at how freaking fast it is. This is fast ill. Try to slow it down here to slow it down.

I have to pull back so there we go. I got it hovering and ill try to be much more reasonable with the throttle. So if you fly it indoors, just pull back on the throttle to keep it reasonable, im just hovering here. So there we go much better, and this is in the wind. It handles the wind, no issue, no problem here, fly it around slow, so it looks pretty good and im going to do something that no human should ever do watch this watch me lose it all right, im going to take it up its got so much power. Its so easy to go up im barely touching the throttle to get it up in the air here, just maneuvering it in the wind up that high wow ill bring it backwards. Dont want to go on the roof. Nope nope nope down whoa that took a little bit of skill right there just to make sure i didnt fly into the roof, but there we go. If i want to fly it low and slow you can. But if you want to go like a speed demon, if i had tons of space here man, this thing would move and since its elrs, you know what that means. That just means that such penetration look. I can go the other side of my house. Go this way go this way. I wonder if i can go to the front of the house. Look at this still going lets go to the front of the house.

Am i going to lose the reception? Oh, my god, im in the front of the house still got reception lets go up over the roof backyard. Oh im, getting a low battery now, so the wind and everything is playing on it. Look at this ill dive down get off the ground. Man that was close all right lets, keep it going slow see if i can get it through in acro mode through the door coming on an angle. Applause got it in got it in not back outside no no stay inside. Oh, this is so much fun all right, its a little dirty, but that was pretty impressive. Let me bring in close to show you what it looks like there. We go thats from flying around banging into things. It is pretty good. I didnt break any of the prop guards, nothing because theyre all like very bendable, so theyre not designed to break, but this is a lot of fun all right, so thats pretty much it on the meteor 75. I think beta fpv has sent me another one. I dont know which one they sent me the 85 or the 65 to try out so youll see a review of that in the future, but yeah. I think this would be good for beginners to have a lot of fun flying around the house. Make sure you fly in angle mode and make sure and make sure? Oh i put a timer on it.

So if you have a nice big house to fly indoors really good for that, and if you want to take this outdoors even on a windy day, i swear it looks like it flies no issue outdoors, so im going to put links below too ill put a Links below to a few things so im going to put the drone links to that links to the beta fpv elrs controller. Just in case you wanted to pick yourself one of those up. Remember you have to connect it to your computer and do all the stuff. I dont ive never done it so im, not a good person to for you to ask me questions on how to do it and everything youll have to watch somebody elses video, uh, so yeah the drone. You got that what else ill send you this links for this uh, the tea light. I use that all the time and even the little transmitter that goes on the back, both very very inexpensive. I think this is even on sale for like dirt, cheap as well. So, if youre getting into the hobby, this is a fun one to get into for flying uh banging around your house or outdoors this this one. I think this ones more for outdoors than indoors, i think maybe the 65 would be more indoors or less but hey. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and i will catch you in future reviews with many more reviews of all sorts of fpv drones.

Camera drones super expensive, ridiculously priced drones and yeah, some other cool things that arent even drones so stay tuned. For all of those till the next video catch, you then bye, oh, and i guess i should do this on every video. I know the batterys almost dead, but there we go, it still flies there. We go just to show you once again how cool it is and if i bring it over that camera, can i smash almost no.