This is the hglrc petrol 6. 5. It is a little tiny loop with ducts on the outside kind of uh, smaller prop guards. It has a 1s 300 milliamp battery and they have an hv battery that comes along with it. You can get the two battery combo also and has super tiny little props on here. It has brushless motors. These are zero. Eight zero two motors twenty five thousand kv, so this little guy can be super fast and acro, but whats important is that this little quadcopter kit comes with everything you need in the box to get started as the ultimate beginner. So if you know someone that wants to get into fpv, this is a really easy way to just kick start their passion for our hobby of fpv. So this will fly in stability mode. You can fly around the house. You can make your own courses, which ive done here with birthday boys presents his birthday. Is today so congratulations to ian. I want to say, happy birthday to ian. He is now six years old today and celebrating his birthday and were gon na celebrate today. By doing a little bit of flying around the house were gon na. Do some outdoor flying im gon na show you some tree canopy flying and just some general ripping around with this little petrol, 65 whats the difference between the six five, the seven five and something like the seedis pro uh well size.

This one is nice because you can fly indoors, you can make your own courses and its actually really quiet. It does uh. It does not attract any cairns. Its an anti caring drone again on the channel today and just smaller form factor quieter, and it has around a two and a half to three minute flight time if youre just cruising, if you are freestyling this in acro, if you use it for an acro trainer, It would do some mild aerobatics, but mostly what this is for is just some straight ahead flying racing around the house. You could race with friends and really have some great competition this winter. So it is a whoop season and without further ado, lets go ahead and do some flying together and well talk about the petrol 65 on the bench as always, and well talk about the good stuff, the bad stuff, the good bad and the ugly here in this Review here we go Music down Music, uh, Music, ah Music, so Music be Music, be Music, hey, Music, me, Music, foreign Music. All right guys, welcome to todays review were going to go ahead and talk about the hglrc petrol 6.5 ready to fly bundle. This bundle comes in around the 200 price point very close to one of my all time: favorites the gap, rc tiny go around 250 for that bundle, but you get a little bit more in that kit. First of all, you get dvr in your goggles and again with this kit, you dont get dvr on the goggles, which is kind of a bummer youre, going to have to spend an extra 25 or so to get an external recording dvr.

And what is that? Its? Basically, like kind of like a little watch and it has an sd card slot in the side you put the sd card in and then you can record your videos and see whats on the screen, no, its, not an apple, i watch, but its from eachine and Theres a link down below its about 25 dollars. So if you already have this kit and youre watching this on the internet, just for some more information about the petrol 65 or the 75 ready to fly kit, you can get that external dvr and thats really cool thats. What a lot of us use its also nice to be able to like let your wife girlfriend or your kids, see or just someone out in the park just see that youre, not you, know, spying on them with your fpv little tiny whoops. So this little guy has 40 millimeter props on here it has a 5.8 cadx amp camera. It has a dipole out the back right here and it also has the zeus, 350 milliwatt transmitter here so thats, pretty big for a tiny, whoop id say thats, one of the the largest vtxs out there for video transmission back to your goggles on something this small. Its kind of cool they pack that in there we also have the vr009 goggles. Those are the ones with diversity on there, but unfortunately, no dvr for sd card support. I would like to see that maybe in some future versions of the petrol 6.

5 series because petrol – i love the series its just – you know no dvr. We also have a sort of abs style canopy on top that has some dampening in here. You can see that dampening happening there, so it is a very nice and smooth flight. I was able to bounce into things with these prop guards, and the cool thing about this particular whoop i would say, is that when you bump into things the flight controller doesnt have a freak out, and then you know throw itself to the ground. That happens with some tiny whoops out there. This one does not. It will bump into a chair and keep going years past when you were doing a tiny, whoop race, which we did. Sometimes i would hit a bar stool or something if we were flying in an event and my whoop would immediately go to the ground and crash. But these are also not brushed motors. These are brushless the zero eight zero two motors, and these are pretty hopped up. These are 25 000 kv motors on here, three bolts on the bottom, for each motor and on the flight controller. It is an f4 flight controller. It is a zeus: mini aio flight controller on here, um, again, 350 milliwatt transmitter sitting just above that, so its not all in the same vtx and board. Together we have plug and play motors, which are great. I had a friend recently who, who got, i believe the cetus from me and hes been flying that, but he had a motor go out and he was able to just plug a new one in because i was like hey now, you get to see what your Solder skills are like, but he told me that yeah its plug and play so he just bought a new motor and plugged it right in and thats really nice for the beginners.

This is the new kratos, 1s 300 milliamp battery as well. This is an hv battery 75c and this charges up probably in about, i would say, maybe 12 to 13 minutes. It has a ph 2.0 connector on here. This is very standard in our hobby for this size and if you want to fly a bigger battery, its a simple mod, just take a tiny, zip tie and put it across this direction, and then you can slide a 1s 450 on there. That ones going to get you in upwards of four to four and a half minutes flight time. If you have a brand new one, i suggest starting out with some brand new batteries with this type of power system on here. The zero eight zero two motors in the past have puffed some cheaper batteries. So if you go to buy batteries for the petrol 65, since the motor kv is so high on this whoop, you want to make sure that you have nice brand new batteries um, because the the high kb on these motors and the zero eight zero two series Motors are kind of notorious for puffing a little wimpy 1s battery. But i think that these have a nice c rating on them and i think they should last you quite a while before they start to swell. If you dont fly them too long and down too low, they will also last you a little bit longer. So if youre a newbie, try not to fly it down, you know past the the set voltage on here um and it might again last you much longer.

You also in the box get your goggles. Of course. You get a proper mover tool, you get a charger that is usb c and usb c charger will handle two batteries at once and it will plug into you know a little power supply or you can plug it into the wall, and they also give you this Usbc, cable, the plug on the quad itself, is actually an android cable, so youll need an android cable to go into betaflight and they already have the voltage turned down pretty low, i believe around three volt or so at the bottom. Before the warning comes up on screen, one of my batteries actually said land now immediately, which is kind of frustrating. So maybe one of my batteries i got in my bundle was bad. This is the charger you have the two ph 2.0 connectors there and the usbc port right here, which plugs in just like this and youre off and charging. Both your batteries at once theres a little red light on both side, each terminal that little red light will go out when the batterys all done now. Also in the box, you get some antenna posts, some video gear and its in this little bag. Right here and guys, i didnt fly the goggles because i cant see in box goggles some of the guys recently said. Oh man, you never fly the goggles that come with these ready to fly. Boneless thats because i cant see im sorry.

My vision is not as good as yours um, so i cant see when things are a little too close and some of these goggles have different screen depth. So when its too close to my face, i cannot see, and if thats the case with you, i have astigmatism. So that affects me greatly. So i have to use binocular goggles and at this point i might be needing some prescription assistance both of these plug in or just screw on. Just like this, and you have power here, it has an internal battery. It has a charge port right here for usb bands and channels here and a search function if you press that little button right there itll auto search through all the channels and bands. Typically, you have like 48 channels on these and when you plug in the quad, you might see static at first just hit that search button and youre off to that channel within you know, maybe five seconds youll see the video screen come up, but these are kind Of not the greatest goggles in the world, i would say these are not my favorites. There are much better ready to fly. Goggles out there that that, honestly, the gap rc tiny go, has much better goggles with dvr support, sd card support in the side of those goggles um, and i try to look up and see which goggles those are. You also get the radiomaster t8 light with this, and you can bind up other models, other uh receivers to spi receivers to this particular transmitter.

So thats nice. If you push long press here, it will turn on and before you use this for the first time guys make sure you charge it up with usb cable that comes in the box. You also get an android cable along with it in the box. This charges up via usbc, just like your batteries on this side, and you have a trainer port on this side. You can also, i believe you can also use this with a simulator, so radio master remotes typically feel great. They feel very similar to something like the jumper tea light which ive recommended to you guys tons of times, and it feels like really nice on the stick so im able to to get going around the house pretty good and the more you fly your course around. The house, the better youre going to get on your sticks – and i think a lot of fpv – is throttle control, keeping the right amount of throttle the right amount of pitch forward and understanding how much throttle you have coming into a curve. A lot of its about timing and um the throttle control. So when i was flying rc helicopters, it was all about collective pitch control and throttle control all at once, and this is just a little easier well way easier than flying an rc helicopter for guys. That know about that, but everything in the box as well. It fits in here really nice. You have extra room in here for extra batteries, theres um six ports here in this foam and you can fit up to six batteries in there.

What i do is, i use a lipo safe, so i would definitely recommend getting something like a lipo, safe ill, try to put some links down below for that. These are the jim fan. 31 millimeter props theyre, the 12 19 props, and these are tri blade. Props, look at those just a little bit closer. You can see the candy here. You can get different colors of these as well for the petrol 6.5 and again like if i was to recommend one of the petrol series kits for you. I would go with the 7.5, so thats thats, the one that i would go with. They just released this one, its a little smaller. Yes, but i just feel like the 7.5 flaw is a little better and a little more stable for beginners, so classically a 75 millimeter whoop just for me flies better. These are a little more squirrely and in a way, maybe a little bit faster. You also get some screws in here. These are extra screws for holding down this canopy. Here you have a little phillips head screw here and here and one in the back. It actually looks like it fell out. So i will need one of these extra screws. You can see there its missing that screw and also in the box. You get some directions on the zeus. This is the zeus: 5 fr aio its in chinese and english. You get a little bit of betaflight instruction as well some user manual here for your ready to fly kit.

What all your switches are! You have switches on here that is the arm switch here and i believe the mode switch was on this side, so thats for you guys that are brand new, the t8 light manual here as well. It has little thumb plates that pop out here. Just give you a little extra support, while youre flying its kind of cool. It feels a lot like a game controller and we have the mini goggles user manual here and dual antennas built in 1s 1200 milliamp battery inside there 40 channels on that not 48. But it is real time and the reason that we fly 5.8 on ready to fly kits guys is well because its real time, its faster than flying, something on your phone. I get a lot of people asking me hey my dji. You know, mavic stream looks better than the fpv drone stream on the goggles. It looks like old school vhs tape compared to my my mavic well thats, because your mavic is maybe running a really high latency. You know uh, i mean 100 seconds. Maybe who knows, i dont know the specs right away on those, but these guys run around anywhere from 10 milliseconds uh down to like two milliseconds on some of these cameras. So the caddax ant is pretty fast and it looks pretty decent for indoor and outdoor flying. But ill leave some links down below. If you guys want to check this one out um again, i think my favorite out of the bunch so far this year is still the ready to fly kit.

A bundle of the year is is still going to be honestly. The gap rc tiny go because you have the option to get the little better one with 4k recording on board, which is kind of cool, but this guy flies good. I would race this guy against other guys, but again i would recommend the 7 5 version of this one versus the 6 5. The 6 5 is fun its cute, but youre going to get a little longer flight time on the 7.5. One too, because the motors arent, quite as high kv, i feel like these – could use some little lower kb motors, maybe 16 000 instead of 25, but zero, eight zero, two notoriously fast and furious. You can check out all my links below guys um. Please do support the channel by grabbing your ready to fly kit down there in my links down below, and i will see you on the next one. I hope you had fun on this review today.