So i left it here on my five inch iflight evoke here, so i just want to show you how i flew it around in this video, because this is going to be the focus of this video on trying to see if you can use something like this To fly around at night and under very very dark conditions, which is basically what i do in this video. I did a video previously on a different flashlight, this one here from olight its a smaller one and uh. You can see here just from the lens, its roughly half the diameter and quite a bit lower in terms of brightness and lumens um. I did try this on drone and did not really provide enough beam, width and distance to fly. So i didnt see that video. I was gon na try and do that, but it didnt work out, but uh brian i reached out to me and theyre like. Oh, you want to try this on um a drone you can fly around. Theyre, like i was like sure, lets, give it a try and they sent me a pretty big one here so and did work. So if youre wondering, if youre working obviously has otherwise, i wouldnt have made this video, but uh lets just go quickly. Once you get in the box here, theres, nothing in the box emptied it out, get a little carrying case, of course, and then this tactical ring. I think this is a free gift and, of course, all the instructions im not going to really cover this flashlight.

In terms of like features and like theres tons of videos on this already – and if you look at reviews on amazon, you know obviously it works um. Let me go and take this off. I mean just quickly to show you what it, how i mounted this here. So i its 260 grams, so i didnt fly with the gopro, but i am getting pretty good. Uh fpv footage from the polar camera here and i just used the gopro mount to tie up the front end and then another battery strap here in the back with some foam and it worked out pretty good. You know its pretty much matching my fpv camera angle. Um, obviously not great for crashes, yeah heres what it looks like uh. You got a button here in the back. The only mode i was really interested in was the turbo mode. You can obviously go into different modes like strobe and theres different levels of illumination theres. A quick demo of the strobe and i say its pretty annoying, and then this is the main button here to turn on the uh, basically the turbo mode, which is the basic that i was really interested in, and you can see its overkill for this distance. Even though its a bright room, its its blowing out everything here that i pointed at, you can charge it via this little magnetic connector right here includes a usb cable and it just connects magnetically right there like that inside here is an 18 650 lithium ion cell And its from their thats, our own brand rhinite 3100 milliamp hours and just comparing it to the other one.

You can see its significantly bigger larger, but mainly its got a much brighter light in terms of light output and lumens, which is going to allow you to fly it around. Okay, so lets get right into the flying part of this. I do want to show you a little bit of footage of the area here, im actually trying to film myself and for some reason it doesnt look. It doesnt look as bad in the screen when i was looking at myself, but actually looking back at this video. Its really really dark here and its about right for the area it looked brighter in my screen than it did in actually recording it, and you can barely see me and the drone. Obviously, if you look at the this little area that im flying at where theres no lights, its pretty dark, theres, some illumination on the outer edges of this area from the parking lot and the street, but the actual area where the trees is completely dark. So um, you know: im gon na fly here. Im gon na show you a little sample here of flying it without the light on without the flashlight turned on, and you can actually see really well with this polar camera with without the help of this sort of night capable fpv camera, you really cant fly with Any other camera in this kind of area, but you can almost barely fly with the polar camera here its you know, even though it is still very dark.

Uh youre, gon na you know theres a lot of detail. Youre gon na miss, because this is so dark. Now, when i flew with the flashlight on anything that the light was pointed at was clearly visible trees, whatever its a very even even though this is um pretty bright, its still a very narrow beam whip, beam width compared to the viewing angle of the camera itself. Uh its its relatively wide for a flashlight, but for an f obviously compared to an fpv camera youre, going to see a lot of dark areas on the outside of the viewing area, because this fpv camera has a very wide field of view, uh horizontally, so youre. Seeing a lot of darkness that the flashlight cant cover, because the beam width is just not that wide, but its just fine for you know just flying it around um youll be able to see it directly ahead of you trees. What not you see? I have no problem flying around here, whereas before you could barely see anything even with the night camera um without the flashlight, its just very hard to see in this little spot. So this, i think you know as a proof of concept. If you want to fly in an area like this and do a little exploring um and actually what the practical purposes of this might be, maybe for search and rescue or something like that, i dont know you guys. Let me know down in the comments below but yeah for something uh, this type of application.

This flashlight could be. You know somewhat useful, um yeah. Let me know what you guys think down in the comments below this is kind of just a fun experiment. I wanted to try it out. I you know they. They offered to send me this flashlight and i was like hey lets. Give it a try, lets see what happens you never know anyway.