So today i have another popular boat from banggood. So once again, if youre not aware, i asked banggood to send me the most popular boats on their website. It doesnt matter if theyre brand, new or theyve been out for like a few weeks or a few months, or maybe even a year as long as they are the most popular and by popular i mean they have the highest thumbs up. Everybody loves them. No complaints. The price is really good and they perform well and also they have the ability to right themselves if they flip over, because we all hate boats that, when theyre upside down, you got to get in a dinghy or a kayak or a canoe and go out and Get the boat, so these boats like this one here if it goes upside down, it just writes itself back up im gon na test that out in this video. So this is called the vector sr80 pro, the reason its called pro, because there is a vector sr80, but not a pro, the reason, its a pro. Oh, the suns going out the reason its a pro is because the entire section in the rear and inside is pretty much metal. Let me bring it close because the suns out – and you probably cant, see as much now so i sit down and the sun comes back out, but thats okay, because when the suns out its nice and warm not too cool with the breeze.

So when a boat is pro or in the field of rc boats, its rare that you can get boats inexpensive that have all metal parts, see the rear end its all metal. Everything is metal there, usually as soon as you add, all metal to the rear and internal all metal as well uh. The price goes way up, so this is rather inexpensive for its price. Its got a 60 amp esc water, cool dsc, and it also has a i think, its an 1800 kv, brushless motor. I tried it indoors, never in the water spun it up and it spins way too fast. It takes a 4s battery. Now i dont have a 4s battery that fits in here. It needs like a 5 000 milliamp hour lipo battery f4s, and i dont have that. So what i did is i took two 2s batteries. I have a 2s and a 2s put some elastics on them. Stuck them together and i have two xt connectors at the end and guess what inside theres? Actually a y connector for two two cell batteries? If you want – or you can use one four cell battery so its designed for different configurations, so you can run it with just a two cell battery if you wanted to and youll get like half the power and performance now, these batteries are not that great. So when you see me out here driving it around, that is not the top performance, because these are actually rather less than average quality batteries.

But if i had a really good 5 000 milliamp hour, 4 cell lipo battery, that was like say like a 75 c and higher thatd be really good. These are like 50 c and 30 c, so its going to go to the lowest, which is 30 c. So, unfortunately, what youre going to see out here is going to look good, but its not the greatest. Now, if youre wondering about runtime, it all depends on the batteries you use – and i have to mention this right now, because so many people who are new to the rc hobby always ask this. This here is a pro product, so it does not come with the batteries. Yes, this is true. So if you buy this, you get no batteries and no battery charger. So what ill do to help you out is below this here video im going to stick the link to. I was wondering what that sound was im going to stick the link to the batteries. Maybe a battery that i recommend and a really inexpensive battery charger and also put a link to my video on how to use a battery charger because people that are new to the hobby uh. They, you know theyre, always kind of lost when it comes to. How do i charge a battery because theyre so used to the beginner rc hobby, where you just get a charger? You plug the battery in and walk away, but a real rc hobby.

You have to set all the parameters anyways enough about that because i dont want to make it sound, confusing or complicated, because it really isnt the rc hobby is so simple. Speed is supposed to be 70 kilometers per hour maximum. But again that depends on the batteries. You use, and also the water and wind conditions, so i dont think im getting 70 out here today, but it should be a lot of fun. There is wind, so were getting some really small waves. So youll see this thing bouncing around in the water as its cutting through waves. All right lets go. Try it out. First things: first turn on our remote there we go were supposed to get about a 400 meter range with this remote. So it should be pretty good with this here. Next take off the cover there. We go next well place our batteries inside and connect them and be ready to drive all right batteries in so we are all set to go, put the cover back on and there we go there. We are lets, see ive got the remote down here. So lets make sure this works there. We go all right lets put this in the water down here now wheres my head over here now i do have one problem. I had to move locations because a family showed up theyre over there and if you look out in the water on my hat cam, you see them splashing in the water yeah.

They saw me and i must have attracted them to come over here and swim. So ive moved away, so i have to be very careful when driving this boat so lets see. Does it work, whoa yup? I think it does all right so lets. Take it out, for our first spin see how it goes here. We go im going to keep it a little slow and then im going to pick up speed after i get used to it a bit here. We go Music handles the waves, no problem, keep it away from the little kitties, oh yeah corners nice. So i just sprayed my gopro lets, see how well the corner is at slow speed, doing circles here there we are ive got it. Slow, looks good all right, so i guess you guys want to see it move a little bit right. So let me just bring it over here and bring it back to me and uh. Here we go this oh shes, a rocket whered it go. Lets bring it back there. We Music go oh im upside down, hey it just righted itself, so thats pretty cool. So i let go of the gas uh, because the kids are right there. So i let go of the gas and it flipped over, because it was going so fast hitting the waves, but it righted itself so lets. Try that flipping over thing right now, certainly its a nice looking boat, all right so lets see this camera is going so lets flip you upside down.

Can it even flip upside down yeah? So no, it wants to write itself so thats how it works its just because of the battery. I think the weight of the battery or something yeah its no matter. What i do i cant, let me just see i flip it even further. Can i get it to go further here? No, no, all right! No! I cant keep it upside down. If i was, i was gon na gun the motor, but its design of the hook. The the design of the hull is so that it flips over. So youll. Never have it upside down when youre driving it, which is a bonus for people like me. Here we go. Let it go just skims over the water top and its long range too im a way over there bring it back, come back. This way watch out for that little dock. If you release the throttle uh it just wipes out, but it wont flip upside down thats an awesome feature on this. So look at it see what, as i release the throttle, it just goes. What do i do now? There we go, i got ta go on the way out. I dont wan na get it too far because its out of camera range bringing it back full speed with the waves out here. No problem slow it down, wrap around this way, Applause, it is windy and its doing really well, you can drive it really slow too, which i like look at this whoa didnt mean to go into the gopro there.

If you just feather the throttle lets see. If i get it, i can get it so that it just barely puts out any speed. Look at that, so if you had bring it into dock or to shore its really nice, oh, i should mention also, since this is a pro boat uh pretty much. Every professional boat on the market does not have reverse its just like rc cars. If you get a professional rc car, theres, no reverse on them, see i can go reverse nothing happens. It wont go backwards. So if you wanted to gun it here we go gun it there. She goes Music ill, bring it back here. This is such a nice boat. This is actually a nice boat im really liking this one. Let me just bring it back to shore. This is an insta. 360 go uh its very inexpensive, but it is only water resistant, not waterproof. So if this thing here was upside down for a long time, this would get destroyed so lets just plop it on top. So lets put you out in the water and lets go there. She goes. It is just a cruiser out there break it back to me and were going to film the rooster tail here. We go Music. All right, so lets bring it back into shore im just going to drive it up the beach. Well, i crashed over there. Hopefully, my cameras still on lets bring it back in to shore, and i do this every time i thought it was going to just slide up the shore, but its so light.

Oh well, so uh. That was not what i expected to do all right. The boat is still on im, just going to check inside see if theres any water or anything, because this is not a double hull boat. Yes, surprisingly, you would think it is this boat. I think see this big hose that sticks out here. Can you see that theres a hose at the back that throws out all the water that gets sucked into the boat, so um yeah, ah theres, nothing inside? So i was expecting to see some water but theres, nothing back there. So heres the cover and ill just show you whats coming out thats it thats it from that ride those crashes everything so once again, a pro boat, so just connect disconnect my batteries. There we go and remember what i said. The batteries i stuck in here are uh, not very good. So if you put some really good batteries in here like what they want like something with like a 60 or 70c rating uh, you will get a higher speed. That was pretty fast when i was out there. I was kind of worried with the kids and everything, but they were like go faster, go faster, but yeah, so this is definitely my favorite boat. Now i really like this one. This performs like an rc boat. You could take this out on a big lake or something like that and just have fun blasting around its really really good.

So what i want to show you now is what comes in the box, and let me warn you right now: theres not a lot, because it is a professional boat, so its assumed that you have a lot of the gear, but here check this out. This is the box, the sr80 pro comes in and heres the sr80 pro after you take it out of the box and put it on the included stand. It is a pro boat, so all the parts at the tail end are made of metal removing the top. We can take a look at the internal hardware here. We can see the 1800 kv water cooled brushless motor, followed by the 60 amp watercool dsc. Next we have two xt60 battery connectors, followed by the receiver and the antenna and finally, the servo motor for the rudder. The includer remote is very basic, but it provides all the necessary buttons. You need to run an rc boat. Just remember that you will require four double a batteries to power it. And finally, these items are also included in the box and thats pretty much everything all right. So my final thoughts on this boat. Well, you know youve heard me in this video. I love it. I think this. This is the best rc boat i own. Currently, it is a little pricey uh for inexpensive boats for someone whos never bought an rc boat. This would seem pricey for people who have bought rc boats.

This is gon na seem so inexpensive, youre, just gon na buy it click on it and buy it right away its over 200, but its under 300. I think its over 200. I could be wrong. I could be wrong. Theres, probably a discount code below check it out, maybe its under 200. What do i know? Anyways go check out this boat. Read the reviews. Watch other videos, people love this thing. They have a blast with it. Some people have changed the esc inside so they could put a 6s battery or an 8s battery. Like i said it comes stock that you would use a 4s battery, but you know, i think, its crazy. If you want to go 8 at 6s or 8s itll be way too fast, but the hull is 100 designed to handle it its really really good, really good design on this boat. So, overall, i give it a thumbs up, and if you enjoyed this video, please also give it a thumbs up and the links to where this boat is are below this video go check them out, maybe in the future ill have more rc boat reviews. If banggood sends me something else, i think is popular, but so far i dont think theres any more coming. I guess well see all right guys thanks for watching this video catch the next one, bye Music.