These are like 500 and stuff like that, but not everybody needs a big bulky heavy expensive power station. If youre someone thats just going to spend a night out in the woods, maybe youre just going to sit in your tent and you want to read a little book at night time. You got a light right here, maybe its going to be hot in your tent. You want to run a fan, so lets go ahead and plug this in right. Here, all right, its plugged in were getting some air oops. It works on high works on medium works on low, so its going to run that all night long, these fans dont draw a lot of power. Maybe you want to run a fan and charge your phone at the same time, so ive got my phone plugged in phone is charging, so you can use these at the same time. You can use ac the same time, youre using dc, and you can use the light as well. One thing i did notice right off the bat and i didnt really like it is theres no 12 volt socket built in the face of this, like these ones. Right here, 12 volt socket 12 volt, socket 12 volt socket. This doesnt have that, and i thought that was kind of weird, because a lot of people use 12 volt sockets when theyre out camping or you know off the grid. What it came with is this little guy right here.

You can plug this right here into these dc. Um outlets plugs right here: um theres, four of those theres, also four usb, including the type c all right. So yes, youre gon na get a 12 volt socket with this, but um. How likely are you to lose this, throw it away and free or forget it so um yeah? If you lose this, you forget it youre going your camping trip, youre not going to have a 12 volt socket. These are kind of foolproof theyre built in unless you lose the battery bank or forget the battery bank youre gon na have the 12 volt socket so um. I would like to see them put a 12 volt socket in here and not just kind of just. You know cheap out with this, although it does work and its practical, but, like i said i would be worried about someone just either just throwing it away by accident or just forgetting it all together um. So this thing will run small items. Thatll run fans itll run a refrigerator like this, but not for very long like i said this is only 222 watt hours, so the only time i would probably run a refrigerator. Um like this would be um, probably 40 minutes or less. That would be like if i have it in the car its running on the refrigerators running on the car i got ta park. The car go check in for a campsite go got ta, go check in for a hotel room or something like that.

I can run the refrigerator off of this until i got you know power at my campsite and i can bring the refrigerator into the hotel room and plug it in there. So this is really just temporary. Like i said, i wouldnt use this more than 40 minutes to run a refrigerator, especially if its hot, outside the refrigerator is going to be cycling. A lot um. This is mainly for smaller items like charging gopros charging cell phones, tablets, powering fans and items like that. They dont draw a whole lot of power now this has been in my shop for a little over a month and ive just been playing around with it. Um ive charged it a couple times right now. It is at a half patter half battery right now and, like i said, ive just been charging my phone with it um its always charged just fine um, its, never overheated or um. Anything like that, so um other than this little thing right here and thats. Probably just me being nitpicky, i guess, but i think a lot of people are probably going to feel the same way. I am about that um other than that, like i said, if you want to run bigger items like refrigerators or maybe some light duty power tools or something like that um. This is not gon na, be the option for you. They do make a much bigger battery bank than this, but they just happened to have a lot of these in stock and uh.

They went ahead and sent me one so like i said this might not be for everybody, but it does work. I have tested it. It does run a lot of things, so, if you guys are interested in a small battery bank, even if its not for yourself, they do make really good gifts. If you have somebody thats starting to get into the outdoors, you know um younger teenage kids, something like that and they want to have a way to charge their devices.