Was he happy to hear from us? I sent him an email and i said glenn you won the drone. Get back to me. Give me your address, so i can ship it and he got back to me and said this can't possibly be true. I never win anything. This has got to be a scam and i said no really. I got the drone. I want to ship it to you. Please send me your address, so he sent me his address and i sent him the drone now. The reason it took me a little longer to get this clip put together is because this is by far the most expensive and complicated drone we've ever given away in the channel, and i want to make sure that we shipped it he got it. It powered up. He could fly it before he put the clip together and he's having a lot of fun with it. He lives in kansas, so there's beautiful areas out there to fly that drone and actually he's enjoying it. So much that he's sending me texts almost every day. Showing me on the field where he's flying and he's taking pictures of him with the drone. He is super excited to own this drone and nothing delights me more than being able to give this stuff back and by the way. Thank you so much for our partners over at hotel for donating this drone. So we could give it away to one of the viewers on the channel, but again nothing delights me more than helping other people get into the hobby.

I love flying so much and every time i see somebody that's entering the hobby for the first time or somebody like glenn who's, been flying for a while, but never had this kind of advanced technology just kind of blossom when they get this tech and get it Up in the air and start playing with the features and understanding what they can do, it just opens up so many possibilities for people out there in the field to enjoy nature and be outside and be in a healthy hobby and have a lot of fun flying Drones, i just can't tell you how rewarding that is for me. So as much as i love talking about nerdy, stuff and technology, these giveaways are inspiring to me so we're going to do our best to sort of build in more giveaways over the coming year. We'Ve certainly got the 12 days of drone valley christmas, coming up, there's, going to be a couple more drones given away during that contest and we're working on a whole lot of other stuff for the new year. So if you haven't subscribed to the channel – and you want a shot at some of this gear, in addition to a whole lot of other cool tech, we're going to be giving away hit the subscribe button down there and that way we run a contest. You simply enter the contest and you've got a really good chance of picking up some really cool gear, but anyway, back to glenn he's sending me texts every day.

You don't have to send me a text every day i get that you enjoy the drone. I am so happy that you're out there flying it and that you're enjoying it – and i can tell from that ridiculously big smile on your face – that you're having a whole lot of fun with it, so keep that up, keep flying and stay tuned to the channel. Because we got a lot of cool stuff coming up so anyway, that's it for today. Thank you so much for watching and all the rest of you that have entered the contest. I promise you there's other cool stuff coming so don't.