Today'S clip is the third in our summer of drones. Giveaways. I just love doing that anyway. Today'S giveaway is a brand new one to evo and you're, probably thinking you couldn't possibly be giving an evo away. Yeah, we are it's right here on the table. Actually, this is mine, you're not getting this one. I have a brand new one in the box right here that was sent to us by our good friends over at autel and they said rick. You got a lot of drone subscribers we're going to send you a drone. Would you like to give it away on your channel yeah? I would love to give it away so here it is it's a fantastic drone and i remember the first time i saw this. We had gone to ces and up to that point, hotel only had the x star premium out, which was a fantastic drone, but it was a fixed airframe, a lot like the phantom products and we weren't expecting anything. We walked into the booth and they're on the shelf was sitting this brand new prototype of the autel evo, and i looked at it and thought boy. Is that a sexy looking drone? I sure hope that thing has got some phenomenal specifications, because i want to fly it right now and it sure does and i'm going to talk about those in a minute, but just understand that this is probably the most professional drone we've ever given away on the Channel and you're gon na love it because it's really built for serious photographers people that want to have fun in the air it's an incredibly stable drone it's smooth when it flies.

It takes fantastic images and video recordings it's everything you want. A drone now specification wise it's, a little larger than the other drones. We gave away and again it's a prosumer drone, probably leaning more towards the professional side, so its weight is 863 grams, which seems like a lot. But you want to have a little bit of weight because when you get it up in the air and the wind starts moving around, you want the drone to have a little bit of inertia a little bit of mass, so it doesn't get buffeted by the wind. You put this up in the air even in strong winds, it's going to stay right where you need it to. I had it out in the bay the other day. Actually flying and the wind kicked up, and it just stayed right on target and took some beautiful pictures out there so a little bit heavier, but don't worry about that. As far as the imaging package goes, this is where it really excels. It'S got a 1 over 2.3 inch sensor on the front. It'Ll take 12 megapixel pictures, which is great. It also shoots 4k, video at 60 frames. A second so it's got everything you need from an imaging package, including hdr, which will clean up those photos that you're taking out there in the field, so that's fantastic as far as its transmission technology – and this still blows my mind – 7000 meters 4.3 miles.

You can fly this thing 4.3 miles now again. I don't want to be your dad, but in the united states you can't fly further than you can see it. So don't fly this thing out to 4.3 miles, but knowing you can fly that far means that you're going to have a rock solid connection and telemetry in close you're not going to have dropouts pictures disappearing on your controller. Everything is going to work perfectly with this product, so fantastic quality, again flight time on this thing, 30 minutes on a fully charged battery, which is about right, that's right in that goldilocks zone of not too little not too much because the batteries get bigger. It gets heavier and then you got issues with weight, so 30 minutes of flight time overall it's a perfect drone. It really is perfect. Now i didn't even talk about the controller yet, but autel was one of the first to actually incorporate an oled display in the front of this thing. Now that'll give you telemetry information if you've got a tablet underneath it or phone in this case on the top of it up here. You'Ll get your point of view. Your first person view on that and you'll get your telemetry down here, but you can fly this without a phone, so you've got a button where you can actually switch this display to either be telemetry or be first person view. So you could fly this just with the controller and actually no phone or no tablet with you.

So i think they've done a tremendous job. Building this thing and i've been flying it ever since it came out. I just love this drone in so many ways. It really is different and i think a lot of fans out there for the hotel product in general, so we couldn't be happier about giving this away now. As far as the contest goes, we try to make these drop dead simple. I want to make it really easy for you, people to enter and not worry about me doing anything wacky and making you jump through hoops and get people to subscribe or answer tricky questions. All you have to do to enter the contest is down below. We have one link if you click the link, it'll bring up a form it's going to ask for your email address and your subscriber name, please put both of those in there, because i want to have a couple of ways to get a hold of you. If you win the contest, because so many times we'll run a contest, i send an email, i don't get any response back. I send another email, i don't get a response back and i feel terrible because somebody out there won the drone and i can't get in contact with them. So i try a third time if i don't hear back i've got to move on to the next winner. So don't be that person you definitely want to get in on this and win this drone.

So subscriber name and email will help me. I promise you we're, not keeping any of those. So, at the end of the contest, every time we end the contest we get rid of all the emails we're, not one of those companies that's going to harvest it and sell it to some guy in the on the black net or whatever we're gon na make Sure the dark net we're gon na make sure that we use it for the contest i get in contact with you. We destroy the emails we move on to the next contest, so enter the contest. There'S no strings attached. I don't care where, in the world you live, you could live in intercourse pennsylvania, which is probably an interesting town or you could live in shanghai. I don't care we'll ship it to you, there's no charge no strings attached. We don't charge it for shipping. We don't ask for anything in return, we're just happy to give it away, because i love flying. I say it every time. I do a clip like this. I was out this morning putting a drone up in the sky. I don't want to say it's like the birth of my first child, but it it really is somewhat dramatic when i put it up there. The freedom i feel with that drone flying around and the relaxing effect that has on my life is just so positive and i can't stress enough in these hard times in these difficult, confusing and stressful times, everybody needs to take a breath and get out there and Relax and find a way where you can let that tension go.

This is the perfect way to do it so i'm, hoping you win, i've only got one of them so enter the contest. We'Ll pick a winner after seven days at random i'll send an email. Please get the email and then on. If you respond to me, we'll put it in a box, we'll ship it to you and you'll, be able to enjoy the the joy of flight you'll, get it up in the air and have a lot of fun with it. And that's pretty much it for today. Now, of course, we've got accessories if you've got autel products or dji products or powered products. If you want to hit the website and check those out, but this clip is all about giving back to the community, because we're lucky to have relationships with a lot of big manufacturers like this and when they call me up and say, hey we've got an autel Evo, would you like to give it away in your channel? I mean they. Don'T have to say anything. All they've got to say is we've got ta and i'm like send it i'll, give it away on the channel and make somebody really happy out there. So you can tell i'm happy giving this stuff away, knowing you're gon na be happy, which is really good for everybody, so anyway that's it for today thanks an awful lot for watching. Well, if you haven't, subscribed to the channel hit the subscribe button down there, because you're going to miss contests like this, we have the 12 days of drone valley christmas coming up in a couple of weeks, and you don't want to miss that, because we're giving away 12 prizes over 12 days and they're going to be phenomenal prizes.

Maybe even some of these guys going on the 12 days of draw valley christmas, so enter the subscribe to the thing enter. The contest hang out.